Monday, December 1, 2014

So far so good...

Its already December,  but I can confidently say I think we getting the hang of 2014.

It hasn't been the best year (personally or otherwise)... for just about everyone. But we are so great at getting up and living another day....

The last dates of 2014 have been finalised,  so please maake a note or 2:

5 December - Night Market at The Shed
6 December - Market at The Shed AND at Walkerville Farmer's Market

6 December - last resin/supply orders taken.
12 December - last postage/shipping dates and Wonder Struck Inc closes for 2014.

13 December - Market at The Bunny Park
16 December - Walkerville Farmer's Market
20 December - Walkerville Farmer's Market

5 January 2015 - Wonder Struck Inc reopens for orders and shipping.
February 2015 - Markets dates will be uploaded.

We're also working on a short list of projects that we want to bring in to fruition in 2015, so we'll be working over the holidays to finalise some of it.
Keep an eye out!

Then, to start December off right.... a huge thank you to all of you again for the time you take to like our Facebook and posts and the time you take to check in on here and on our Twitter.
Thank you all for being amazing.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

In greens and more greens...

Well, we've been busy on our Facebook trying to keep you all in the loop with latest stock items, dates, and markets.

So.... here are our market dates, so far:

28 November ~ Amcare market, Alberton
29 November ~ Walkerville Farmer's Market
5 December ~ Night Market at The Shed
6 December ~ The Shed AND Walkerville Farmer's Market
13 December ~ Bunny Park market, Benoni (to be confirmed)
16 December ~ Walkerville Farmer's Market
20 December ~ Walkerville Farmer's Market

I don't doubt there will be a couple more aded to that list, as our last 2 months are always ridiculously busy.

If anyone needs maps, gps coordinates,  we'll be dropping some on our Facebook page for you to use.

Monday, November 10, 2014

On overcast days...

Over the last few weeks, I have discovered several things...

I am useless at crotchet.
The Post Office is not going to help small business.
Wearing nice clothes and then dishing teff out to the pony...means someone is going to notice the teff stalks stuck in awful places.
I dream about resin making when thats all I have done all Sunday.
A hectically busy market does not equal good sales.
You are your best table assistant.
I make tue most amazing cheesecake in the world...and feel too guilty to have any.
Working to my favourite music makes my world go round.

I have also learnt that, even though it is ALOT of hard work...positivity suits me better than negativity.

Its hard being a crafty/creative/maker/indie artist/artist and being positive 100% of the time. When there are those bringing in lower quality, mass produced items and they get the sales and exposure that you work so diligently, ethically and hard for.
Where alot of other countries have been seeing a surge in COOL for handmade, South Africa still lags behind.
But we continue,  because alot of us know, that this is our only real source of income right now (and possibly ever).
We have started seeing some GREAT work on promoting handmade to the consumer, where we alone might not reach.

If you're into buying OR making handmade, try liking the page UTHANDO ARTS & CRAFTS on Facebook in the meantime.

We continue to evolve as creatives, and though 10 people may not think what we make is their cup of tea.....just remember that some people prefer coffee ;)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Not all can be won...

Well... last week was a frenzy as we prepared for 2 markets over this last weekend. Getting stock, making stock, doing freelance work... and we were exceptionally prepared for both Friday's night market and Saturday's market.
And no matter how lovingly you make your stock, how great you setup, how carefully you display. There is NO guarantee for sales.
And sales wise, this weekend stood dead on zero. And yet, I will not use the word "bad" for either market, because the atmosphere at both markets was great, the other stall holders were amazing and despite a few rain drops at both markets, the weather was great.

So, there really truly is nothing negative to leave with from this past weekend.

And we move on.
This Friday night, 7 November,  we'll be in attendance at the monthly Night Market at The Shed on R59.
And thankfully, there's no panic to make stock for it, because I don't think my nerves could take another week of time limits (or coffee is playing a trick on me).

I do have some freelance work lined up already for this week, but last night I got so much ticked off Wonder Struck Inc's TO-DO list that I am starting this week with the most amazing weight lifted from my shoulders. And I see that the Post Office is "kind of" back to working order. Which is good news as an international sale happened on the Etsy store early this morning. Shew.

Also...while we're on the subject of our Etsy store.
Please note that,  its been a very hard decision to make, but the cost involved is far far greater than we can support, so as items expire on our Etsy, we WILL NOT be renewing them or adding any new ones.
We will slowly be filling up our Storenvy and HelloPretty online stores and will be enquiring about a Facebook online store.
So whether you're a South Africa or not, you will still beable to buy from us AND we'll be far better priced than on Etsy.

This week I'll also be trying to get shelf rental at a cute little coffee and handmade shop in our town, as we move closer to our dream of having our own brick and mortar store.
It's a slow and trying process to get to where we want to be...but I know its all going to be worth it.

Then... did a poll of sorts on the Facebook page about how people would feel if we made moulds, silicone, resin and such part of our stock items, also some mentioned they'd be interested in classes. All of this is starting to happen!
Again, it's a process, and things are happening (albeit in small careful steps).
We will also be working on tutorials for those who just do not live within reach of our one-on-one classes, so keep your eyes open.

Now, go and have a fabulous Monday (treat yourself to a cupcake or something else you know would make your day that little bit better)
And don't forget how amazing you all are.

Friday, October 17, 2014

All that blooms...

Out in the garden this morning,  gathering more little daisies and little violas so they can be prepared for the last stretch into the Seasons range.
These will be the last for the year as I go searching for more blooms as they come out to play, currently Jasmine is at the top of the list for the next few items.
But if I find some other interesting gifts from nature, you'll need to peek into our online store and grab yourself some items from the Seasons range quick quick.
It really is so beautiful though as I walked between the flowers, admiring the pansies that are lining the paths of my parent's home (this is where I give in to my flower fascinations and where I stable ponybrat, Leroy).
Alot has happened this year (personal and otherwise) and as each month passes all too fast, so ends one year and another begins.
And as the last 3 months bring 2014 to a close, and the promise of 2015 comes closer, I can't help but feel like I wish the days were just a smidgen slower... and yes even the bad ones.
Our lives are but hours of existence and we keep wishing it by so fast.
Hopefully you won't ;)
Missed out on doing ALOT of blog updates, with the influx of busyness and happenings and markets :/
But its not going to get any less busy, just because the year is about to wind down.
So, hold on to your hats, and stick with us.
Lots of things are going to be happening still and are happening, we're not about to slam on the brakes just yet :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Inbetween and within it all...

