Monday, December 23, 2013

Two days and counting...

Well. I must say that I have been quite a bit productive so close to Christmas...

If you prefer "photo" blogs, Wonder Struck Inc. now has it's very own Instagram and so does Squareheads (our "clothing" project with John).
So if you're on Instagram, go follow our two new accounts and see what we're doing and what we're about.

I've also been photographing loads of new stock, and adding it onto our Storenvy ~ I'll be keeping this store open, despite the holidays and our being shutdown otherwise.
But note, whatever is in stock is back up for sale from 6 January 2014 and posting/shipping commences on 8 January 2014.

I am setting some pretty high goals for Wonder Struck in 2014, and I know with you guys I can make them happen.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh Christmas tree... oh Christmas tree...

I keep saying how I just cannot wait for 2014, so this horrible year can be over with... (isn't that how we sometimes feel about every year?)... but it hasn't been all bad.
2013, after 4 years of persisting, has been Wonder Struck Inc's biggest year so far. And because of you guys and how I'm pushing myself, I believe 2014 will be even bigger.
Positive thinking.
And positive action ;)

Between the new stock items/components/molds ordered, the new work being done on the online stores, the new "plans of actions" lining up... well. Who needs to wait for the new year?

I've been hum and hah'ing over the online stores over this year. Running costs versus maintenance versus sales etc.
There was never a question for me to keep Etsy, I would have previously sacraficed any of my other online stores just to keep the Etsy store going. But things have had to change a little.
While my Etsy store remains in "vacation mode", I will be paying more attention to our Storenvy and our MyStall online stores now.
Storenvy will be international and paypal friendly. You will need to be a member of Storenvy to "envy" or buy/order on it, and it's quite possible to just join using your Facebook account.
MyStall will be more for the South African peeps that want to pay in rands, and via debit/credit card or eft. Again, it seems you will need to create an account so you can order your "must haves" from any MyStall shops.


For the last four years, I've been doing Wonder Struck Inc between having a day job, and for these last four years I kept thinking how much easier it would be if I got to do Wonder Struck Inc full time... well. How wrong have I been?
It hasn't been easy, whether its the weight of personal doom from the situation hanging over me, or the not being used to having so much time available. Who knows.
But to everyone that has been so amazing and patient waiting for me to get my footing, thank you! You are such amazing human beings! You have and still do make this all worth it.

In the meantime, while updating and fiddling and getting used to new stores and their setups, I'm also filling up new stock as far as I can while "on holiday". And while I wait for the other new stuff to come in (with the greatest anticipation).

And... thats the end of today's blog entry. The laptop battery and the phone battery are going dead and I have domestic chores to attend to >.< (oh the excite)

Keep safe, be safe and most importantly be with the people you love this holiday. 

~ ZOO ~

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lucky 13...

What a way to close up shop for 2013!

Between job hunting, car problems and copious stock orders for 2014 newness... I have finally seen light at the end of the "daily to-do" lists.
All orders that needed to be posted, have finally ALL been posted. The rest will all be delivered soon. Promise.

But now onto what we're getting up to for 2014 new stock!
I'm revealing it now already, mainly because I'm *useless* at keeping surprises to myself. And secondly because I need to make sure I have enough stock for everyone!

First... we will now finally have TERRARIUM necklaces in stock. I've been itching and planning and holding off on doing these.
They will be available from end'ish January 2014 (if the postal services all co-operate).

Terrarium necklaces will be available in 2014

Then, we've been ordering a few cameos... or more than a "few"... from one of our favourite cameo witches/artists ;) and we've also ordered in some of her "last of range" stock aswell that she's had on sale.
Grab them while you can...

Davey Jones pirate cameos (18x25's) will be at limited stock (as the artist has discontinued these)

*very* limited stock of these gorgeous dragons will be in stock...

*very* limited stock coming in at special request of these round yinyang cameos.
Send us a request if you're interested ;)

bulk ordered these unicorns that are being discontinued with the supplier.

very limited refill of stock on these gorgeous pegasus cameos.
contact us if you want us to get more stock in ;)

because we can also make our own cameos, we also order in molds where possible,
like these crow skulls will be made at HQ from 2014 as a new stock item ~ contact us if you're interested as we'll only have one mold in to start (molds have a limited life span depending on the number of uses)

We've ordered in a single mold of "dead elvis" for a limited start off run of these cameos.
if you're interested, contact us (molds have a short lifespan, depending on the number of uses)

So... I hope you guys like your sneak peek at what will be coming your way when we re-open officially for BUSINESS again on 6 January 2014, though alot of this stock still has to arrive still and we're not expecting anything until the last two weeks of January (if the postal services co-operate).

