Monday, December 31, 2012

Plans sometimes change...

Ah well, I've had to postpone my visit to Lydenburg, and have in the meantime, brought the Etsy store out of vacation mode... AND implemented the 20% discount !

The discount will be effective throughout January 2013 (because it's my birthday month and the first month of the new year), because it's great to start on a positive note, right? ;)

I've also been loading a whole bunch of new items onto the Etsy store, so go check out what we have been making!

Our first market for 2013 will be at our usual spot (stall 64), at Wyetti Craft Market, on Saturday the 26th January. Our theme will be VALENTINES! so we'll be dressing the stall up to celebrate the upcoming commercialisation of the day ;)
There's a part of me that wants there to be LOADS of stock to choose from for the market goers, but if you're on Etsy, I wouldn't mind you emptying my stock box ;)

I won't be carrying the discount through to the markets, as usual, but there's sometimes spot discounts where I wack off 50% for those visiting my stall at certain markets at certain times of the year.

Then... house news:
The workroom is starting to take shape now after having some very sweet ladies (Rhoda, our crochet supplier and her sister) help me unpack half of the boxes that filled the living room yesterday.
There's still more to go, but the space is feeling alot more liveable now. Shew.
The 3 boys (puppymonsters, Astraeus, Apollo and Wagner) are making the yard their own. They've completely destroyed the 4 small existing flower beds, so major repair work coming in the next few weeks to revive some plant life in my small garden.
All the curtain are up and with so many boxes gone, visitors can now sit down!
Once the work room/Wonder Struck HQ is a bit more unpacked, I'll take photos for you guys to see where I will be making all the stock and storing the sourced stock.
Fun times ahead!

Now go buy some Etsy goodness from our store and from other fantastic handmade artists!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

These are tears of frustration...

Having a rather tear filled day as I go through the pages of STOPRHINOPOACHING, and though my contributions are small and few and far between... I encourage as many of you as possible to please help support this cause.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The rain clouds are gone...

After a couple of days of rain... and an array of muddy paw prints across the house floor... its sunny and its time to do all the domestic duties of washing, packing, sweeping, mopping...

The work room is starting to look so good.
There's double the storage space, double the work space and... I'm going to be testing out the photo space sometime today hopefully.

Some inspiration for crafty workrooms:

Yup... plenty of inspiration out there to work from ;)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The move... one week later

It's Christmas day... MERRY CHRISTMAS readers! ...or happy 25 December.

These 7 days of moving have been a little exhausting. The worst part for me is, that no matter what my work space may look like at any time, I'm actually *really* OCD about the placement of things and knowing where all of my stuff is... so moving is always horrible when I lose track of what boxes are where, under what, haven't been labelled....etc etc. And that's what my house looks like at the moment.

I HAVE managed to place a small corner of my work surface in the kitchen in order.
The dogs' bowls have their places now.
And one table in the work room has been setup (I'm typing from it right now).

With there still a few more things to move from the parentals to here, I'm starting to feel relief that I'm in the new house.
Admittedly my first night (last night) was a bit rough, as I'd only brought the new curtains with me late yesterday and they still weren't ready to hang. Then my 5 year old kettle packed up after boiling it ONCE. 3 light bulbs blew last night (including the bedroom light), and there were no shops open where I could get replacement bulbs before heading to my aunt in Pretoria for the family Christmas get-together.
So I'm working in 2 of the 3 rooms that still have light. I have one more window's curtains to hang tomorrow, and hopefully there'll be shops open so I can get light bulbs.

In the meantime my Etsy store is closed until 5 January, but my work space is packed out and I'm working on new stock!
I'll be photographing and editing new stock, planning markets as ahead as I can for 2013, and... I'll be finishing off Wonder Struck Inc's room!

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas day guys!

P.S Don't forget to promote/like/support our campaign ~ Wonder Struck Inc store funding

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas presents... for us?!

Project update:

2 days into the fundraising project and I just got 2 emails in the my inbox informing me that donations have been given.
I wasn't expecting those 2 donations to have us at 4% of target!

To Ben and iangels for their very generous donations and support of the project so early into its setup on Startme, THANK YOU!