Craziness level x10...

Right now as I have a brief still moment at The Master of the High Court (doing freelance work)... thought I'd do some blog work.

Its crazy that we are only weeks away from Christmas and stores already have had their Christmas stock out for ages already.
Well, we jumped on the bandwagon and have started booking ourselves for tables/stalls at Christmas Markets. We'll post a list once all the confirmations are in.

We do, however, have the next 3 markets sorted and will have one last off weekend before the next string of madness begins.

Last week we took stock to our first brick and mortar shop, Silver Dream Tattoos,  in Lancaster road, Boksburg.
So if you're up for grabbing your hands on some of our items, head over to their shop... they do great tattoos and piercings too.

We'll also be looking at renting a shelf space at a more local shop, and will post pictures as soon as we get the thimbs up... if we get a thumbs down, we'll need icecream donations please.

Apart from the short update, we hope you're have a great week and an even greater day...

Friday, September 26, 2014

Home mixed tea and oil burnt evenings...

Its a night before a market usual.

Saddlewood and chamomile oils burning.  Our own tea mix freshly prepared.
Cat sleeping over the whole workroom couch and anime on the laptop.

We're doing final prep for a small village market at the Henley-on-Klip Apostolic church tomorrow.
Then we go into preparing for a Friday night amd Saturday at The Shed on R59 for their Beerfest weekend.

There HAS been alot to update on the blog about, but I just haven't been able to get to it all.

The night market at The Shed
What a good evening! We really did so well on the sales front, and we got such a varied bunch of people passing and supporting the vendors. After all, we're there to supply you with a fix of awesome goodies ;)

The Medieval Market
It was a blast amd a huge success, we ended the evening watching firedancers amd watching a pretty cool band perform.
It was also great having so many of you coming to say hi and get our details.
You all made the day really worth it.

Since then, we have had the AMAZING John from Nuclear Design revamping our online branding.
We've been working on some new ideas.
Sorting out the workroom (its not 100%, but the difference is already noticeable).
And well, all the freelance jobs are keeping things busy here.

We have lots and lots and LOTS of great items still in stock, as well as adding a few new oddities.
So its generally never boring here.
One thing has slowed things down though is the crazy Post Office strikes. It has basically put a halt on just about everyones online sales, which is disappointing.
We're looking for affordable alternatives to offer.

We have also started looking for brick and mortar shops to stock with our items, one of those shops being a newly opened tattoo parlour, Silver Dream Tattoos in Boksburg.
More stores will hopefully be interested and we'll send the addresses so you can go get your fix, pretty much 90% of the week amd month.

So yeah,  September dragged us into crazy again, but at least the lost feeling doesn't linger ;)

Have a happy Friday and a brilliant weekend! ★★★★★★★

Monday, September 1, 2014

Burnout and soulful wellbeing...

Beginning of this year, I started collecting reading material from marketing gurus and social media entrepreneurs,  with the intention of getting time to self study (still trying)... and I've joined many pages that give daily snapshots of ideas and advice.

Several times, crafty online sellers have repeated the term "burnout" in my social media timelines.
I kept thinking, burnout? Doing something I enjoy this much? Really?

Well...when its part of what you need to do to earn a living (or part of it), yea, burnout is real.
I have been on a downward spiral over the last 3 - 4 months (if I take an honest look at thigs).
Everything feels like its going wrong, the business' budget feels limited (and you keep getting the urge to splurge), running out of basics that seemed like you had just restocked on mere days before. And sleep...erratic,  nearly nonexistent patterns of "rest".

I am sure, very much so, that I am not the only self supporting crafty that feels any of this.
So I reached out on email to one of the social media entrepreneurs whose page I'm on and she waved a virtual finger at the list I sent.
There were no defined work hours (in a crafty business? Yes).
When I had a day job, Wonder Struck Inc had enforced work hours. And off days.

But how do you grow your business when you're defined by hours and days of work?
The answer I got was: How do you run and grow a business successfully when you cannot function to the best of your ability?
As humans we need sleep, we need rest, we need sunlight and air and healthy food and exercise.
No matter how many hours you work, if you're burnt out....nothing is going to go right.
If you're elastic about the systems and bidgets you've put inplace, nothing will go right.
When you pull at the threads of sanity and process, something is bound to give in.

So...with more experienced mentors that social media has made available to me (and others), I go back to the drawing board, go back to what I outlined amd work again from there.
Define my work hours, rest hours, off hours...

And all this in a run up to our first 2 markets of Spring! After a rather renewed soulfilled weekend, yup, I can handle it woth a fair amount of sanity.

How many other crafties don't allow themselves some off time, all in the self inflicted pressure that comes with having your own business? No matter how small, I think we all do.

So the word burnout is now officially in my work vocabulary,  and I felt what it was... and its not what I wanted Wonder Struck Inc to be about.
So, now to get back on track!

Go out and have a fantastic week crafties and handmade enthisiasts!

Sunday, August 10, 2014 prep.

With something as big on our market calender as the Medieval Fayre, we want to be prepared.
And we want to have an awesome stall for you guys to visit and buy our awesome wares.

So preperations started about a month ago when we got our stall confirmation.
But it never feels like you'll be ready in time!

Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and myself (Wonder Struck Inc), also started planning out our Spring market calender with "fixed" markets that have a monthly schedule going.
So we're not *just* preparing for the Medieval Fayre...

On 5 September (Friday), those around the Walkerville area will be able to find us at the monthly Night Market, which happens at a great indoor venue, The Shed.
We try go out of Winter to this market, which has a fantastic atmosphere and has amazing handmade stalls and food vendors.
They're also open every Saturday, though, because of other scheduled events we don't really make it out there as vendors on Saturdays.

6 September (Saturday) we'll be heading out to The Neigh-bour's Magical Medieval Fayre. This is taking place at Ball & All Driving range, right across from the Lion Park.
Alot of people haven't taken note, but it starts at 3pm.
Some on the events page have complained about it starting so late, but please be understanding to vendors coming from far and wide. (We ourselves live just over an hour away from this venue).
Some vendors go to great lengths with their setups and presentation, and have to often arrive about 2 hours before opening time of an event.
This all helps create the atmosphere for the event... so come join us from 3pm until late and enjoy it anyway (which we bet you will).

