Monday, November 25, 2013

One for the road...

I'm not one for superstition... But talk about "lucky" 13.
This year has been one helluva ride. Lots of bad, but also lots of good (thanks to YOU guys who support us).
Personally, not ending this year off the way I would have hoped, but Wonder Struck Inc isn't doing half bad.
Got lots of markets added in the last few weeks:
30 November - Wyetti's last market.
1 December - Shanthi Carnival
6 December - The Shed Night Market
7 December - The Henley Bowling Club Market
More will be added, so keep your eyes open!
We'll be booking in at rallies as a collective stall with Heatherlynn (The Journeyman) and Maruchka (OddMushi) at most "out of Vaal" markets in 2014.
We'll also be sourcing and stocking a lot of oddities on and offline. So keep looking in and spying on us (collectively and seperately).
With a slight bit of normalcy back its work as usual till store shutdown on 16 December 2013.
Wonder Struck Inc will re-open 6 January 2014. Postage commencement date might change from 8 January to a bit later, but I'll confirm with all you once I have a better idea of things.
Again. I have to say thank you guys for your support, online and at the markets... You guys make our work here worth it.
More updates to come... I'll be working this blog like a well oiled machine soon, you won't believe!
Love and peace humans!
~ Zoo ~