Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Autumn comfort hoarding....

I sat down and a very... Kind of serious talk with myself about minimising the online work load.

That has since gone out the window...

Now with an "online presence" from:

Etsy (international)
Storenvy (international)
Ideasmarket (South Africa only)

And soon to be stocked, our new Rebels Market stall and Hello Pretty store. Both are internationally accessible as well.

It's going to be a lot of work (not like much sleep is had anyway).
But I don't feel there'd be less work with a physical store.

I'm excited about the possibilities 2014 still has for all of us. And well, I don't believe anything just happens without working your fingers to the both.... Nothing *worth it* anyway.

So... For everyone's past, current and future support. You all rock my world and make Wonder Struck Inc worth every waking minute.

...then. Had suggestions about doing a "how to" bit on the blog.
Because as crafties and handmade loving peeps, we want to know what goes into some of the stuff we see.
Recently the knitting bug bit again, mostly so I could add some really cool pieces to my wardrobe and because, creatively when these WANTS hit... They can do so much good for your head and heart.
So...me being awful on camera, and searching and sifting through knitting how to vids to find something I enjoyed to learn from... I will be linking you knitters to some very cool KNITTING How To's in the next post.

This will be so fun :)

Also... I'm going to start nagging some crafties for "interviews" so I can introduce you to some really cool handmade stores and people.
\m/ («.») \m/

And, that's about it for today's post.
Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!

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