Thursday, June 27, 2013


Social media... Where the world of networking has shrunk to the size of computer and cellphone screens...

We have admittedly, been rather prolific and at ease on the Twitter front... And slowly we've been getting used to having a "page" on Facebook.
Managing a blog, a Twitter account, online stores and a Facebook page....has been (and continues to be) a journey in itself.
Thanks goodness for lunch breaks and cellphone apps :-)

So far our likes on our Facebook page are standing on 20....versus our 80 plus on Wonder Struck Inc.'s Twitter.
We are aiming for 10 more likes to reach 30 on our Facebook and to celebrate the milestone, we'll be giving away a package of 3 skully bracelets to one lucky liker.
These bracelets are handmade, in a smoke free environment, and packed in a very awesome steel tin for the winner.
Want to take a chance?
Get yourself onto our Facebook page and click on "like".

We're busy with a whole new stack of stock and orders in the workroom, some of the new stuff will be shown off by our fabulous She_GRim.
Her artwork on our banners and business cards will also be up in the beignning of next month. Yay!

Tines are changing! For the better....or so we hope ;-)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday wanderings...

Happy Monday, readers.

It's a chilly midday, and I'm taking advantage of a lunchtime post to update you on our doings...and to grab a nice hot creamy cappuccino :-)

If you've peeked in on our Twitter, you'll see we've been mentioning a supply store, called The Supply Dealer.
This is our newly opened supply store. Anything we have not been able to resist buying, for our own use or just because we *had* to buy it....will be on there.

We hope you find your crafting fix on there.

Don't think, though, that we've neglected our main Etsy store... Loads of new things have been loaded and will be loaded in the next week.

Market news:

29 June, this Saturday, we're at Wyetti Craft Market. We'll be taking supply stock with us from The Supply Dealer. So come past.

Last Saturday in July is our only other market booked to date. Our usual spot is stall 64 at Wyetti, of course ;-)

We are still looking at doing Geekfest on 31 August, which leaves us in a bit of a fix over our usual show space at Wyetti.
But it''ll all get sorted closer to the time.

Then before closing off today's post...

Did you know we can make heart, star and rose rings/pins/hairclips in any colour/glitter for your bridesmaids and flower girls?
We make these to order at special prices for your wedding. You're more than welcome to request a quote:

No matter the colour or glitter we'll quote you only on the complete component. All we need is the timeframe and quantity (let's worry about the colour, if you like the quote)

Now... Time to finish this cappuccino and get back to work ;-)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Melting pot...

I have to mention, that though I haven't got anything for anyone to peek just yet, She GRim has sent me the initial set of new business cards and banners.... *squee*
I am so so excited for these small little changes!

Once she has given me the thumbs up (as with any business, money first), I'll be loading the banners onto the sites and onto here.
And this isn't even with the new packaging stuffs! Oh that is the next project and you are going to LOVE it.

We've also been taking factors into consideration, and have decided to open a supply store on Etsy.
We still need to put up a banner and photograph the first wave of stock, but you'll be getting the best prices possible for oddities that we find in our supply shopping sprees.
All too often I gather things that I will never use, but were ultimately too cool to pass up the buying of, so you'll be getting full access to all of it.
No lies.

Everything you'll find on The Supply Dealer is stuff that we would love to use or do use on Wonder Struck Inc.

Any supply listings on Wonder Struck Inc will be moved over to the new shop in easy to buy (and use) listings.

charms, chain and beads will be available for your projects.

We hope you'll find just what you need to satisfy your crafting fix ;)

Then... upcoming markets.
I've been delaying booking for Geekfest on 31 August, but really feel it'll be great for Wonder Struck Inc to get out there with a stall. If there's still space, watch our upcoming market details!

We will, otherwise, still be at Wyetti on the last Saturday of this month.
Hope to see nearby readers there.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I'm such a craft hoarder... molds that have been lying around since moving into our new house, have only started being used this last week. And am I ecstatic about what's coming out of them or what?

Some very cool smaller rings, for those who haven't warmed up to our extra large dome rings. Right?

A couple of inbox messages later, I've decided to start loading all the newer stock back onto our South African friendly online store on MyStall.
This site is mainly for our South African buyers that don't have PayPal, or would prefer to buy in South African Rands ;)

You'll also be seeing some new stock on our Etsy :)
We're also running TWO discount codes on the Etsy store, if you could peek in on the store announcements to see the Terms & Conditions of the codes.

Code:  HAVE10OFF ~ will get you 10% off your entire order.
Code:  SHIPME ~ to get free shipping if you buy for $35 or more (please don't use this code when buying the White Lion Oracle cards)

Then, inbetween the newness... we hope you've noticed our wonderful She_GRim modelling some of our pieces.
You'll be seeing more of her as we do our changes to update the store... where she will also be doing the design work on our banner and business cards :)

in our white on black skull and crossbones PIRATES LIFE dome ring

Monday, June 10, 2013

Through rough times and sangria...

What an odd weekend. It was filled with very nice people, puppymonsters, horsebeasts and sangria...

Since then a new mold to try has been made, very new and different pieces are on the work table (and soon in stock) some very small orders are being filled, and we're keeping our heads up, no matter the tough times.

Thanks to everyone spying and liking on Instagram.
Thanks to our blog readers for peeking in and thank you to our buyers from the markets!

New things are happening...keep your eyes here!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vanilla rooibos tea, incense ... and peace

There's even more newness in the store!
I am a terrible hoarder when it comes to "craft" stuff, and as I've been sorting through the workroom, I've found things that we moved to this house with! Beads that I've been sitting with for more than half a year, all with the intended purposes of being used... and then just getting packed away. 
So, I've started hauling it all out! And you get to see the ideas come to life!

I was at a loss for a long time on how I was going to use all these really awesome dyed howlite, flat skulls... but I wanted them anyway because I'm a skull fanatic.
And during a late night sorting session in the workroom last week, it came to me!
So in store, we have new skull/shamballa bracelets in different colours for you to spoil yourself with. 
I've been a bit slow adding them onto the Etsy, but today is a heavy photo session so you should see quite a bit of it soon.

I'm also starting dipping into my ridiculous collection of glitters. I may just be addicted to the sparkle.

With the glitter madness we're making a range of dome rings (large and medium) called the GLITTER BOMB range. 
They're coming out so brilliantly!
These will be limited in colours, but keep an eye on our twitter, as they'll be listed on there as they're available.

Now... to the photo booth for pics!

Have a fabulous Sunday and spread some hugs and kisses!