Thursday, April 10, 2014

Winter is coming...

Ai John Snow...


Well, happy Thursday readers. Popping in with some updates before our next HOW TO post.
First, have you spotted the "WHAT'S IN STORE" tab at the top of the blog? Go look what its there for and see what we're posting on there.

Then, lots of mixing and matching happening with our markets >.< and this weekend has finally been sorted out.
We'll be at Sundowners in Alberton tomorrow night from 7pm for the JUDGEMENT DAY gig happening.

6 bands, one night

Then, we're hoping to have a table set up at Sundowners again on 26 April at their gig "A WAR TO END ALL WARS". But we'll update you once we get a yay or nay.
Either way, you guys should go, we see some very very awesome bands are on the lineup.

We also started loading more items onto Etsy last night, and we did some editing on items on the Storenvy store.
It's been a bit crazy with tweaks and pulls.

To all our new likers on Facebook, also, welcome and thanks for joining us.

Now... back to work. There's so much still on the TO DO list >.<

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