A new Instagram will be opened exclusively for Wonder Struck Inc during shutdown and work is being done on revamping the Etsy, Storenvy and MyStall online stores for you guys, so keep your eyes peeled for our re-opening ;)

We'll also still be on Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog during shutdown so you can see the rants and raves.

As of tomorrow the shop will be on shutdown, so let me take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone, EVERYONE who has supported the store and bought via Facebook, at the markets, on Etsy. 
You guys are so fantastic and you make all this worth it... because I wouldn't be doing this without you guys.

Then also please note...
We'll be using our shutdown to do some more work and spend more time on our Squareheads project. Go like the Facebook page and order your shirts of the first two available designs ;)
We'll also soon have an Instagram page open for Squareheads so you can go drool at our awesome ;)
It's taken John and myself a very long time to get to the point we're at with Squareheads right now and we want to start bringing you guys what so many of you have been waiting (and nagging) for.

Keep safe during these holidays. Hold your friends and family close and tell the people you love "I LOVE YOU"... and most of all, enjoy yourselves and saturate yourselves in good.
And if you can help out those that won't be having such a great Christmas, even R2 can go a long way to help someone who doesn't know where their next meal is coming from.
There are loads of charities that you can support that will be helping people and animals out during this time (and usually support them year round too).

Don't just be human... be humane.

~* Zoo *~

Monday, November 25, 2013

One for the road...

I'm not one for superstition... But talk about "lucky" 13.
This year has been one helluva ride. Lots of bad, but also lots of good (thanks to YOU guys who support us).
Personally, not ending this year off the way I would have hoped, but Wonder Struck Inc isn't doing half bad.
Got lots of markets added in the last few weeks:
30 November - Wyetti's last market.
1 December - Shanthi Carnival
6 December - The Shed Night Market
7 December - The Henley Bowling Club Market
More will be added, so keep your eyes open!
We'll be booking in at rallies as a collective stall with Heatherlynn (The Journeyman) and Maruchka (OddMushi) at most "out of Vaal" markets in 2014.
We'll also be sourcing and stocking a lot of oddities on and offline. So keep looking in and spying on us (collectively and seperately).
With a slight bit of normalcy back its work as usual till store shutdown on 16 December 2013.
Wonder Struck Inc will re-open 6 January 2014. Postage commencement date might change from 8 January to a bit later, but I'll confirm with all you once I have a better idea of things.
Again. I have to say thank you guys for your support, online and at the markets... You guys make our work here worth it.
More updates to come... I'll be working this blog like a well oiled machine soon, you won't believe!
Love and peace humans!
~ Zoo ~

Monday, October 28, 2013

one weekend, many smiles...

I'm saturated in the bliss of a weekend worth having.

Friday was a tight squeeze, but I managed to make it from Rosslyn to the Vaal in just under 2 hours, ready to unpack and setup at The Shed on R59.
The night market was packed, so many people stopped by to shop, to look, to visit and Wonder Struck Inc did so so well. We'll see you guys there again at the next night market ;)

Saturday morning started early, with me heading to Wyetti market, and arriving just as our market mom Astra was unpacking her stuff.
Usually I arrive there long after she's setup ;)
Even though there were hardly any feet in and out of Wyetti, I somehow managed to make some decent sales, enough to cover my stall and a bit, so I'm not dissapointed.

To all of you who came out and supported, thank you guys so much!

We're now getting ready for our Kersmark on the 9th of November. And of course, planning stock for Ke Ai.

Onward into Monday and this last week of October, otherwise.

Have a great one readers\1

Friday, October 25, 2013

Oh the excite! ...

Alrighty. So with the email sent out to their mailing list during this week, I can now mention something very cool.

Ke Ai (That random asian store), listed Wonder Struck Inc as one of their new suppliers/vendors.
Again, Wonder Struck Inc is just ONE of the new and very cool vendors joining in supplying the cool of Ke Ai in their new store at 300 Commissioner street, Maboneng District in Johannesburg.

We've dropped off some pieces for show (and buy) during their opening sale, with more cool stock being made and cast and cured over the next week.
We're going to supply the "arts on main" store with resin Octopus necklaces, Skull rings and pins and soon....some more of the newer resin pieces.
We'll also look at a really cool idea that we've been considering.

I want to tell you! But I can't yet >.<

Then before I forget, Ke Ai will be having some awesome opening parties and on these links and go! least I could tell you guys now. Shah!

