Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Organise, organise, mess...

A year and a half in this house, and my workroom has become the storage room...
So the last few days have been a mass of fulfilling orders, getting other freelance work sorted and trying to throw out junk and reorganise this workroom.

Its getting there. At least, that's what the 3 or so black bags outside are supposed to tell me. Sigh.

Then its to sort out a carefully layed out custom and supply order book, as these last 6 orders (not to mention customs) just flattened me.
Appreciating the business goes hand in hand with only sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night between life.
So... gotsta get that organised better.

Somehow I have managed to make even more stock in preperation for September markets, inbetween the mass of ...everything.
Then its on to packing and planning the last final details for The Night Market at The Shed (5 September) and our highly anticipated stall at The Magical Medieval Fayre (6 September).
Heatherlyn (from The Journeyman) and I are just too excited for words to see you at our stall again once we're out at markets again.

Then comes all the stuff I have been putting off...repeatedly.
Got some GREAT people to feature and great HOW TO's waiting.
Working for yourself can be a bit rough...


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