Wonder Struck Inc. project

And it may not seem like much but I'm very happy that we're now at 6 likes (yesterday we had barely made it to a total of 4), which means word about our project is spreading!

Though this is not exclusively a Wonder Struck Inc. project, I will be managing the project and it's admin on Startme.
So as the next 88 days progress, I'll be updating you on here.

We *have* to meet AT LEAST 50% of target to get ANY of the funding donated to us (and out of whatever we're funded we still pay a percentage to the site as an admin/success fee).
So help us spread the word so that we can get funded!

The moving update:

Well... tomorrow I move the very last of the stuff into the new house/Wonder Struck Inc. HQ.
Then we'll officially be in!
As of yesterday the workroom that I'll be making and storing all of Wonder Struck Inc's stock between markets, is still filled with unplaced furniture and boxes, but the store will be completely shutdown so that I can concentrate entirely on sorting the work space out.

The Etsy/Bigcartel stores & stock updates:

The new stuff I've been making seems to be something I could easily settle into creating, and I'm hoping people love it as much as I do.
Alot of victorian/medieval inspiration has gone into it, with just a hint of steampunk.

We'll also be taking on goodies by other creatives that cannot make it to the same venues as us. After all we're purveyors of things handmade and pretty (and odd and interesting) ;)

Heatherlynn and I will also be looking at combining our stalls into one for about 80% of the markets in 2013, after all, that is the point of our fundraising project, to open a collective handmade store together.

Now, back to packing and making inbetween. Pictures of the new space will probably follow soon.

~ ZOO ~

Friday, December 21, 2012

And so we begin...

I think... as humans, we really do so much talking and not enough doing.
I'm just as guilty as anyone else I could point a finger at.

For about a year, Heatherlyn and I have been talking, dreaming and imagining a collective project between us...and now

The project name is somewhat unofficial, as Heatherlyn and I haven't quite made a final decision, but we've created this project on StartMe under my store's name.
It's somewhat of a hefty sum we're looking at raising, but that will be for a store, equipment and the initial stock, as well as some advertising.

We'd really appreciate that even if you can't give any funds in for our project, if you could spread the word, by sharing the project via the "share" options available all over the page.

Its a bit of effort being able to fund us, as you'd have to sign up to StartMe to become "part of the community". And you have to buy "investment credits" in order to give funds into ours and the other projects.
But it is VERY appreciated if you'd take the time to do all this.
We would need to be funded AT LEAST 50% if the project target in order to get ANY funding so that we can at least start this journey.
The time frame to raise these funds has been set at 90 days, so please guys, buckle down and help us get our project funded!

I would like to make incentives for those willing to give more than R500 at a time, but that will come as the project runs on the site.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A new space...

Well... we finally started with ACTUAL moving yesterday. 4 drives later, and the biggest furniture is already in the new HQ.
All... except for an exercise bike and 2 other work desks for the workroom. *excited beyond describing*

Now just comes the mess that hasn't been taken yet.
The boxes and boxes of goods that will fill the spaces inbetween.

Photos of the workroom and setup will be posted on here and on our Etsy "about" page ;)

But let me get off the laptop, there's just so much work to still do.

Have a great Thursday humans!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New in store...

I really couldn't wait! ... till January.

Busy with a few new listings on Etsy right now. And I really have never been so chuffed with Wonder Struck Inc.'s stock as I am right now!

Keep stopping by in the shop to see what I'm busy listing. There's going to be lots more up from this weekend, and if any of it is still available when we re-open from vacation... you might just beable to get it with a 20% discount on checkout in our Etsy store ;)

Hope you like the new stock as much as I do !

Saturday, December 15, 2012

So much excitement... and stress

Well... as I sit here, the finishing touches on the new Wonder Struck Inc. residence are being done!
I stopped by there a couple of days ago, just to see what had been done/planned by my rascal landladies.

And now the new wiring is being done and the new shower fittings. THEN IT'S DONE! Apparently...
I am so excited that it's almost too good to be true.

It's also a little odd knowing that I'm on leave for 4 weeks, there's no markets between now and 25 January 2013... and I'm making the most inspired stuff of Wonder Struck Inc's existence.
I've ordered some more stock, which I'm expecting will only arrive in the new year, but that's fine, what with how much I have to currently organise into space in the first part of the move.