Have a great Friday!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well. As per usual, the additional market madness has started.

This Friday night is the night market at the Shed, then our last market for the month being on Saturday at Wyetti.

We've slipped in the FIRST (of many) additional markets, on the 9th of November. We'll have a table setup at the Gereforemeerde Kerk Meyerton Central. It's their Kersmark (Christmas Market).

We have nothing planned to date for December markets, but this WILL change and we'll give you dates and times.

I did some more sorting in the workroom this weekend and touched up our worn out blackboard.
I was SUPER productive for a weekend at home.
No wonder it rained for two days after that O.o

Got some super news for you guys too about a store we're going to be supplying Octo necklaces and skully rings/pins to. But the details will have to wait for the next blog entry ;)

Now go have a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Business as...usual

Back to working in overdrive for me.

Things have been quieter than usual in the workroom as I work on one resin supply order and some stock pieces.
I've had to take a bit of a time out ...well compared to the usual.

But it's back to working late night's until we shutdown in December.
Looking at filling in some weekends with dayjols and some other market spaces.
Keep the eyes open for dates and times and addresses.

We *won't* be at the Medieval Fayre (organised by the dynamic duo of as we have made previous commitments elsewhere. But defenitely going next year!
We will be at our usual stall at Wyetti for the last Saturday of October and November.
We still have no market dates for December. Yet. We usually get a FLOOD of invites between myself and Heatherlynn (The Journeyman) around November. So sure we'll have about two or three markets to update you on for final Christmas shopping.

If you haven't noted on our Etsy yet, I've been *completely* reshaping item and shipping pricing. As of re-opening in 2014, there will be a slight increase, but right now anything that is $15 and under is our new pricing.
Shipping costs have just changed to accomodate better individual item pricing and correct shipping.

To those that spread the word of our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks!
Unfortunately we didn't make target, or the 50% minimum, so no new molds for now, and probably not before year end.
Maybe we'll be a bit more successful on the international crowdfunding platform over November, so keep those fingers crossed.

The amazing resin artist I crush over in the USA, has come out of her second shoulder surgery for the year, and hopefully things will be better this time round.
I don't stock any of Lunaricsales' pieces, but if you are interested in her pieces and don't have PayPal, I can easily source the items for you.
You can find her on Instagram, where she's currently having a sale on selected pieces.
The more people that need me to buy for them at the same time, the less postage is charged on each item *NOTE*

Then...with that.
To all the readers of our blog...thanks for the awesome view stats recently. We have stats from Russia, the US, Japan and Australia coming through.
You guys cheer me up knowing someones reading my randomness. ;)

Have a great Monday people's.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Live till you die...

"I wanna drown, with nowhere to fall, into the arms of someone"...

How has October been readers?
It may only be day 9 and year end shutdown is still a ways off...but that doesn't mean we can't make the best of now.

October has been a huge ball of unwanted stress at HQ, but survive we will.

Also been penning down a lot of ideas and started with mind mapping a lot of it.
It's all just so intense and also NOT why I'm stressed.

Really hope to start implementing the most viable of the ideas and see how they "go down".

Keep your eyes open...

Also, remember to keep cool in this sweltering heat.

Love you guys!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

In the making...

These four years have defenitely been an...adventure. To put it mildly.
Personal things aside, Wonder Struck Inc has become a part of everyday life.
I'm sure those who have started their own little craft businesses will know what I'm talking about.
Manoeuvring everyday life around production, making, sticking, cutting, gluing, casting, swearing, praying, driving, setting up, unpacking, packing, displaying, paying.... Well and sometimes eating and sleeping.

It's hard sometimes to persevere... But maybe it's slightly easier for me because I'm born with a stubborn streak. But when you DO persevere...these small flecks of "it's worth it" come flickering through the darkness.

To Facebook likers, regular customers/supporters... Thank you guys for yet another month!

Now to begin October.
Yup, already October (shocking).
We almost 2 and a half months from silly season... So please take notes of these dates from us.

25 October - Night Market @ The Shed on R59 from 6-10pm
26 October - Wyetti Market from 9:30am - 3pm
29 November 2013 - last international shipping day for Christmas orders.
29 November - Night Market @ The Shed on R59 from 6-9pm
30 November - The last Wyetti Market from 9:30am - 3pm
7 December - last shipping date for international and local orders for 2013.
16 December 2013 to 6 January 2014 - complete store shutdown (online and markets)
8 January 2014 - All shipping will commence.

We might be squeezing in some last minute markets in December (it ALWAYS happens) which we'll update as we get them.

