Monday, December 1, 2014

So far so good...

Its already December,  but I can confidently say I think we getting the hang of 2014.

It hasn't been the best year (personally or otherwise)... for just about everyone. But we are so great at getting up and living another day....

The last dates of 2014 have been finalised,  so please maake a note or 2:

5 December - Night Market at The Shed
6 December - Market at The Shed AND at Walkerville Farmer's Market

6 December - last resin/supply orders taken.
12 December - last postage/shipping dates and Wonder Struck Inc closes for 2014.

13 December - Market at The Bunny Park
16 December - Walkerville Farmer's Market
20 December - Walkerville Farmer's Market

5 January 2015 - Wonder Struck Inc reopens for orders and shipping.
February 2015 - Markets dates will be uploaded.

We're also working on a short list of projects that we want to bring in to fruition in 2015, so we'll be working over the holidays to finalise some of it.
Keep an eye out!

Then, to start December off right.... a huge thank you to all of you again for the time you take to like our Facebook and posts and the time you take to check in on here and on our Twitter.
Thank you all for being amazing.