Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wintery fingertips...

While Autumn brings about cosmos on road sides and in fields, colour changes to the leaves and migrating birds,  it's also a great time of year for markets, people wearing colourful scarves till mid day.  Beanies and gloves in different colours. Leaves changing and falling like a colourful carpet on market grounds.
Even though this is a setup to Winter, I cant help my fondness for this season.

Its also when people wear less necklaces and bracelets. Rings and earrings become the most desired accessory choices.
I too tend towards rings in this season and winter, along with my rather extensive scarf and fingerless glove collection ;)
Because, everyone has their obsessions.

So, I'll be featuring loads more rings and earrings, but also I'd like to spot crafties who make wintery luxuries like scarves and gloves... give me a shout so we can load links to your stores and pictures and contact details.

Really hope you guys enjoyed the last HOW TO post, and that you've enjoyed all of them so far, if there's something in particular you want us to look for, let us know.
Right now though we're still fascinated by the polymer clay stuffs and have been scouring another video for you guys on polymer clay for this week's HOW TO.

Alrighty, then markets for Wonder Struck inc.
Our next table setup will be at Sundowners on 26 April at Sundowners for the all day music fest "The War to end all Wars" which is being used to raise some monies for an all girls rehab centre for drug dependence.
So, all for a good cause and great music.
Its going to be great!
Hope to see you guys there.
We'll be sharing the event details on our Facebook (which you can connect to via the tab on top of the blog, or on the right hand side panel of the blog)

We haven't got anything else confirmed as yet for May, except on the first Friday for The Shed's Night Market.
But keep checking in to see where you can come buy from our tables around Gauteng South.

And...with that, have a fantastic Tuesday humans ;)

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