Because of how crazy it gets we HAVE to have these dates decided and planned out. We will not be shipping or taking orders outside of these dates, so please take note if you order regularly from us (especially supplies and components or stock items).
All payments will also need to be done before shutdown.

And with this update done, have a great 1st of October people. Onward into Halloween month!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

These are part of the whole...

No matter how small the's always a learning curve.
I've been in corporate, manufacturing, retail (not in that order).... Done sales (internal and external), been a bookkeeper, PA and operations co-coordinator.
But an entrepreneur? Ha!

And that is where I am the lucky one to have a father with a logic second to none. As a production consultant and a man of processes, he's always there with advice, process, lists, costing and sensibility.
He doesn't avoid asking "why?" For the sake of my feelings.

As things run smoother and become better, from heeding the advice of my old man, I think Wonder Struck Inc won't just be more and more of a pleasure to deal with...but also a helluva lot easier to run ;)

And on the running side?

To our bunch of Facebook likers... Not JUST the ones ordering, but those that have hit the Like button. You guys make my day. You really do. As I see more people joining the page, the more I want to fight on for what I want Wonder Struck Inc to become.

To the Twitter followers. You guys too! Absent or not as I may be from Twitter updates....thank you for letting us on your timeline!

And after horrible market days and horrible sales days, knowing you guys are there peeking in, keeps Wonder Struck Inc on the positive side.

I know that businesses just starting out take perseverance, take fight...and that it's NOT easy being an entrepreneur.... If I didn't know it before this started.... I know it now.
I've been fighting for 4 years. Developing and changing and learning for this specifically....for 4 years.
And I'm not about to jump ship!

And on that note ... We'll be having our 3rd last Wyetti Market on 28 September.
Jenny, who has worked tirelessly and at great self expense (physically and financially) to create a GREAT venue for calling it quits.
We have been with Jenny at Wyetti since 2010 and a lot of our market experience has come from our time and our stall space there. The last Wyetti market will be at the end of November.

My heart is sad to have that news, but we understand why Jenny has come to that.
We will be looking for another fixed market stall space for 2014.
I would love to say "we'll be looking for store space" ...but that may still be a ways off ;)

If you find yourself in Henley-on-Klip over the next three months. Come say hi while you still have the opportunity to visit a great market space with the most amazing atmosphere.

And... Until the next update.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The dreaded I word...

Working in an industry (day job) where the words "price increase" strikes loathing into every customer.... I never thought Wonder Struck Inc, at its size right now, would have to even consider this a problem.

Unfortunately, after walking in to buy resin at my supplier and being slapped with just over 10% increase on my resin, silicone and catalysts.... I am going to have to use the dreaded phrase "price increase".

But don't fear. Current stock items, orders already placed and anything ordered, requested up until 14 September, will not see the increase.
This will only be on my resin items, as I'm still able to cover for my increases on all my other components.
There's also no postal/shipping increase.
Just on resin, as from 15 September.
I do wish I could wait till October for this, but it just cannot be helped :(

And on a brighter note...
Spring seems to have officially arrived in Gauteng!
I'll be posting a market calender for the rest of the year as soon as I've confirmed all my bookings.

Also...there's something in the works that I'm tightly holding thumbs for. More will be revealed if/when it starts happening.

Please remember that we also have a "money raising campaign" on Starme to raise dosh to buy loads of new molds. Spread the word and support please!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sometimes...we can only move forward

Well, yesterday I felt really productive and the positivity I saturated myself in has seemingly seeped through to today.

How great is that feeling?

First of all... I have been itching, planning, enquiring about getting a whole stack of new molds in. But with this step comes a huge cost... Unfortunately.
So we'll need help on this step and have created a crowd funding campaign on Startme for this.
Please go join the site / spread the word for support of our campaign.
Our goal is to get AT LEAST 30 new molds in (in multiples) so that we can give you guys more to choose from.
But getting in as many as possible at once will be rather more practical that doing this in pieces and stretching over months and months.
So guys, readers, likers... Help us reach our target in the next 29 days! Please.

Then. To support this aswell. I'm planning flash sales. A chance to get non-online listed stock for VERY low prices. This will be going to our "mold fund" as well. Yay!

But instead of doing a whole wack of stuff over one 24 hour stretch. I'm doing 5 hour stretches of limited stock.
This will be the LAST sale for 2013.
Get your Christmas pressies early while we're at it ;)

Keep your eyes on the Facebook to claim.
When you spot what you want. Comment with the number of the picture and YOUR email. First comment on that item will get an email with payment details.
Proof must be received by the end of the day or the item goes back into stock.
I'll be doing something similar on Instagram for the PayPal peeps.

