Monday, February 17, 2014

On sunny days...

Between the nearly three week long post office strike (officially over during last week), standing in lines for three plus hours at a time at the labour department and being resinless... It's been difficult keeping up the pace.

But we're back!

Packages are being sent off again and resin work has commenced again.
Beading work is being...worked on and allowing all the goodness that these longer Summer days have to give, to swirl around us and soak in.

We have THREE operating online stores (Etsy, Storenvy, ideasmarket), the blog (hi!), the Instagram, Twitter AND the facebook page and Pinterest board.
There really is no reason not to be in contact with us ;)

Like us, follow us, pin us, buy from us, share with us. SOCIAL media and all ;)

There's no new market dates for Wanderland yet, but keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Lots of newness is being added to stock, and lots of things that we've painstakingly and lovingly made for you to use and wear.
Believe me... The pains in the hands from all the resin mixing, pouring, sanding and the beading....are worth it when you guys are happy with what we make.

Our positive note for today: "you guys are amazing. Don't ever let anyone let you think or feel any less than that."

Until the next blog update!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

While Summer burns...

Despite being swamped for the last 4 or so days, seeing the sun out again and sweltering in the early morning heat, almost makes me miss the rain again.

But ...don't get me wrong. I love our summers, and the swish of fans, bustle of chatting birds, how my horses' coats glisten ...Yes. I do love Summer.

I also love handmade.
I have seen myself as a handmade "student"... constantly learning and developing. Admiring the work of those who seem to be born with "it".
So I've found some creative stores to share in today's post *yay* ~

THE TREE FOLK HOLLOW - hand carved wooden dolls and treasures from the earth.
I think this is my next international store to buy from.
Rocks, crystals, marbles, stones... encased in crochet "basket" necklaces. Simply beautiful little wearable treasures.
(as I don't have permission, I haven't used any of her pictures for this post, so you'll have to go see for yourself ;) )

BIGKIDDESIGN - from Durban, South Africa. YEA!
Give some local crafties love and support their art. Defenitely going to get myself those really really really rad Lego guy bookends soon.

ELLIOT JACKSON - I cannot stop looking in at this store. Unsual sculpted rings that hold my fancy long after I've closed the page. If you're not into BIG rings, this store may not be for you, but if you are into BIG UNUSUAL SCULTPTED knockouts... go look and see!

Then... Wonder Struck Inc stuff.

As we've been bragging, we'll be doing markets with The Journeyman this year, under the name WANDERLAND.

Next market:  7 February @ The Night Market at The Shed on R59. 6pm - 10pm.

Our first market this year as Wanderland, went far better than we expected. It was unusual seeing people out at the end of January spending money. So, to everyone who came past and supported our stall. THANK YOU!

Then... if you're not able to make it to the markets to visit our table, we have FOUR ways you can buy from us ONLINE.


No excuses to grab some of our very own handmade goods...

Have a fantastic Wednesday, its back to work here.