Monday, June 9, 2014


Sorry for the huge gap in updates.
Sometimes it really does feel like you've lost the reins...
Been busy with alot of stuff and most of it has nothing to do with Wonder Struck.
Like... Son of Man, my injured horse. His foot hasn't improved much but hasn't gotten worse, its just one of the most difficult places to treat on a horse because they need to be on their feet 90% of the time.
To those who have helped, we have so far, managed to buy 6 whole days worth of extra feed for Sons without affecting Leroy's share of kunchies, so thank you!
You guys have been so great.
Then, Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and I have been carefully assessing what markets to attend and not to attend over the next couple of months, mostly because of how cold Winter gets here on our side.
We have decided to do more work online, and considering how my to do list has built up, and how I need to get through it, maybe spending more time o that is better anyway until Spring.
We are, however, going to be at a Metal Festival on 15 June. We'll be setting up a table and watching some awesome bands while selling our wares.
We'll post all the details for you on our Facebook page.
We have a few new pieces in stock and we're having so much fun with them, we hope you'll like them.
A HOW TO post will be back up and running this Friday,  in line with winter it'll be a knitting post, so come peek in to see what it is.
Until the next post have a great day ♡

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