Have fun with it and for today....have an awesome one!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello Spring...

Oh yea the whole "Spring" thing can get old, but I don't care.
It's Spring! Unfortunately the end of Winter means packing away my warmer scarves and all my gloves :( .....but it's the season of rain and flowers and gardening and night markets! Etc etc.

But on to shop updates ;)

Geek Fest was good. Very good! The number of people that came was awesome!
To everyone who dressed up, you guys rocked!
To other stall holders (Plushie Heaven, Reigning Red, amongst others) it was GREAT meeting you guys and I hope you all did really well.
We did.... To my assistants for the day Maruchka and Wes, love you both so hard. And I wouldn't have survived the day without either of you.

We're back at HQ now, carrying on with the cleanup/out and making a few pieces for stock and finishing some carry over orders.

I really do need to update what's still in stock so I can open the Etsy store again. I'll be updating the MyStall as well. Patience please!

I am considering maybe have a *flash* sale 24 hours for whatever stock ISN'T loaded on the online stores as yet.
Once off prices that I will not repeat again.
But guys please, I will not hold this stock. Payments will need to be done and proofs sent on the day. If you're with FNB I'll even accept ewallet payments.
If everyone is game on getting stuff for as much as 50% off, we'll need to see what day would suit everyone that's interested.

I'm hoping to get another market in before the end of this month, probably at Walkerville. This market happens EVERY Saturday and is quite cool. There's home brewed beers, fresh bread, homemade goats cheeses.... And, it's out in the farms.
I'll post their details once I've confirmed a stall.
Heatherlynn from the Journeyman and I will most probably be sharing a stall under the name Wander Land. Yup...dead serious.

Otherwise..... Our next Market to date will be:

28 September, Saturday ~ Wyetti Craft Market. 11 Wargrave rd, Henley-on-Klip.

Any submissions for this blog about your store, you as a model/photographer, must please be emailed by the 28th September so I can do the blog post on 29 September.

If you need stats of my blog, email me before then so I can send them to you.


And.... Have a great Wednesday peeps.


Monday, August 26, 2013

The current view...

Well first of all, Happy Monday readers!
As much as we all dread the M word, we can still go out there and try our hardest to make today awesome.

What we're doing this week,

Friday, 30 August from 6-10pm ~ The Shed Night Market @ Greens Greens just off the R59

Saturday, 31 August from 9am - 11pm ~ Geek Fest @ Goldfields Kennel Club.

Saturday, 31 August from 9am - 3pm ~ Wyetti Craft Market, Wargrave rd Henley-on-Klip. (Heatherlynn of The Journeyman, will be manning our stall for the day)

I do believe I'll be sufficiently stocked for all 3 occassions... Though I am feeling a little rough around the edges over it all. And over all of THAT is a veil of excitement, mostly for Geek Fest.
If you're there, also come say hi, not only to myself but to our banner/business card designer, model and friendy, Maruchka. She'll be our table assistant for the day :)

Please note:

I'll be shutting the Etsy down for Friday and Saturday. Stock will be updated on Sunday and the store then taken out of vacation mode again for further operation.

We are hoping for REALLY good sales, feedback and visits this weekend. Can you see how excited we are?


I've been asking, hinting, deciding on doing "feature" posts of other stores/Etsy/Mystall peeps.
I want to do one post a month (preferably by the last Saturday of each month submission for Sunday posting)
You'll need to attach pics that I'm allowed using and any links to your site/store and if you want your email contact details.

I did a post last year for Wonder Struck Inc on another blog. I will be featuring this awesome artist first over the next few weeks, to get the ball rolling.

Please submit your info to:

I'll, with pleasure send you stats on my blogs readership etc so you can see if it would be of any benefit to you.
But this will all be free, I do not charge for the feature and I do not charge for "ad banners" you submit either (these will be posted on the right hand bar of the blog)

I do however request certain "genres/scenes" as we are getting more specific.

Photographers, alternative models, bands, "merch/craft" ladies, graphic designers, tattoo artists, piercers, alternative event organisers.

I will not be editing your submissions, other than proofreading and putting in your links.

Hope to hear from you all soon ;)

~ CJ ~

Friday, August 23, 2013

Say what? ....

Just incase you haven't spotted what we're doing on our Etsy till Sunday, 25 August

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The cure[d]... Kind of

What a mad August!
I spent the first week of it home and bed bound with bronchitis... And two days last week again.
It's awful what gaps like that can do to your bearings.
To say my day job has been confusing inbetween is an understatement >.<

But I'm here!