27 September (Saturday) we are aiming to be at Walkerville Farmer's Market.
Also, such a great atmosphere to this venue.
We will be aiming to make it our market at the end of every month (unless there's big events we can book into).
Even if handmade isn't your thing, this venue (like The Shed) has craft beer on tap, fresh food vendors and even farm fresh cheeses and organic fruits and veggies.
(Hence it being a farmers market).

.... but right now, still in August, we're busy with getting stock made/marked/packed.
I'll also be doing some MINOR custom modifications at our tables.
Specific length extension chains, longer chains, shorter chains.
You can also bring costume jewellery for MINOR repairs to us (replacing jump rings, resetting certain pieces, re gluing) which WILL carry a small fee if its not one of our items.

Then, some people I want to feature on the blog have already agreed to be "interviewed". So once I have the layout and questions ready to send to them, we'll be featuring some really really great handmade ladies.
Please bear with until then.

In the past few weeks I have also started sorting out the Wonder Struck Inc workroom/office.
Well... I didn't think it would look as bad as it does. I know I'm not even halfway with it and putting everything the way I want, but when I'm in neat freak mode it can be nerve wracking during the process.
Also finding alot of older pieces that I packed in a box as there was absolutely no interest in the past for them, and now that I've started uncovering them.... there's a flush of want for them. Go figure.
So reworking on those has commenced too.

Order books for supplies and customs is still closed.
Also, I'm waiting in anticipation for items to arrive from the States that I've ordered, in very limited quantities, with about 80% already booked/paid for.
Now its just the wait for their arrivals.
I'll be looking to re-open the order books probably just before our Spring markets. I'll only be taking 2 supply/custom orders at a time, until I can afford a trainee to come in and help me part time.

Shew, ok, didn't think I'd fit a blog post in this week, but here you are.
Now, back to sorting out and doing admin so I can start Monday off a bit more organised ;)
Have an absolutely fantastic Sunday, and week ahead.
Until the next blog post ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday work and relax...

Another Sunday spent working...
Its crazy working for yourself sometimes, because work hours, become all hours.

Almost 2/3rds through with packing for the next market.
Though, not sure if I'm helping by adding a constant stream of new items while packing. But hey, the ideas just won't stop coming.
Necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings and some other bits are going to be filling the Wanderland tables:

5 September - we'll be at the Night Market at The Shed. 18h00 - 22h00
6 September - The Magical Medieval Fayre. 15h00 - late

Heatherlyn and I almost can't wait to be back out at markets, and we're even more excited because it'll be Spring!

For those waiting for the order books to open for resin supplies and customs, please be patient a bit longer.
As soon as these last 2 orders are done, there's alot on the blog TO-DO list that I want to get done before re-opening the order books.
So hold on a bit longer!

There's some new items coming in, in limited quantities. Go over to our Facebook to see some of what we're doing, even though our blog updates may be quiet.

See you in the next entry ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Organise, organise, mess...

A year and a half in this house, and my workroom has become the storage room...
So the last few days have been a mass of fulfilling orders, getting other freelance work sorted and trying to throw out junk and reorganise this workroom.

Its getting there. At least, that's what the 3 or so black bags outside are supposed to tell me. Sigh.

Then its to sort out a carefully layed out custom and supply order book, as these last 6 orders (not to mention customs) just flattened me.
Appreciating the business goes hand in hand with only sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night between life.
So... gotsta get that organised better.

Somehow I have managed to make even more stock in preperation for September markets, inbetween the mass of ...everything.
Then its on to packing and planning the last final details for The Night Market at The Shed (5 September) and our highly anticipated stall at The Magical Medieval Fayre (6 September).
Heatherlyn (from The Journeyman) and I are just too excited for words to see you at our stall again once we're out at markets again.

Then comes all the stuff I have been putting off...repeatedly.
Got some GREAT people to feature and great HOW TO's waiting.
Working for yourself can be a bit rough...


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Markets...lots of them.

Well... Wanderland has decided on its first three Spring markets... And that's probably only so far in our diaries.

5 September - from 18:00 to 22:00
We'll be set up inside the wonderful Night Market at The Shed.

6 September - from 15:00 till late.
We will be at our highlight of the year (and because we get to dress up in jest). The 3rd annual Magical Medieval Fayre.
Go over to Webtickets to buy your tickets for the day. R20 entry and R10 per car.
It'll be worth it!

27 September - from 9:30 to 15:00
We will be out at The Walkerville Farmers Market.

July isn't even over yet, so the chances of adding to our September schedule is still possible.

Keep your eyes and diaries open.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Solar powered ...

I have probably lived in these parts for long enough to know what temperatures each season brings... knowing and accepting are vastly different.
Sitting in the least windy, sunny spot I can find so I can do this update.
Because -5°C at 9am.... is no joke.

Alrighty, so what do I have for you guys today?
Well, I am struggling with the resin curing in this weather (for those who might like to add to their general knowledge, the *optimum* curing temperature for epoxy resin is around the 30-35°C mark).
And though I try to keep heaters on in the workroom to raise the temperature, I can't leave heaters on when I'm not at home.... so we're heading into the 50 hours curing time instead of 24-48.
Its sucky.
And if I could be home working all the time on Wonder Struck Inc full-time, *maybe* I could do more... but bills need to be paid and any crafty, entrepreneur will probably beable to lecture you on patience and how nothing happens overnight...or even in the first year of full time work on your business.
I do freelance "jack of all trades" jobs as they come up right now, and maybe that will secure my sanity for a bit longer :/

With that said, I continually (CONTINUALLY) find myself beyond grateful for the feedback on our Facebook and Etsy ...because its NOT just about the sales.
Knowing that people found your page, liked what they saw and took that time to join or like or comment, is immensely appreciated.
I cannot be down in the dumps for long with the great people on our pages who go look and click and share.
Existence is far more bearable with validation, no matter what species.

