Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's temporary...

our temporary Etsy store banner (while our graphic designer is on haitus)

Email isn't always all it's cracked up to be, when you send fonts and changes listed to your graphic designer and a then resend it a month after no response.
Considering how much work has already gone into the work with him, I'm not about to give up just yet...
So, in the meantime, I've loaded a banner so that my poor Etsy page doesn't look so lost and empty.

Last night was dreadful weather so...We didn't go to our usual monthly night market at Henley Arms.
I don't think my lungs and cough would have survived it.
So, I started listing more items and loading the coupon code for a 35% discount STORE WIDE!
When buying on our Etsy store, on checkout there's a box that says Coupon Code, in that box you'll use HAVE35OFF so that you can get 35% discount on all items (this doesn't extend to the shipping costs, so please take note of that).
This discount will run until 24 June 2012 *only*, so the discount won't be valid after that.
I really wouldn't mind the support during the sale, as this morning was a small run of badluck when I got to the horse's stable this morning, to find that my brand new saddle had been stolen during the course of last night.
So most of what I sell now will have to go towards a new saddle savings mission *le sigh*

The bad luck didn't last too long and I've been making so much rad cuteness and awesome with hama beads today!
Rings, brooches (which have already been listed on Etsy) and I'm about to start with a few necklaces.
So much of fun and stuff!

I've been so inspired by all the creative that I'm still up at 1am, dressed in gloves and scarves and double socks and double jerseys as I work through this very very...very cold winter evening.
Hope everyone's keeping warm.....or cool ;)

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