To ALL the new "likers" on Facebook and "followers" on our Twitter ~ HI ! ~

The orders have started coming in quite fast and inbetween we're making stock for month end markets Wyetti, and Geekfest... Both happening 31 August.
If you stop by Wyetti, Heatherlynn from The Journeyman, will be manning the Wonder Struck Inc stall and doing the sales there.
While Wonder Struck Inc is at Geekfest.
We hope you go out and support all your nearby markets on the day. ;)

Hmmmm, what's "new" at HQ...
We're stocking cross stitch necklaces, and bottle necklaces now ~ we hope you love the new range :)
Also the Octopus and ribbon necklaces will be having a few "updated" additions to the collection, which makes such a huge difference to the look of these necklaces.

There's always lots of things happening inbetween, but keep looking in so you can catch a glimpse.

We'll also be having a flash sale between now and 25 August to celebrate my dad's birthday. I haven't worked out the discount yet but it will be rather mad. Peek in on Etsy and our Instagram for the code.

With that... Keep healthy. Keep happy. Keep safe. Keep positive.

~ CJ ~

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Machine...

It's 11 August 2013. 2am.
As I look sleeplessly over Wonder Struck Inc's order book, I cannot help but smile at what this began as in 2009.

Admittedly I cringe at what I started with, and without. But I smile at how things have developed and continue to...
It's a constant learning process. Marketing, promotion, presentation, making, producing...forget any experience I had (but thank goodness for the admin and bookkeeping experience though)...
This. Has been a whole new ride.

I no longer nervously make things I hope "all and sundry" will buy... But rather I confidently make things that I would wear/use. And I'm not afraid to aim for a specific market.

I embrace the early Saturday mornings to markets, and the week's of stock taking and tagging.

Those "likes" on our Facebook and "followers" on our Twitter and the readers of this blog....all make THIS worth it. Thank you.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The extra day...

Ah. It's Women's Day here in South Africa today and that means it's a public holiday.
I've celebrated today as a woman of my sorting through some boxes I haven't gotten around to doing since moving in here... And working.

I have found old stock, been taking stock, taking pictures and, if all goes well, I'll be doing a wack of new listings on our Etsy over this weekend.
I'm also filling up orders from new and old visitors to our Facebook page. :)

So today has just meant another addition to Wonder Struck Inc work hours.
And I don't mind.

Keep stopping in as we prepare for Geekfest on 31 August so you can see what we're taking.

Happy Women's Day.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Threshold of Transformation...

It's one of the laziest Sunday's I've had in ages.

Lazily working on a few extra listings on our Etsy store, pasta cooking for an early dinner on the stove, sprinklers wetting the few flower beds I have and sleepy puppymonsters stretched out on my bed as I work.

Even with the ever approaching knot in my stomach for Geekfest, where I want to make sure I have all the right stock ready, and ALL of it... I can't help but give in to these small moments of quiet.

And it's in these moments I think our mind resets, our hearts gain perspective and the creative batteries recharge and renew.

Whatever you're doing on this gorgeous Sunday, may it hold something beautiful for you...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sometimes you've got to get off the train...

I bet there's alot of you that'll agree that being sick, sucks!
I haven't had a cold/flu in probably the last 2ish years, but wow, it hit me just under a week ago and it's hit me HARD.
Sunday was when it really did take me off my feet after I tried to deny it vehemently.

So if things have been a bit quiet, or spacey, I apologise.
I'm not seeing light at the end of the tunnel as yet, but hopefully today's doc appointment will sort that out.

I'm still fine enough to have the Etsy, Storenvy and MyStall stores going, there'll just be an extra day or two added on the posting time as I'll be double checking everything before sending it out. (fuzzy brains from the sickies can be horrid)

Our laser gun necklace and a UV green Octo necklace were shipped off to new homes these last 2 weeks and sales at our last Wyetti market were good.
Seems that things are picking up, and we couldn't be more thankful and blessed.

Vintage / antique trinkets

Though we haven't quite done alot of it on our online stores, if you've passed our stalls at markets, you would have spied the odd vintage and antique trinkets we source on hunts to unknown little nooks.
We sold out of these really cool Mills Special cigarette tins (last produced around the 1950's), they were an absolute hit at this weekend's market.
We'll continue adding oddities to our stalls and maybe one day you'll get to snatch them on one of our online stores. ;)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't forget...

This Saturday, 27 July 2013, we'll be at our wonderful Wyetti Craft Market grounds, 
selling our wares.
Come past and say hi !