And while on that subject...
Its amazing what a few weeks can do, but I chucked all my HOW TO ideas out the window since the last post... and cannot seem to find something I like enough to share for tomorrow's HOW TO post.
So the search continues.
And though some might suggest I take a HOW TO on personally...let me state how horrid I am at being on camera, even faceless. That will need much bravery and planning from my side.
I do however have a list of people I want to share here on the blog, so if you get an email asking for photos and a profile... ;)

Hmmmm markets.....
Well, as I have said on a number of posts, and if you dont already know, Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and I talked for years about joining as a store/shop. And this year we became jointly known as Wanderland.
And Wanderland will be doing our next market on 5 September at The Shed Night Market and 6 September at The Medieval Fayre.
We'll then be heading for Walkerville Farmer's Market on the last Saturday of September (the 27th if I can remember).
We really will be upping our game for the markets for the rest of the year and we cannot wait for you to come visit and find something special in our stall.
We're also hoping to have some really great news for you as the remainder of the year progresses, but nothing can be said just yet (shhhhhh).

And to end...

I never really discuss such things... or try to?
Whether its still the corporate worker in me (lingering after all these months) or that I have been imprinted with business nots....
But I will bring it up here, because Winter sometimes brings it around for some, and sometimes people deal with it no , matter the season...

It's hard to be positive, and kickass 24/7. We get down, stomped on, spoken to in less that positive ways... obstacles rise up, and we get tripped up and fall (sometimes destroying our wills completely).
And not just from my own experience, but from knowing that there are many going through whatever you're going through (good and bad) right now.
If we are void of compassion, consideration and kindness, even in our darkest moments, we will not have any of that in our lightest moments... and we will not receive any of it either in return.
I see profile pictures on Wonder Struck Inc's page, most of you strangers that I may never get to meet in person, but the smiles all seem genuine and that passes on to everyone who sees it!
We must know that when we wake up after a hard trial (as broken as we are after it) the next day follows, and the fact that you are in that next day, is proof that you're stronger, harder, and hopefully more understanding.

If nothing else is good today, go outside (in sunshine or moonlight) take in a deep breath and know that you are really great.  You're beautiful. You're strong. And that you are an even more awesome version of yourself than you were before the fall.

Lots of love and gratitude goes out to each and everyone of you, whether I ever meet you face to face or not.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

falling all over ...

Those that have tuned in regularly to our blog (which also serves as our "official page") would notice the rather big gap in our updates.

Where do we even begin?

The last few weeks... months, have just been a swirl of custom orders, supply orders, freelance jobs, heartache, bodyaches...
But here we are! The work has continued inbetween all the madness.
So apologies for the blog quiet >.<

To those that have added themselves to our Facebook page, we must first say, thank you for all the messages a few weeks ago on the passing of our beloved Sonny (Son of Man).
Sonny was nearly 30 years old and lived over 10 years with us and was a daily part of our everyday lives.

Though I am very much still very heartsore over his leaving and his permanent absence, work continues.

Planning on getting into gear again with the HOW TO entries for you guys, trying to find some weird and wonderful things for you all, as well as fulfilling previous requests.
So keep a look out for when we notify you via the social media portals.

We have been FILLING the stockbox with *SO MUCH* new stuff. Even some revived old populers.
Its crazy in this workroom, with barely any room to move lately >.<
All worth it though.

We're getting around to doing heaps more promoting of the store, and are working on getting stock into some new and some established shops so that there's a place of brick and mortar to access our madness... ahem. Art.

Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and I have spent some time deliberating over the market schedule for the rest of Winter, and we really don't feel like it would be of any use getting WANDERLAND out on the road until Spring again.
So lookout for our very rad little stall at the Medieval Fayre on 6 September.
Then we'll be heading out to several other dates again as Spring welcomes us outside again.

So, though we've been really quiet on our blog, we *have* been rather busy otherwise.

Catch all you amazing humans in the next post ;)

Monday, June 9, 2014


Sorry for the huge gap in updates.
Sometimes it really does feel like you've lost the reins...
Been busy with alot of stuff and most of it has nothing to do with Wonder Struck.
Like... Son of Man, my injured horse. His foot hasn't improved much but hasn't gotten worse, its just one of the most difficult places to treat on a horse because they need to be on their feet 90% of the time.
To those who have helped, we have so far, managed to buy 6 whole days worth of extra feed for Sons without affecting Leroy's share of kunchies, so thank you!
You guys have been so great.
Then, Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and I have been carefully assessing what markets to attend and not to attend over the next couple of months, mostly because of how cold Winter gets here on our side.
We have decided to do more work online, and considering how my to do list has built up, and how I need to get through it, maybe spending more time o that is better anyway until Spring.
We are, however, going to be at a Metal Festival on 15 June. We'll be setting up a table and watching some awesome bands while selling our wares.
We'll post all the details for you on our Facebook page.
We have a few new pieces in stock and we're having so much fun with them, we hope you'll like them.
A HOW TO post will be back up and running this Friday,  in line with winter it'll be a knitting post, so come peek in to see what it is.
Until the next post have a great day ♡

Inbetween madness ...sanity. almost.

Its Monday, but it feels as if we're already midway through the week with the crazies.
Several HOW TO posts will be caught up this week.
We'll send out the notification over our social media as per usual to let you know there's updates.
I have been so busy with late night creating, thanks to wicked bouts of sleeplessness, and now...the stock box wont close.
Will hopefully rectify that little problem with the following dates:
31 May ~ Walkerville Farmer's Market (Main Rd, Walkerville) 9:30am to 3pm.
1 - 2 June ~ 25% off Facebook sale
15 June ~ Armageddon Fest (Sundowners, Kliprivier rd, Alberton) from 1pm
Though Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and myself tend to not stall out much in Winter, we'll probably be adding dates after and inbetween these.
So keep your eyes open.
Well...the coffee mug is empty and the floor is freezing up the entire workroom, that probably means I should get back to work... lates!

Monday, May 19, 2014


The last few HOW TO posts have featured polymer clay
projects for you guys to try out, and I really hope you’ve enjoyed them.

If anyone’s tried them out, I’d really love to see how yours turned out. Drop
some pictures on our Facebook so we can spy on your polymer clay creations.