New stock will be photographed and listed over this weekend hopefully, if all goes as smoothly as it has gone today. >.<
I've also posted off a bunch of orders that came in this week. And it's probably been our best single sales week over Paypal/Etsy to date. Thank you guys! And I hope you are super happy with your purchases!

I'll be shutting Wonder Struck Inc. down into vacation mode on Etsy from 24 December 2012 until 5 January 2013.
There will also be an opening discount code available for the whole of January 2013.

Then... for those that might have spotted a mention or two of it. Maruchka and I are *still* working on setting up a photo shoot for the Wonder Struck Inc. stall, so please be patient, we think we might have a chance coming up in the next couple of weeks.

... I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog yet, but a few weeks back I unfortunately lost my wolfylion Loupa to a very nasty death. But my other two boys and the new puppy are fit and healthy and will be filling up the new Wonder Struck Inc. home with their sillyness and puppymonster love.
I just cannot wait to start this new chapter!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Well well well...

With 5 days away from annual shutdown (at my day job), things are starting to happen. Good things!

I'm up and running on my new laptop, after *almost* 2 years of faithful service, my little notebook is going into semi retirement.

AND you won't believe the progress at our soon to be Head Quarters!
I really didn't expect the extent of work to happen that has been happening since last weekend.
My landlord is on a mission to make me a palace compared to what I was expecting to move into originally.
So we're *hoping* that all the initial work will be done and ready for me to move in as from next weekend (hold thumbs).

Also... Heatherlyn and I were on a weekend rush of markets.
Heatherlyn did SO SO SO well at the night market at Arms on Friday night and I did awfully >.< ... drunk people don't always spend money.

Yesterday's trip to the Midsummer Night's Dream market didn't go so badly, but didn't go so splendidly as we had hoped either.
Firstly, hardly anyone took part in the dress up... how sad!
Secondly, we had such a horrible layout in the stall section and hardly got any feet coming past us :(
Wonder Struck Inc. did, however, do splendidly well despite the lack of human traffic, I just wish I could say the same for Heatherlyn :(

But to those that came out and DID support us. Your patronage was so much appreciated!

While we were there we also got to hear some great cover bands and all girl bands... like Spilled Pink.
They haven't got a cd out yet, but they seem to get around to doing alot of gigs in and around Joburg, so if you see their name up on a gig list, go watch. These two ladies were rocking!
They did some covers and they did a few of their very own originals... just go find them and watch them.

Along with upcoming new stock, reseller orders, moving, new equipment... Heatherlyn and I have really started looking into the markets we're going to be going to in the new year. AND... how we can integrate our two stores into one... there are reasons we're starting this ;)

Before I put the Etsy store into vacation mode, I'll be loading a whole wack of stock onto the store for you to peruse and buy!
Then there are some revamps coming over the vacation period and we reopen the store on the 5th of January. I was hoping to be back and open by the 4th, but there are some changes to my holiday plans for the new year before I go back to my day job.

Sigh, hopefully I'll soon be posting pics of the new work space on here. >.< keep watching this space.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What happens after sunset...

If you ever wondered what happens near to midnight on a Tuesday night...

At Wonder Struck Inc... I sit making up orders that people want for Saturday *while* still making market stock for the Friday night and Saturday markets that are coming up. ALL for this weekend.
ALL of it.
The order, the markets... and I have only these last few nights available to work!

We're also getting closer to vacation at Wonder Struck Inc.
Please remember we'll be on complete shutdown between 23 December 2012 and 4 January 2013. 
NO ORDERS will be processed / posted etc during that time. None.

Now... back to work and coffee drinking. WOOO

Monday, December 3, 2012

Time time time...

I wish I had more time!

There's news that the Henley Arms night market is this Friday night, with our Midsummer Night's Dream market on Saturday in Midrand from noon.

And the time to make stock?
Well... its in the form of LATE nights and cans of Play between me and the notebook. GAH!

We've got quite a few new earrings, loads of pendants waiting for necklaces and many a new type of bracelet.
This could be fun, and our best of 2012.