31 August 2013, Saturday ~ Geekfest ♥

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Craft bitching...

Winter holds its grip on cold finger tips and toes, who long the embrace of hot coffee cups... or tea cups.

Getting back into the "art of resin casting" has been a steep learning curve. Just threw out a whole box of the worst resin work I could have ever imagined myself doing. But to see what's finally happening in the workroom *now*, well. We all have to start somewhere if we're going to learn anything.

Even though we have a chilly end of July market coming up on Saturday the 27th, at Wyetti, the focus right now is making stock for Geekfest on 31 August.
ALL of the stock will be at Wyetti, but I can assure you, there's so much that Geekfest will defenitely get to see what's been happening in this chilly little room.

Vintage tins

Black glitter octo necklaces

Our Christmas in July code will be running until 31 July 2013, so grab something with it while you can, as we won't be having another special until late in this year again.
If you'd like 25% off, use the code JULYXMAS on checkout with your Etsy order in our store.

If you're also spying in on our supply store, The Supply Dealer, you can get 10% on checkout until the end of July with the code: WELCOME
We'll be loading lots of cool supply odds and ends on there from our scoutings arounds.

♥ Until the next post ~ have a great Saturday ♥

Friday, July 12, 2013

Early Spring...

Well hello beings!

Have you noticed anything? *swirl*

Yup, thank you to the very cool, very rad miss She Grim for our very awesome new banner. She's also done our business cards, which will be printed in the coming weeks ♥
We've put the new banner up on our Wonder Struck Inc Etsy and MyStall stores. Go peek.
We'll be updating our Storenvy in the next coming week or so, so keep an eye there too if you prefer to buy from there.

Besides our banner though... we have some other very cool things to talk about in today's post.
First, if you have NOT noticed that we now have a supply store open, head over to The Supply Dealer to spy on what you can get for your crafting projects.

We've added two very cool listings on The Supply Dealer so that you can save LOADS on supply costs and on shipping ♥ two bargains in one listing ♥

♥ it's all because you guys are so awesome !
But please note we are going to LIMIT these grabbags to 5 "listings" of each.

Have you been taking advantage of all our discount codes on our stores? you haven't? why not?

Wonder Struck Inc has TWO really great option discount codes going until the 31st of July:

♥ JULYXMAS - For 25% off anything in our store
♥ SHIPME - For your purchase of $35 or more, and you'll get free shipping. (this code does not apply to the White Lion Oracle cards)

The Supply Dealer is having 10% off until the 31st of July with code: WELCOME

Go take advantage now. These codes DO apply to custom requests placed before the 31st of July (even if I ship them after the 31st) ;) isn't that great?

And with that very awesome batch of news... back to the grindstone.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday blues...

Back at the day job after a very busy, but oh so good weekend.

And, inbetween band watching, waffle making, surprise partying and feed co-opping.... There's an order being made, new molds, and new resin pieces being finished.

It's often really hard to take time away from MAKING (especially with oncoming markets and merch events) so that you can live a little.... But this weekend was worth it.
Now it's back to the crafting and making so we can be ready for merch tables at biker mini rallies, markets and ....Geekfest.

The time!

Also, don't forget that until 31 July you can get 25% off everything on our Etsy with code: JULYXMAS on checkout.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Chills...

It's a sunny, clear skied day in Pretoria... and it's FREEZING. As much as Winter gives me the cuddlies over  being able to wear scarves (as many as I want at once!) and gloves and arm warmers and other warm things... there's the disadvantage of having the chills when you're wearing just *slightly* too little.

So with very cold fingers, and toes, here is the stores update for today...

I'm having the greatest time with the new apps on my little HTC, as I make these very rad, fun pics to paste up for updates. You'll find them all over our Instagram with little peeks into the creation of stock and every other little part of life :)

If you're more a Facebooker, don't forget to "like" our Facebook page.
Once we reach 30 followers, we'll be giving away a pack of 3 of our skully shamballa bracelets. Also, it'll be great just to have you join!

And... for those who prefer to keep their thoughts and happenings in tightly worded phrases of 140 characters, you'll find us on Twitter <--right here.

We do try to update as often as possible on all our social sites, so you'll never feel left out, no matter which of our accounts you join us on.


We're in at GEEKFEST 2013! ~ We confirmed our booking and stall a few days ago and wow, the excitement!
We'll be in stall 52, next to the very awesome Blak Bunni peeps.
We're also giving in TWO prizes to the organisers, one for the raffle and one for the "spot prize".... and what are these two little pieces of awesome? .... our very own handcast resin octopus necklaces!
The colours of the the prizes haven't been decided yet, but I'll be sure to pick out the best just for you guys.