After putting a request out on our Facebook to see if there
was something in particular you guys wanted in our weekly HOW TO posts, one
request came up asking for sock and glove posts… and your wish is our command.
I’ve been scouring around on YouTube to find the raddest,
most easy to follow “how to” channels/videos.  Really liking JoannesWeb at the moment for
some great knitting and crocheting projects, so if you’d like to see what else
she does, go visit her channel on YouTube. For today I’ve loaded this
fingerless gloves tutorial.
Sit down and be ready to watch as it’s a nearly 30 minute
video. Really worth it though.


More knitting tutorials will be coming up soon, you know, so we can update our winter wardrobe with some handmade goodness ;)

Until the next post.


Friday, May 9, 2014


* SIGH *

Ok... Chrome just bombed on me after completing this really long blog post... so this is the second attempt.

Sorry for having to make you guys wait for another HOW TO... but I've been down with the sickies and hanging onto this video share till now, so ... for all of those who are "in the know" with polymer clay and haven't tried a set of these, let us know how it works out!

Defenitely needs to get me a pair of these from you crafties who can do it...

We've really had dismal market attendance over the last few months... the markets themselves have been fantastic and the atmospheres have been so awesome... but the sales. Argh.

It's pretty much a downer when this is what you do for a living full time.

But we fight on! just not so much during winter...

We'll be limiting our market attendance to The Shed's monthly night market (First Friday of every month).

Then, we've started loading stock onto our Hello Pretty store for you SA peeps that want the convenience of single site online buys.

And hey, thanks for the flood of visits and favourites on our Etsy! it really does bring a smile to my face when I see the stats increasing everyday.

And talking about increasing.

OUR FACEBOOK! How great are you guys?!

You're actually better than great. All of you.

You make this worth it for me!

Alright, before Chrome bombs out on me again (mass uploads of pictures happening on albums in our Facebook are causing it I suspect), update happening!

Monday, April 28, 2014

When there's a wish

When you work for yourself, there is no such thing as sick leave.
As the sickies start over powering me, I'm trying to finish this list of orders that doesnt seem like its getting any shorter.

I also dont think that standing out in the cold on Saturday was my best life choice, but still so worth watching amazing bands and supporting a great cause.
To those who came past our table, thanks! Much appreciated.

The workroom, however, is flooded with stock and all attempts to sort out... have failed miserably.
We will fight on, especially after a bit of a Facebook sale for you peeps.
Ridiculous prices going, and we'll load pics for you to choose from.

The current big project happening on the table right now while I fight for my health, is a light box. Have this GREAT idea for one, and tthe concept is ready for execution, I'll reveal once done. ;)

Then, it seems I completely missed doing a HOW TO for you guys, because boring adult stuff needed to be done on Friday.... like renewing my drivers license. So apologies for that. With all the crazy public holidays this week I'll do a HOW TO entry so you guys can keep yourselves out of mischief.

May the force be with you!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another week already...

Well I hope everyone of you have had a very very awesome Easter weekend.
Not just filled with chocolate rabbit ears and tails, and chocolate marshmellow eggs, but honest to goodness family time and rest.

We didn't post a HOW TO on Friday (we need a break too!), and though I had one planned, I completely forgot it was a public holiday!
So ...bringing it forward to this Friday. Keep an eye out!

This Saturday, 26 April, we'll be setting up a table at THE WAR TO END ALL WARS gig at Sundowners in Alberton.

See you monsters there.

We've been slowly adding stuff to the WHAT'S IN STORE tab at the top of the blog, we'll update it again after the gig this weekend, removing whatever has been sold.
If you'd like to grab something now, we're closing off on Friday afternoon at 15:00 for any online orders.

The online stores will all be put into shutdown for over the weekend, incase you guys are doing binge shopping on Saturday while we're selling the items at the table.
How awful would that be?!
So, sales close off this Friday!

Now, back to finishing off this weekend.
Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wintery fingertips...

While Autumn brings about cosmos on road sides and in fields, colour changes to the leaves and migrating birds,  it's also a great time of year for markets, people wearing colourful scarves till mid day.  Beanies and gloves in different colours. Leaves changing and falling like a colourful carpet on market grounds.
Even though this is a setup to Winter, I cant help my fondness for this season.

Its also when people wear less necklaces and bracelets. Rings and earrings become the most desired accessory choices.
I too tend towards rings in this season and winter, along with my rather extensive scarf and fingerless glove collection ;)
Because, everyone has their obsessions.

So, I'll be featuring loads more rings and earrings, but also I'd like to spot crafties who make wintery luxuries like scarves and gloves... give me a shout so we can load links to your stores and pictures and contact details.

Really hope you guys enjoyed the last HOW TO post, and that you've enjoyed all of them so far, if there's something in particular you want us to look for, let us know.
Right now though we're still fascinated by the polymer clay stuffs and have been scouring another video for you guys on polymer clay for this week's HOW TO.

Alrighty, then markets for Wonder Struck inc.
Our next table setup will be at Sundowners on 26 April at Sundowners for the all day music fest "The War to end all Wars" which is being used to raise some monies for an all girls rehab centre for drug dependence.
So, all for a good cause and great music.
Its going to be great!
Hope to see you guys there.
We'll be sharing the event details on our Facebook (which you can connect to via the tab on top of the blog, or on the right hand side panel of the blog)

We haven't got anything else confirmed as yet for May, except on the first Friday for The Shed's Night Market.
But keep checking in to see where you can come buy from our tables around Gauteng South.

And...with that, have a fantastic Tuesday humans ;)

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Well... as I was ridiculously busy getting myself out to Sundowners, I'm posting you a how to  now quickly.

Enjoying NerdECrafter's channel on Youtube so much, so I'm bringing you another how to from her.... these adorable Pikachu earrings (and pin for good measure).

Looks like its super easy and fun.

Give it a shot.

And then to everyone who supported us at last night's gig at Sundowners, thanks so much! Hope you guys enjoy your goodies.

Have a kickass Saturday ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Winter is coming...

Ai John Snow...


Well, happy Thursday readers. Popping in with some updates before our next HOW TO post.
First, have you spotted the "WHAT'S IN STORE" tab at the top of the blog? Go look what its there for and see what we're posting on there.

Then, lots of mixing and matching happening with our markets >.< and this weekend has finally been sorted out.
We'll be at Sundowners in Alberton tomorrow night from 7pm for the JUDGEMENT DAY gig happening.