But... for now I need to get cleaned up and unpack the beads I need to string to carry on with the making.

Fun times.

Have a great week humans, and hopefully we'll see you at our markets this weekend ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Market Wanderings...

Oh wow...
I really thought I wouldn't do it again. But I did!

Due to ALOT of rain, Wyetti Market was cancelled. We'll be back there on the last Saturday of January 2013 again, in our usual spot. Stall 64.

Heatherlynn and Astra (my market family), have booked us in for some last minute Christmas markets to make up for us not having Wyetti.

This Friday night, we've managed to get a booking at Green's Greens Christmas Market.
We'll then be at Sunvalley in Kyalami for a Christmas market on Saturday.

Then NEXT Saturday, the 8th of December, is our actual last 2012 market.
The BizzR organised, A Midsummer Night's Dream Market.
Heatherlynn and I will both be there too and we'll be dressed up, with wigs, wings and wreaths!

Can't wait to see you guys at these last markets!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bits ...and bits

*some* of our new products in stock... stretchy unisex bracelets.


I had to start with that, because... my supplier handed me 2 HUGE silver plated sugar skull pendants today.
I'm talking about 6cm x 8cm pendants!
I just cannot wait to show these on necklaces for you at Wyetti and The Midsummer Night's Dream markets!

Heatherlynn's handpainted wood goodies will also be available on our Etsy, as well as from her own stall at the Midsummer Night's Dream market on 8 December 2012.

Also... to anyone who hasn't ever come across a little anime called Bottle Fairy. 
Be glad.
Stay away from the madness!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Makery and the things that go with it...

Ah! Last night was a no go for work... and after a SWELTERINGLY hot day (gah!), I'm infront of the fan and pc, listening to UVERworld (trying to see what the hype around them is) and I'm making again.

But its not ALL about the making...
anyone who knows anything about my 'manufacturing' process will know that a large component to my time at the having anime on.
I'm an anime nutball and this week I discovered another anime that I just can't help but rave about...


After the fatality of my ENTIRE Bleach folder going *boom*, inbetween recovering all 366 episodes, I've been eyeing out new anime to watch.
And Toradora! was one of them that caught my eye. Yea, I know this came out in 2008 already, but if YOU haven't watched it yet... its light hearted and fun. There's no Bleach/Naruto/Hellsing/Basilisk thing going on anywhere in this. Its like Azumanga Daioh, with a bit more sense and very awesome artwork.
I'm already on episode 18 of this 25 episode anime, and I'm dreading the end.

So... once I've had my fill of this UVERworld stuff... I'm switching back onto the last few episodes of this cute little anime, while working my fingers to the bone on new Wonder Struck Inc. stock, in preperation for the next two markets:

24 November - Wyetti Craft Market
8 December - Midsummer Nights Dream (hosted by BizzR)

And, just a quick reminder... the whole ETSY store will be on total vacation mode from 24 December till 4 January.
No orders will be taken and/or posted.
This will also just give me a chance to do necessary editing and changes without worrying about the store being live while its all "going down".

These same changes will be implemented on our BigCartel store.

The packaging changes are already happening, with neater posting labels, boxes, sticker freebies, thank you notes.... it's just crazy !

But that's all for this update.... a nerdy rant ;)

Have a great Saturday humans, where ever you are :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rainy nights...

Rain against the windows is a sound I miss dearly during winter... there's something quite comfortable about drinking hot tea at the desk, while its raining outside.

And for this kind of evening... I'd bliss out completely.
* sigh *
Another thing that leaves me smiling tonight, is that more cameos arrived at the post office today *squee* and I really cannot wait to make them into stock for the Midsummer Night's Dream market on 8 December.
.. oh yeah and for the last Wyetti Market of 2012.

We had to, unfortunately, give this last weekend's night market at the Henley Arms a miss after another lock on the back door of the house failed.
And that means, I couldn't very well leave the house unlocked until midnight, with no one here.
I'm having the WORST luck with locks lately *gah* and anyone who got to witness the reaction on Friday was probably left with a laugh for the weekend. >.<

So... with only 2 markets left of 2012, we hope you'll come support handmade.