So, if you haven't booked a day out yet for 31 August, be sure to join us at Geekfest 2013 :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Feel Good...

This weekend might very well be just what I needed.
Great friends who sent their support on Friday, a peaceful Saturday Market, sundown boozing, meeting new people, braai under the stars in the cold, a 10hour sleep and an awesome Sunday lunch to celebrate the market mom's 67th birthday with near and dear in attendance.

Between great parents, the real friends, the beautiful weather and homely moments...
Anything bad that has happened in the last few days....has dissipated and I feel so much better that what happened...has happened.

We step forward... We raise our fists and we kick shins.... We fight and live and breathe.
We protect, we get discarded, we remain....
We are

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Social media... Where the world of networking has shrunk to the size of computer and cellphone screens...

We have admittedly, been rather prolific and at ease on the Twitter front... And slowly we've been getting used to having a "page" on Facebook.
Managing a blog, a Twitter account, online stores and a Facebook page....has been (and continues to be) a journey in itself.
Thanks goodness for lunch breaks and cellphone apps :-)

So far our likes on our Facebook page are standing on 20....versus our 80 plus on Wonder Struck Inc.'s Twitter.
We are aiming for 10 more likes to reach 30 on our Facebook and to celebrate the milestone, we'll be giving away a package of 3 skully bracelets to one lucky liker.
These bracelets are handmade, in a smoke free environment, and packed in a very awesome steel tin for the winner.
Want to take a chance?
Get yourself onto our Facebook page and click on "like".

We're busy with a whole new stack of stock and orders in the workroom, some of the new stuff will be shown off by our fabulous She_GRim.
Her artwork on our banners and business cards will also be up in the beignning of next month. Yay!

Tines are changing! For the better....or so we hope ;-)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday wanderings...

Happy Monday, readers.

It's a chilly midday, and I'm taking advantage of a lunchtime post to update you on our doings...and to grab a nice hot creamy cappuccino :-)

If you've peeked in on our Twitter, you'll see we've been mentioning a supply store, called The Supply Dealer.
This is our newly opened supply store. Anything we have not been able to resist buying, for our own use or just because we *had* to buy it....will be on there.

We hope you find your crafting fix on there.

Don't think, though, that we've neglected our main Etsy store... Loads of new things have been loaded and will be loaded in the next week.

Market news:

29 June, this Saturday, we're at Wyetti Craft Market. We'll be taking supply stock with us from The Supply Dealer. So come past.

Last Saturday in July is our only other market booked to date. Our usual spot is stall 64 at Wyetti, of course ;-)

We are still looking at doing Geekfest on 31 August, which leaves us in a bit of a fix over our usual show space at Wyetti.
But it''ll all get sorted closer to the time.

Then before closing off today's post...

Did you know we can make heart, star and rose rings/pins/hairclips in any colour/glitter for your bridesmaids and flower girls?
We make these to order at special prices for your wedding. You're more than welcome to request a quote:

No matter the colour or glitter we'll quote you only on the complete component. All we need is the timeframe and quantity (let's worry about the colour, if you like the quote)

Now... Time to finish this cappuccino and get back to work ;-)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Melting pot...

I have to mention, that though I haven't got anything for anyone to peek just yet, She GRim has sent me the initial set of new business cards and banners.... *squee*
I am so so excited for these small little changes!

Once she has given me the thumbs up (as with any business, money first), I'll be loading the banners onto the sites and onto here.
And this isn't even with the new packaging stuffs! Oh that is the next project and you are going to LOVE it.

We've also been taking factors into consideration, and have decided to open a supply store on Etsy.
We still need to put up a banner and photograph the first wave of stock, but you'll be getting the best prices possible for oddities that we find in our supply shopping sprees.
All too often I gather things that I will never use, but were ultimately too cool to pass up the buying of, so you'll be getting full access to all of it.
No lies.

Everything you'll find on The Supply Dealer is stuff that we would love to use or do use on Wonder Struck Inc.

Any supply listings on Wonder Struck Inc will be moved over to the new shop in easy to buy (and use) listings.

charms, chain and beads will be available for your projects.

We hope you'll find just what you need to satisfy your crafting fix ;)

Then... upcoming markets.
I've been delaying booking for Geekfest on 31 August, but really feel it'll be great for Wonder Struck Inc to get out there with a stall. If there's still space, watch our upcoming market details!

We will, otherwise, still be at Wyetti on the last Saturday of this month.
Hope to see nearby readers there.