6 bands, one night

Then, we're hoping to have a table set up at Sundowners again on 26 April at their gig "A WAR TO END ALL WARS". But we'll update you once we get a yay or nay.
Either way, you guys should go, we see some very very awesome bands are on the lineup.

We also started loading more items onto Etsy last night, and we did some editing on items on the Storenvy store.
It's been a bit crazy with tweaks and pulls.

To all our new likers on Facebook, also, welcome and thanks for joining us.

Now... back to work. There's so much still on the TO DO list >.<

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Post market buzzings....the morning after

Well hello chirpies!

It's a bright sunny morning around HQ and we're unpacking the work vehicle and packing the workroom from last night's market at The Shed.

Eskom was load shedding, and all us poor vendors were trying to do sales by candlelight and cellphones. So it wasn't easy.
But the atmosphere was so good and the place was PACKED with visitors.
So we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

We had to cancel our market for today, meaning our next market is at The Walkerville Agricultural Market at the end of April.
It'll be happening over Saturday and Sunday.
We will post all the details in the next few posts. Then you better come say hi!

We're doing a FREE SHIPPING run on our Etsy until 30 April 2014.
So go look see.
We're adding more stock this weekend.

Then if you're not a shopper on Etsy, or a PayPal haver, we'll be listing stuff on here so you can grab some seriously discounted items... (We don't even have space on our tables for all of it)

Then, to those that came to say hi at last night's market, those who are new likers on the Facebook and all those that have been around for a while.....
You made the weekend great and it's not even over yet!

Have a great Saturday people.

Friday, April 4, 2014

HOW TO... No 2.

I am no polymer clay maker, but I just HAD to get something for you guys and this tutorial is just WICKED good.

One day, when I'm brave enough to get my hands on some polymer clay, I'll defenitely give this a shot.

This particular Youtuber, NerdECrafter, has SO many cool videos up on the channel. GO LOOK!

The videos are super easy to watch and follow, even for a non-polymer clay maker like myself.

If there's a video or how to you'd like in particular, give us a shout! Otherwise, we'll be putting up another very rad HOW TO next week for you guys to try out.

And what's happening here at Wonder Struck Inc?

Tonight, we'll be heading to The Shed Night Market for their EASTER MARKET, and we cannot wait to show you all the very awesome goodies we've been making!

Then look out for us (Wonder Struck Inc and The Journeyman) at the Walkerville Agricultural Show at the end of April... in Walkerville ;)

We hope the markets will be busy, fun and successful this month.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amid the madness...

Well hello humans and beasties...(ie. The felines laying across keyboards).

Happy April Fools Day! ....or to everyone else, happy 1st of April.

What have we been up to:

We have now started lino printing our tee ranges for you peeps. Cannot wait to see you all wearing our handprinted and handpressed designs.

If you've been on our Instagram, by now you've seen what the first choice of shirts are. And we are so happy how they're coming out!

We have also (finally) started with the tees for Squareheads. We are putting out a series of linocut pressed tees for this collaboration as well.

Inbetween all of this theres orders in the molds, stock taking in the workroom, several post office visits....and getting ready for markets.

And speaking about markets...
WANDERLAND will be at The Shed this Friday night, and The Bowler on Saturday.
Come past and say hi.

Now... Back to work.

Friday, March 28, 2014

How To... Number 1.

I'm not on Youtube everyday, watching videos, and I use it mostly to watch the latest videos from favourite bands \m/ or for HOW TO's.

While looking at some really cool knitting ideas, after almost losing it on my latest knitting projects, I came across THIS.

Enjoyed the video and found it pretty easy to try.

Hope you guys enjoy and give it a try ;)

And though the video is 27 minutes long, once you get the hang of it, it really does take almost 15 minutes to try out on your own.

I'm still scouring to find some other really cool HOW TO projects on Youtube to link for guys, and some other really awesome crafty projects that anyone can do.

So keep checking in!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Autumn comfort hoarding....

I sat down and a very... Kind of serious talk with myself about minimising the online work load.

That has since gone out the window...

Now with an "online presence" from:

Etsy (international)
Storenvy (international)
Ideasmarket (South Africa only)

And soon to be stocked, our new Rebels Market stall and Hello Pretty store. Both are internationally accessible as well.

It's going to be a lot of work (not like much sleep is had anyway).
But I don't feel there'd be less work with a physical store.

I'm excited about the possibilities 2014 still has for all of us. And well, I don't believe anything just happens without working your fingers to the both.... Nothing *worth it* anyway.

So... For everyone's past, current and future support. You all rock my world and make Wonder Struck Inc worth every waking minute.

...then. Had suggestions about doing a "how to" bit on the blog.
Because as crafties and handmade loving peeps, we want to know what goes into some of the stuff we see.
Recently the knitting bug bit again, mostly so I could add some really cool pieces to my wardrobe and because, creatively when these WANTS hit... They can do so much good for your head and heart. being awful on camera, and searching and sifting through knitting how to vids to find something I enjoyed to learn from... I will be linking you knitters to some very cool KNITTING How To's in the next post.

This will be so fun :)

Also... I'm going to start nagging some crafties for "interviews" so I can introduce you to some really cool handmade stores and people.
\m/ («.») \m/

And, that's about it for today's post.
Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

All the pretty things...

Busy fine tuning the online stores at some ridiculous hour again... tell me something that's new. It is amazing, however, that it's not even midnight yet. It feels like it is...but it isn't.

So just what AM I busy with? ... hmmmm ;)

As you can see, new photos, new products... it's getting busy up in here!
And for those that want to grab some pieces for themselves we have some GREAT discount codes running on the site (for limited times)

Or... alternatively, if you buy for $35 or more, you can get FREE shipping with code: SHIPME
So go on over to the Etsy store and grab some awesome goodies or as gifts for during the year.

Also been doing stocktake during today, inbetween trying to take new photos of all the products in stock. How did I end up making so much stock?! eyes are even twitching from all of it.
But feeling rather productive these last few days, considering all that's been happening and what I'm managing to get done.

We have LOADS of newness planned for here on the blog too, with some peeps asking for HOW TO's and such to be added. So keep spying in to see what we're going to make with you!

Busy asking around for some fellow crafties to put together bios and abouts so I can feature them on here too.

How rad will this blog be? I can't wait.