Then comes the changes for 2013!
I'm really hoping we'll be in our new living/working space during December so that everything can be set up for resin work, screen printing, sewing, etc. etc.
I really think that that'll put us on a whole new level!

Inbetween ALL  that and the day job (blergh), The Quotable Zoo and the Wonder Struck Inc's first official photo shoot is on the drawing boards.
YES! see? we're getting there, slowly but very very surely.

Then, before I just close off this post...

Kelly, one of our regular customers on Etsy, has placed another order with us and we're just so so chuffed to  have such an awesome person buying from our store. THANK YOU KELLY!

Maruchka (She_Grim), thanks for being our model/in house graphics girl and for just continuing to grow as an amazing human being! Love you girl.

Keep checking in for our latest updates (sorry our twitter has been a bit quiet, but with all my android devices fried, I feel rather outdated and have to actually GET INTO the twitter account. sho...not cool).



Friday, November 2, 2012

And it's on! ...

I probably should have let you all know this already...

This is what's going on, on the Etsy store till 11 November 2012

I think one of the greatest reliefs about this weekend (happy Friday by the way), is that there are NO MARKETS this weekend.
So much making will be going on in the "empty spaces" we'll find available.

Our 4 November market at the Henley model airfield has been postponed :( indefenitely. And our usual Henley Arms night market will be happening next week Friday night, 9 November 2012 from 6pm to 10pm.

In the meantime, take advantage of our 50% off sales code on Etsy AND at the Henley Arms Night market next Friday, where we'll make the 50% off sale available at the stall aswell.

Have a great weekend humans!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

sorting...or sorted...

Gah! With the last 2ish months of 2012 coming up, I've really tried to start being loads more organised with Wonder Struck Inc's stuff.
Especially with us heading towards our new work space and home being finished up. I'm still hoping (desperately) to be in during early December *holds thumbs*

In the meantime!

Make note of the following dates:

27 October, Saturday - 2nd last Wyetti Market for 2012
2 November, Friday - night market at Henley Arms
4 November, Sunday - Christmas market at the Henley Model Plane airfield

29 October to 11 November - BIG Etsy/Facebook/Blog sale coming up for ALL existing stock during that time.

24 November - last Wyetti Market for 2012

26 November to 2 December - Etsy/Facebook/Blog sale on ALL existing stock during that time (this is also to help us with a few extra bucks for the relocation to our new HQ)

7 December, Friday - Last Henley Arms night market for 2012
8 December, Saturday - Midsummer Night's Dream Market

Then! Wonder Struck Inc will be in COMPLETE vacation mode from 25 December 2012 - 3 January 2012.
So I'll be posting packages right up until 24 December (if possible) and then again from 4 January 2013.

If you buy supply stock from me and need goodies I'd prefer to knock everything off for postage by end November.

New items and better ranges will be open for sale from the new year.
And all these collaboration wishes will probably be coming true in the new year too.

For now I dream only of having much more space to work in >.<

Here's some new supply stock that's coming in, hit me up if you want some !

These wood blanks are SOME of the "supply stuff" we stock.

Tonight's soundtrack while blogging:

Katatonia, The Pretty Reckless, High and Mighty Color, InFlames, Eagles of Death Metal.

Have a great Evening, humans.   :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Discoveries and new things...

It's Saturday, not yet noon, and I've discovered some of the most amazing things on Etsy over my morning cup of coffee (or 2)... so here we go

who also has a clothing'ish store on Etsy too...

Also by Iana Guerra, but in her Crude Things Store

Love what I've been spying in her two stores! All this original oddity!
Go peek in and take a look.

Then... yesterday my Boogie Board RIP finally arrived!
I cannot help but be excited at what I'm going to be doing with this little LCD Writing tablet.
I am a stationary and typography junkie! Anyone who really knows me will give two thumbs up and a nod at this statement. 
So... I decided to do something about this and open a store I can fill with my typography scribbles, stationary and my love of beautiful words and quotes. The store isn't live yet, so patience please while I do some stocking up. 
It has been named though... The Quotable Zoo
I'll announce once it's live...

Also, its that time of year where I let myself get busy with markets... I didn't think it'd happen, but alas.

