Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Come rain or... more rain.

We're in our second week of rain, parts of the province have been flooded (and sadly people have lost their lives, homes and such from it all).

Being "house bound" right now, has left us with alot of time to do resin orders and new stock items.
Though, truth be told, this temperature change has ruined the curing process of our resin >.< and everything's taking alot longer than usual.

We've been posting alot of the newness up on our Instagram, so go peek in.
If you don't want to register with Etsy or Storenvy to buy from us, you CAN buy directly via Paypal. Just message on any of the goodies you see on our Instagram and we'll let you first know if we still have it in stock or not.
If you're following us on our Facebook page, you can also buy directly from us (direct payments and Paypal accepted).
And for our South African's who want to buy, not just from us but from other local crafties, in South African Rands, go check out Ideasmarket.

Our Facebook has been growing and I just cannot say how grateful I am to fellow crafties and so regular customers... and not forgetting each one of the likers of the page. Without all of them the page wouldn't be going from strength to strength.
And neither would Wonder Struck Inc as a whole be getting anywhere without them.
We're also growing slowly on our Twitter, so if you're on, go follow us and help us grow a little more. This is SOCIAL MEDIA after all.

Apologies for not having any recent newness added to the Pinterest board, we will be updating it again as we add more listings onto our Storenvy and Etsy pages.

While the rain continues to fall outside, and while there's work to be done, this is the end of today's post.
Have a great Tuesday, no matter where you are.

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