But for now... let me get back to work. Stock take and updates aren't over just yet. And there's coffee that needs to be made, which the dogs and cat haven't learnt how to make FOR me. 
Have a great weekend humans!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Come rain or... more rain.

We're in our second week of rain, parts of the province have been flooded (and sadly people have lost their lives, homes and such from it all).

Being "house bound" right now, has left us with alot of time to do resin orders and new stock items.
Though, truth be told, this temperature change has ruined the curing process of our resin >.< and everything's taking alot longer than usual.

We've been posting alot of the newness up on our Instagram, so go peek in.
If you don't want to register with Etsy or Storenvy to buy from us, you CAN buy directly via Paypal. Just message on any of the goodies you see on our Instagram and we'll let you first know if we still have it in stock or not.
If you're following us on our Facebook page, you can also buy directly from us (direct payments and Paypal accepted).
And for our South African's who want to buy, not just from us but from other local crafties, in South African Rands, go check out Ideasmarket.

Our Facebook has been growing and I just cannot say how grateful I am to fellow crafties and so regular customers... and not forgetting each one of the likers of the page. Without all of them the page wouldn't be going from strength to strength.
And neither would Wonder Struck Inc as a whole be getting anywhere without them.
We're also growing slowly on our Twitter, so if you're on, go follow us and help us grow a little more. This is SOCIAL MEDIA after all.

Apologies for not having any recent newness added to the Pinterest board, we will be updating it again as we add more listings onto our Storenvy and Etsy pages.

While the rain continues to fall outside, and while there's work to be done, this is the end of today's post.
Have a great Tuesday, no matter where you are.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Autumn burns....

Well... What a way to start March.

As we've mentioned, Wonder Struck Inc and The Journeyman are now a market collective under the name Wanderland.

And our first REAL market as Wanderland was the great pumpkin weigh in at The Shed on the first day of March.
We were plonked between some snack stalls, and we didn't have such a great sales day, but it was great seeing old market friends, trying out home brewed beer, "tasting" wines, and well, just enjoying the day anyway.
Our next market is at The Shed again this Friday night for their monthly Night Market.
We'll have a full table again with some really awesome handmade work.
We'll be posting some pics and profiles of some of our handmade artist additions to our table, so you can see what else you can grab from us.

Loads of new stock will also be featured here on the blog with matching links to where you can grab them online for yourself ;)

Good things are happening this year, join us for the ride *yay*

Monday, February 17, 2014

On sunny days...

Between the nearly three week long post office strike (officially over during last week), standing in lines for three plus hours at a time at the labour department and being resinless... It's been difficult keeping up the pace.

But we're back!

Packages are being sent off again and resin work has commenced again.
Beading work is being...worked on and allowing all the goodness that these longer Summer days have to give, to swirl around us and soak in.

We have THREE operating online stores (Etsy, Storenvy, ideasmarket), the blog (hi!), the Instagram, Twitter AND the facebook page and Pinterest board.
There really is no reason not to be in contact with us ;)

Like us, follow us, pin us, buy from us, share with us. SOCIAL media and all ;)

There's no new market dates for Wanderland yet, but keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Lots of newness is being added to stock, and lots of things that we've painstakingly and lovingly made for you to use and wear.
Believe me... The pains in the hands from all the resin mixing, pouring, sanding and the beading....are worth it when you guys are happy with what we make.

Our positive note for today: "you guys are amazing. Don't ever let anyone let you think or feel any less than that."

Until the next blog update!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

While Summer burns...

Despite being swamped for the last 4 or so days, seeing the sun out again and sweltering in the early morning heat, almost makes me miss the rain again.

But ...don't get me wrong. I love our summers, and the swish of fans, bustle of chatting birds, how my horses' coats glisten ...Yes. I do love Summer.

I also love handmade.
I have seen myself as a handmade "student"... constantly learning and developing. Admiring the work of those who seem to be born with "it".
So I've found some creative stores to share in today's post *yay* ~

THE TREE FOLK HOLLOW - hand carved wooden dolls and treasures from the earth.
I think this is my next international store to buy from.
Rocks, crystals, marbles, stones... encased in crochet "basket" necklaces. Simply beautiful little wearable treasures.
(as I don't have permission, I haven't used any of her pictures for this post, so you'll have to go see for yourself ;) )

BIGKIDDESIGN - from Durban, South Africa. YEA!
Give some local crafties love and support their art. Defenitely going to get myself those really really really rad Lego guy bookends soon.

ELLIOT JACKSON - I cannot stop looking in at this store. Unsual sculpted rings that hold my fancy long after I've closed the page. If you're not into BIG rings, this store may not be for you, but if you are into BIG UNUSUAL SCULTPTED knockouts... go look and see!

Then... Wonder Struck Inc stuff.

As we've been bragging, we'll be doing markets with The Journeyman this year, under the name WANDERLAND.

Next market:  7 February @ The Night Market at The Shed on R59. 6pm - 10pm.

Our first market this year as Wanderland, went far better than we expected. It was unusual seeing people out at the end of January spending money. So, to everyone who came past and supported our stall. THANK YOU!

Then... if you're not able to make it to the markets to visit our table, we have FOUR ways you can buy from us ONLINE.


No excuses to grab some of our very own handmade goods...

Have a fantastic Wednesday, its back to work here.

Friday, January 24, 2014

So far...

This Summer is sweltering... Fans are on almost 24/7 in the workroom, between the odd rainfall and sleeptime.

Tomorrow is our first Market of 2014, and also our first market as Wanderland (Wonder Struck Inc & The Journeyman).
We'll be at The Walkerville Farmers Market tomorrow, 25 January from 9am till 4pm.

Then it's a 2 week work space, then Wanderland will be at The Shed on R59's Night Market, 7 February.
From 6pm - 10pm.

Lots of newness has already sprung up on our Storenvy, and limited stock items on our Ideasmarket and Esty stores. Pick and choose through our awesome items.
90% of what we do is one of a kind, so there's a good chance that once the item sells, it will not be restocked. So take advantage while you can.

We're about to shut down shop for the next 60 hours for the market.
Shew, back to work then.

Have a great Friday peeps.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sweet pervings...

I've been wanting to back to putting to blog, online stores that I find... the interesting and unusual and beautiful (all the things I long for Wonder Struck Inc to become... soon!).

