Monday, December 23, 2013

Two days and counting...

Well. I must say that I have been quite a bit productive so close to Christmas...

If you prefer "photo" blogs, Wonder Struck Inc. now has it's very own Instagram and so does Squareheads (our "clothing" project with John).
So if you're on Instagram, go follow our two new accounts and see what we're doing and what we're about.

I've also been photographing loads of new stock, and adding it onto our Storenvy ~ I'll be keeping this store open, despite the holidays and our being shutdown otherwise.
But note, whatever is in stock is back up for sale from 6 January 2014 and posting/shipping commences on 8 January 2014.

I am setting some pretty high goals for Wonder Struck in 2014, and I know with you guys I can make them happen.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh Christmas tree... oh Christmas tree...

I keep saying how I just cannot wait for 2014, so this horrible year can be over with... (isn't that how we sometimes feel about every year?)... but it hasn't been all bad.
2013, after 4 years of persisting, has been Wonder Struck Inc's biggest year so far. And because of you guys and how I'm pushing myself, I believe 2014 will be even bigger.
Positive thinking.
And positive action ;)

Between the new stock items/components/molds ordered, the new work being done on the online stores, the new "plans of actions" lining up... well. Who needs to wait for the new year?

I've been hum and hah'ing over the online stores over this year. Running costs versus maintenance versus sales etc.
There was never a question for me to keep Etsy, I would have previously sacraficed any of my other online stores just to keep the Etsy store going. But things have had to change a little.
While my Etsy store remains in "vacation mode", I will be paying more attention to our Storenvy and our MyStall online stores now.
Storenvy will be international and paypal friendly. You will need to be a member of Storenvy to "envy" or buy/order on it, and it's quite possible to just join using your Facebook account.
MyStall will be more for the South African peeps that want to pay in rands, and via debit/credit card or eft. Again, it seems you will need to create an account so you can order your "must haves" from any MyStall shops.


For the last four years, I've been doing Wonder Struck Inc between having a day job, and for these last four years I kept thinking how much easier it would be if I got to do Wonder Struck Inc full time... well. How wrong have I been?
It hasn't been easy, whether its the weight of personal doom from the situation hanging over me, or the not being used to having so much time available. Who knows.
But to everyone that has been so amazing and patient waiting for me to get my footing, thank you! You are such amazing human beings! You have and still do make this all worth it.

In the meantime, while updating and fiddling and getting used to new stores and their setups, I'm also filling up new stock as far as I can while "on holiday". And while I wait for the other new stuff to come in (with the greatest anticipation).

And... thats the end of today's blog entry. The laptop battery and the phone battery are going dead and I have domestic chores to attend to >.< (oh the excite)

Keep safe, be safe and most importantly be with the people you love this holiday. 

~ ZOO ~

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lucky 13...

What a way to close up shop for 2013!

Between job hunting, car problems and copious stock orders for 2014 newness... I have finally seen light at the end of the "daily to-do" lists.
All orders that needed to be posted, have finally ALL been posted. The rest will all be delivered soon. Promise.

But now onto what we're getting up to for 2014 new stock!
I'm revealing it now already, mainly because I'm *useless* at keeping surprises to myself. And secondly because I need to make sure I have enough stock for everyone!

First... we will now finally have TERRARIUM necklaces in stock. I've been itching and planning and holding off on doing these.
They will be available from end'ish January 2014 (if the postal services all co-operate).

Terrarium necklaces will be available in 2014

Then, we've been ordering a few cameos... or more than a "few"... from one of our favourite cameo witches/artists ;) and we've also ordered in some of her "last of range" stock aswell that she's had on sale.
Grab them while you can...

Davey Jones pirate cameos (18x25's) will be at limited stock (as the artist has discontinued these)

*very* limited stock of these gorgeous dragons will be in stock...

*very* limited stock coming in at special request of these round yinyang cameos.
Send us a request if you're interested ;)

bulk ordered these unicorns that are being discontinued with the supplier.

very limited refill of stock on these gorgeous pegasus cameos.
contact us if you want us to get more stock in ;)

because we can also make our own cameos, we also order in molds where possible,
like these crow skulls will be made at HQ from 2014 as a new stock item ~ contact us if you're interested as we'll only have one mold in to start (molds have a limited life span depending on the number of uses)

We've ordered in a single mold of "dead elvis" for a limited start off run of these cameos.
if you're interested, contact us (molds have a short lifespan, depending on the number of uses)

So... I hope you guys like your sneak peek at what will be coming your way when we re-open officially for BUSINESS again on 6 January 2014, though alot of this stock still has to arrive still and we're not expecting anything until the last two weeks of January (if the postal services co-operate).

A new Instagram will be opened exclusively for Wonder Struck Inc during shutdown and work is being done on revamping the Etsy, Storenvy and MyStall online stores for you guys, so keep your eyes peeled for our re-opening ;)

We'll also still be on Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog during shutdown so you can see the rants and raves.

As of tomorrow the shop will be on shutdown, so let me take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone, EVERYONE who has supported the store and bought via Facebook, at the markets, on Etsy. 
You guys are so fantastic and you make all this worth it... because I wouldn't be doing this without you guys.

Then also please note...
We'll be using our shutdown to do some more work and spend more time on our Squareheads project. Go like the Facebook page and order your shirts of the first two available designs ;)
We'll also soon have an Instagram page open for Squareheads so you can go drool at our awesome ;)
It's taken John and myself a very long time to get to the point we're at with Squareheads right now and we want to start bringing you guys what so many of you have been waiting (and nagging) for.

Keep safe during these holidays. Hold your friends and family close and tell the people you love "I LOVE YOU"... and most of all, enjoy yourselves and saturate yourselves in good.
And if you can help out those that won't be having such a great Christmas, even R2 can go a long way to help someone who doesn't know where their next meal is coming from.
There are loads of charities that you can support that will be helping people and animals out during this time (and usually support them year round too).

Don't just be human... be humane.

~* Zoo *~