Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Inbetween and within it all...

Craziness level x10...

Right now as I have a brief still moment at The Master of the High Court (doing freelance work)... thought I'd do some blog work.

Its crazy that we are only weeks away from Christmas and stores already have had their Christmas stock out for ages already.
Well, we jumped on the bandwagon and have started booking ourselves for tables/stalls at Christmas Markets. We'll post a list once all the confirmations are in.

We do, however, have the next 3 markets sorted and will have one last off weekend before the next string of madness begins.

Last week we took stock to our first brick and mortar shop, Silver Dream Tattoos,  in Lancaster road, Boksburg.
So if you're up for grabbing your hands on some of our items, head over to their shop... they do great tattoos and piercings too.

We'll also be looking at renting a shelf space at a more local shop, and will post pictures as soon as we get the thimbs up... if we get a thumbs down, we'll need icecream donations please.

Apart from the short update, we hope you're have a great week and an even greater day...

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