Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday work and relax...

Another Sunday spent working...
Its crazy working for yourself sometimes, because work hours, become all hours.

Almost 2/3rds through with packing for the next market.
Though, not sure if I'm helping by adding a constant stream of new items while packing. But hey, the ideas just won't stop coming.
Necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings and some other bits are going to be filling the Wanderland tables:

5 September - we'll be at the Night Market at The Shed. 18h00 - 22h00
6 September - The Magical Medieval Fayre. 15h00 - late

Heatherlyn and I almost can't wait to be back out at markets, and we're even more excited because it'll be Spring!

For those waiting for the order books to open for resin supplies and customs, please be patient a bit longer.
As soon as these last 2 orders are done, there's alot on the blog TO-DO list that I want to get done before re-opening the order books.
So hold on a bit longer!

There's some new items coming in, in limited quantities. Go over to our Facebook to see some of what we're doing, even though our blog updates may be quiet.

See you in the next entry ;)

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