27 October 2012, Saturday - Wyetti Market
2 November 2012, Friday - Henley Arms Night Market
4 November 2012, Sunday - Henley Model Airfield Market
24 November 2012, Saturday - Wyetti Market (last Wyetti Market for 2012)
7 December 2012, Friday - Henley Arms Night Market
8 December 2012, Saturday - Midsummer Nights Dream Market by BizzR

That's just as it stands of now, and I'm in a mad state of making stock. 

I'll also be having a last dash 50% off EVERYTHING on our Etsy store before the close of the year. So keep your eyes open for that code (it'll also be in the banner of our Etsy store if you peek in there every now and again ;) )

Ok Ok, now back to work for me...

Have a great Saturday humans!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh the excite! ...

Well... I haven't updated in a while >.<
but there's far more news to talk about NOW

After the blissful success to the Neigh-bours' Medieval Market, they're now organising another market that not only Wonder Struck Inc. but Heatherlynn will be attending too as more or less our last market for the year.
A Midsummer Night's Dream themed market on 8 December !

Wonder Struck Inc will have some flashy new products that will actually only be readily available in January 2013, but I'm just itching to show off some of the odd little bits of newness before we close off for the year.

Heatherlynn will also be at the Midsummer Night's Dream market with me, but just in her own stall ;)
You'll see some of the woodpendants in Wonder Struck Inc's stall, which will be hand painted by this talented friendy of mine.
Go support her stall as well for some very awesome wooden art homeware (like wine glass holders, clocks, trinket boxes, door hangers etc) and she takes custom orders too!

Due to some very unexpected things happening at the moment, updates on Squareheads and more Wonder Struck Inc shirts will have to take a bit of a backseat, so please be patient.

We will however be doing our regular stall at Wyetti for the next two months, the last Wyetti market for 2012 being the last Saturday in November.
Hope you'll come out and say hi.

Blessed be!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Struck... truly

I'm never quite "over" blissful feelings of my province/country...
Like lunchtime soccer games on dusty patches of open ground in the industrial areas, or kids in school uniforms walking in cheerful groups on the outskirts of Johannesburg's center, slightly chilled Spring mornings with contrasting warm afternoons....and the lush look of greenery pushing its way into view everywhere..... *sigh*

And the music that sets this all into perspective this week.... Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal...

I find appreciation for the contrasts, visual and otherwise in the country I hold so close to my heart. I may not be "patriotic", but I'm happy to be here :)

...with this renewal and deep breath, we're 3 days away from our 3rd last Wyetti Market of 2012.
The stock that we'll have at the stall is just so so so rad!

I can hardly wait to put it all on display for everyone to see (and buy)

If you've been visiting our Etsy store you'll notice some listings going up now and again. Also keep your eyes open for an end of year clearance code :)
I'll most probably make this available during November and possibly into December.

Alot of new things are being planned for the new year, as I try to expand the store.
I know it'll be fun and rad ;)

But with that little update, time to get back to my day job... 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Big smiles...

Well... still recovering from a long day out on Sunday.
But, I am so extremely happy and thankful to EVERYONE that came to buy and look in at our stall.

3 of my new necklaces inspired by the "theme" of Sunday...sold out!
we were barely unpacked when the first of the 3 sold. The other 2 sold in moments after.
So thank you everyone for not only liking what I make/stock but just for coming out to make the market a success.
Boo to those that didn't get dressed up, where's your inner child?!
To the knights and trolls and middle earth kids, you were all so amazing!!

Sadly, because of battery issues, I didn't take any pictures, but I'll see if I can get ahold of some so that if you were in Gauteng and didn't go, you can see what you missed!

Then store news:

Freedom v.1 tees - we still have loads of stock from this run of prints, so grab yourself a shirt either from our Etsy or Bigcartel store for UNDER $15 (excluding shipping).
South african buyers, this tee will cost you R95 (postage is R35).

Freedom v.2 - thanks to John at Nuclear Design for our upcoming Tee collab design. As our stock lowers on the other tees, we'll setup a run of these new unisex tees, so watch out!

Squareheads - because of our single workloads and projects, this project is moving really slow for John and I, but it WILL be happening, so keep watching out for it.