Though I don't have permission to use any of her photos, I will link you to this store:
As I peruse through her pages of items, I am left licking my lips and curling my toes at the pure visual beauty of it all. Oh the decadence!
One day I'll beable to afford to buy from her store, this is a goal I have now set for myself.
Go look in at her store and see just what I mean...
How could you go wrong with with perfumes like "decadence and debauchery", I mean, really? ;)

Then, I came across this store, via another jewellery artist (who I admire so much, just for her work and what she is going through right now).
I also follow this jewellery designer/artist on Instagram, just so I can continually be left in tears at what I cannot buy from her. Her work is just beautiful... and that's putting it lightly.
If you have a spare R400 or R500, at least treat yourself to one of her Elise Rings. They're too gorgeous for words.

Ok.. now that my wants and desires have been shown for the evening.

Onto Wonder Struck Inc. business I suppose ;)

I've been slowly, slowly adding some items onto the two operating online stores:
So go peek in and see if there's anything there that catches your interest... I'm still working through *all* our stock, taking pictures and loading as I go along. So please be patient so that you can have access to everything that those attending our markets also have access to.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What have we...

It's nearly...nearly halfway through January and what has happened so far into the year?

Personally... as humans we are often our own worst enemies.
For instance... leaving your desk chair right up to your work table, while you have a kitten running around alone at night, with full access to your workroom.
I have discovered I don't speak the sums of kittens when inputted into spreadsheets, I now know how to activate my laptop's wi-fi sensor (after it's been "mysteriously" de-activated, literally overnight). I also know that you cannot yell at kittens, mostly because they have no idea what you're so upset about and will continue cleaning themselves no matter how close the vein in your forehead is to popping.

And Wonder Struck Inc. discoveries so far into the year...
well, I have discovered I have amazing customers. You guys rock my world.
Also, setting up an online store on a South African "host" is not as easy as it seems... but perseverance and some colourful language and head/desk slams work.

So far I've been inspired by so many other online jewellery artists, as well as by what I've always really enjoyed doing, but never have.
Holding yourself back because of what the "masses may think" is probably the biggest block to creativity I have ever created for myself... ironically.
I have made jewellery meant to appeal to a great many people in hopes of success, only to find myself greatly unfulfilled by what I do. No offense to anyone on that.
Loads more work is being done and will be done that will reflect myself and my creativity far better this year. I feel it in my giant rubber crafty pants.


If you want to buy from us in good old South African Rands, feel free to visit our all new South African online store - Wonder Struck Inc.

And if you spend in US Dollars, or via Paypal, visit our Storenvy store to see what you can grab.

~ Zoo ~

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014... onward.

I'm not going to get all insightful and philosophical about 2013.
It's over and done with. Good and bad.

It's the first day of 2014, and as much as I'm not a believer in the whole "new years resolution" story (if you want to make a change, you'll make it whenever and whereever you may be)... I do intend to grow Wonder Struck Inc this year. With the help of great customers of course ;)
I've spent 4 years trying to fit Wonder Struck Inc in between the gaps of a full day job, until I found myself retrenched at the end of November. I don't wish to hang my head over this and cry and stress and worry.
All of that has and will happen, on it's own...
So onward!
If you are the resolution type, then this is my hope:

The the new year will be full of positivity, and blessings, even in the darkest of moments. I hope you see the silver lining no matter who and what you may encounter along your journey this year. And it will be a journey, because life would be less exciting if it was just a trip.
There will be things lost, learnt and gained. And it will only be you that can choose to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible, and with as many beautiful, soulful humans as you possibly can.

I am so thankful that the customers and likers of Wonder Struck Inc have been the light and the silver lining and the growth of what I now do full time (or until I find another day job I guess).

Today was spent the way most public holidays go around my parts... with my friends, one of whom is the wonderful free spirit Heatherlyn, of The Journeyman
Go follow her Facebook page aswell to keep up to date with what she does, and what she'll be doing as The Journeyman

As the year progresses, Wonder Struck Inc and The Journeyman will be operating at markets, rallies and merch stands as a collective called "Wanderland".
We'll be stocking not just our own, but loads of other really cool indie, handmade and eclectic stuffs.

For those who'd like a quick reminder on some dates:

6 January 2014 - Wonder Struck Inc re-opens. We'll be doing orders, invoicing and payment arrangements from Monday again.
8 January 2014 - All shipping will commence.

We haven't booked our first market of the year... yet. But keep looking in on here or on our Facebook to see what we'll be doing and where we'll be heading and setting up.
You can order via our Facebook, our Storenvy and soon from our South African friendly online store on MyStall.

New Stock:

New stock components, new molds, new pieces (limited and otherwise) are coming in over what will hopefully be the next month.
With Christmas happening right after placing most of my bigger orders, I think things would have been delayed in the postal system, so please be patient if you're waiting for anything. 
Terrarium necklace components, crow skull molds, lolita cameo molds, new cameo settings, rings, cameos... I'm waiting for all of it.

Also just (while doing my blog post) ordered in a small order of tongue studs. Mostly because mine are falling to pieces and I can't find anything I really when the tongue stud order comes in, I'll pick out and do photos. 
They'll be available on all our sites/online stores for R20/US$2.70 each, excluding postage.

Our Lace & Wenches range of lacey goth inspired necklaces (necklaces, not chokers....yet)

We're going to be working more on "ranges" or "lines" if you will this year.
Making things a bit more organised and doing more of what we have always LOVED doing, whether it appeals to the masses or not.
Changes are a coming ;)

Also, if you're at any future "WANDERLAND" attended markets this year, you'll also beable to buy some select A5 and A4 prints from us on some of our best photographical efforts. 

You'll also beable to buy Squarehead shirts from our "Wanderland" tables at the markets too, in limited quantities of course ;) so first come first serve. If you haven't ordered from the stock via our online stores/pages, come to the markets and quickly grab as we will be doing VERY limited runs per size (as in ONE per size per run).

..... AH! I cannot believe how long this post feels.
Have I ever written such a long in depth one like this?
Well, the first of many for 2014.

Again, you guys MADE 2013 great for Wonder Struck Inc. and because of you guys we know we'll grow even bigger and better in 2014.
Let's do this!

;)  * Zoo *