Monday, November 3, 2014

Not all can be won...

Well... last week was a frenzy as we prepared for 2 markets over this last weekend. Getting stock, making stock, doing freelance work... and we were exceptionally prepared for both Friday's night market and Saturday's market.
And no matter how lovingly you make your stock, how great you setup, how carefully you display. There is NO guarantee for sales.
And sales wise, this weekend stood dead on zero. And yet, I will not use the word "bad" for either market, because the atmosphere at both markets was great, the other stall holders were amazing and despite a few rain drops at both markets, the weather was great.

So, there really truly is nothing negative to leave with from this past weekend.

And we move on.
This Friday night, 7 November,  we'll be in attendance at the monthly Night Market at The Shed on R59.
And thankfully, there's no panic to make stock for it, because I don't think my nerves could take another week of time limits (or coffee is playing a trick on me).

I do have some freelance work lined up already for this week, but last night I got so much ticked off Wonder Struck Inc's TO-DO list that I am starting this week with the most amazing weight lifted from my shoulders. And I see that the Post Office is "kind of" back to working order. Which is good news as an international sale happened on the Etsy store early this morning. Shew.

Also...while we're on the subject of our Etsy store.
Please note that,  its been a very hard decision to make, but the cost involved is far far greater than we can support, so as items expire on our Etsy, we WILL NOT be renewing them or adding any new ones.
We will slowly be filling up our Storenvy and HelloPretty online stores and will be enquiring about a Facebook online store.
So whether you're a South Africa or not, you will still beable to buy from us AND we'll be far better priced than on Etsy.

This week I'll also be trying to get shelf rental at a cute little coffee and handmade shop in our town, as we move closer to our dream of having our own brick and mortar store.
It's a slow and trying process to get to where we want to be...but I know its all going to be worth it.

Then... did a poll of sorts on the Facebook page about how people would feel if we made moulds, silicone, resin and such part of our stock items, also some mentioned they'd be interested in classes. All of this is starting to happen!
Again, it's a process, and things are happening (albeit in small careful steps).
We will also be working on tutorials for those who just do not live within reach of our one-on-one classes, so keep your eyes open.

Now, go and have a fabulous Monday (treat yourself to a cupcake or something else you know would make your day that little bit better)
And don't forget how amazing you all are.

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