The Quotable Zoo - my new sideproject...
Those who know me best know that I am very much a stationary/typography/word/quotes/font junky, so I decided to create an outlet for it ;)
I have registered a store with Etsy, but it's not ready yet to make an official "opening". I am so excited to start listing prints!

Again, thank you to those that read this blog, support our Etsy store and who follow us on Twitter. It is YOU that will help me take this to where I'm dreaming to go with it.

Much love. Blessed be,

Saturday, September 8, 2012

ye olde...

I'm in a rush of mad inspiration for new stock for tomorrow's market... LOVING what's coming out of my workspace today... even if it's inbetween stable chores, clothes washing and page editing...
of course, I have my anime playlist on the media player too... ;)

oh the makery!

And then if you haven't spotted our new bracelet range on our Etsy store (for shame!)...

Now... back to getting stock ready for tomorrow's Medieval affair! Hope you come visit! ...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We're about 4 days away from our first attendance at a Medieval Festival!
My partner in crime for the day will be my stablemate, Michelle.
We'll be dressing up as stall weary peasants in our modesty to bring you some very awesome stock!

For the fellow horsenutters there, Wonder Struck Inc will not only have lots of horsey themed jewellery, but we're also sponsoring the prize in the fancy dress competition!

Though my entire being is in desperate need for sleep catchups, I'll be working on *lots*! Of stock for the occasion.

9 September at Lafayette Country Club.
From 12pm.
61 Rose rd, Kyalami, Gauteng.
Be there!!

Also "hi" to our new twitter followers!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer incoming...

I think we're going to just skip Spring and pounce right into Summer... that's how warm it feels today.

Market updates:

Tomorrow night, from 6pm, is our monthly night market at Henley Arms in Henley-on-klip.
We'll be setting up a second table to accommodate our She Grim collab shirts. They'll be up for sale, for R10 less than our usual listing price, grab them for R85 tomorrow night. We have sizes small to xxlarge.

Then yesterday we got our stall number for the Medieval Market next Sunday. We'll be at stall 15, and the prize for the fancy dress class will be our Unicorn necklace in a vintage-look black resin setting.
We'll also be dressing up as peasants for the day! :)

Yesterday we went past the supplier of about 80% of our stock components and she handed us a whole bunch of new goodies which will be making up some new "standardized" ranges. (Because everything is handmade, nothing will be EXACTLY the same in replicates)
New "infinity" bracelets, wrap bracelets, friendship bracelets, woven necklaces, headbands, will be at our medieval stall next Sunday and onwards...
Our current Etsy listings will remain as they are, but any stock not listed and unmoving...will be pulled apart and remade into better stock items.

We have new stickers, business cards, product tags and many other promo printeds that will now come with all our items...

The refurbs on the new residence for Wonder Struck Inc is currently on hold, so we're not moving yet... it'll all happen in good time... and with monies.

Onward to a good Thursday! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


As I stood at the stableyard this afternoon, I saw the promise of rain coming over the horizon... or so I thought :-/
I have yet to hear the ominous thunderings and lightenings that's so common of our night time rainings and storms... sigh

But oh well...
The Wyetti Market... was quiet. The weather, however, was amazing. The bit of wind isn't even worth complaining about when we had sun and warmth and happy faces!
Thank you to those that came past and bought some of our goodies.
Our new setup with covered posts and massive bows in gingham, surrounding the outside of our stall, was just awesome.
I am DEFENITELY going to be doing this new setup at the Medieval Market, being organised by Dayle and Meryl from Neigh-bours.

In the meanwhile, we DO have some new items up on our Etsy store (feel free to peruse our Clearance section, where the items have mostly been halved in price)

As Sunday night moves on, I hope the week ahead is awesome for all of you!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hear ye, Hear ye ...

Hello readers...
...this post is proving to be a bit difficult to write, it may be the 7am moment, the lack of sleep, the coffeelessness, the afterglow of puppymonster snuggles used to wake me up... sigh

Let's try this.

I would like to remind everyone that this Saturday, tomorrow, is the last Saturday of August... so its Wyetti Craft Market time!
I am pretty excited to show off mine and Heatherlynn's new stall revamps, which will be including bows, signage and new stock... If you're not there to support, well, I'll remember to take pics of the day, as I usually do ;)

Then, we get one weekend off before the Henley Arms night market on the first Friday of September.
Happening in Ewelme rd, Henley-on-klip. As Spring approaches the sun seems to be setting later and later, and Duncan has set up an array of spotlights, so there'll be plenty of light till we close off at 10pm.

If you're in Vanderbijlpark on the First Friday of September and you're not at our Henley Arms Market, head to Rafterz, where Wake to Wonder and Van Coke Kartel will be jamming for the night.

Then! :)) <- note the huge smile.
On Sunday, 9 September 2012, from 12pm.... in Kyalami... there'll be a MEDIEVAL MARKET!
Hosted by our very favourite horsey ladies at Neigh-bours, Meryl and Dayle.

Wonder Struck Inc. will be at the Medieval Market with a stall, AND, we've sponsored a gorgeous Unicorn cameo necklace for the Fancy Dress winner.
Even if you're not that into horses, get dressed up and come join us for a pretty awesome afternoon with demo's of weapon making, medieval tourney's, you can even be a knight for a day ;)

If you can't make it... ;) I'll post pics of the day.

Blog you later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finding the time...

It's been a maddening last few weeks (sanity hasn't let go just yet).

We have gotten our completed Tshirts, in our first design company, this one being with SheGrim.
The "title" for this shirt is officially, Freedom v.1, and we hope you grab one while they're available.
We have them available on our BigCartel, Etsy, wozaonline and you can even order via our personal Facebook pages.
If you view the tabs at the top of our blog, the tabs will take you to almost all our pages, right now!

Market news: apart from our usual Wyetti and Henley Arms markets, we're also trying to get a place at a Medieval turned Equestrian happening in Kyalami for September.
If I'get booked in time and they have space, I'll post the details for you to check out.

Hopefully... *hopefully* ...things are going to start being less crazy by the end of August.

For those who support/read/view our stores and stalls. Thanks. You're amazing.
Once our stickers and badges are sorted, I would love to send them off as freebies to you guys, so if you want a free pin or sticker, leave me a message so I can put you on the list :)

Have a great day, wherever you are!


Monday, August 6, 2012

And look what we have!

Well ladies and gents...

The first run of the first design of Wonder Struck tees, is on the backseat of my car as we speak!

For now, consider this design (Freedom v.1) a limited run.

Thanks to She Grim, my "vision" was put into a digital format and is now on these tshirts ready to be worn!

We just have to load pics up on our bicartel, but if you'd like to grab a tee anyway:

Our next tee design collaboration is already underway ;) with another designer.
Going to be so much fun!

Limited quantity on each size available of Freedom v.1, but they are available from small - xxl.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

For serious...

Well... I, CJ/Zoocatty, am very happy to announce that in the next 2 weeks, we will officially be releasing the first range of Wonder Struck Inc. clothing items. The T-shirts will be available from our BigCartel and woza online stores as soon as they're ready.
The first run, entitled Freedom v.1, has been designed in collaboration with our model, SheGrim.
The shirts in this range will only be available in white and are available from small to xxl.
When you order you'll also get either a 25mm badge or 66mm glossy round sticker of the smashed heart featured on the shirts. Just a little thanks from Wonder Struck Inc. and SheGrim ;)
We'll also be collaborating for a new jewellery range with a vinyl artist in the next few months, as more time opens up.
The Wonder Struck Inc./Nuclear Designs collaboration, Squareheads, will also be getting into gear again as the swamp of work lessens.
Then, this Friday night is our monthly night market happening at Henley Arms, Ewelme road, Henley-on-klip, Fahrenheit, South Africa.
Come join us for drinks, food, shinanigans and of course crafty goods!
The weekend, however doesn't stop there fore, as the Wonder Struck Inc. horsebeast, Sonny, will be doing his Prelim I dressage class at 14:30 ish on Sunday. Wish us luck!
Photos and videos of our show trip will be up on the blog during next week. Fun!
Till the next update, have a fantastical day humans.

Saturday, July 28, 2012