Tuesday, July 8, 2014

falling all over ...

Those that have tuned in regularly to our blog (which also serves as our "official page") would notice the rather big gap in our updates.

Where do we even begin?

The last few weeks... months, have just been a swirl of custom orders, supply orders, freelance jobs, heartache, bodyaches...
But here we are! The work has continued inbetween all the madness.
So apologies for the blog quiet >.<

To those that have added themselves to our Facebook page, we must first say, thank you for all the messages a few weeks ago on the passing of our beloved Sonny (Son of Man).
Sonny was nearly 30 years old and lived over 10 years with us and was a daily part of our everyday lives.

Though I am very much still very heartsore over his leaving and his permanent absence, work continues.

Planning on getting into gear again with the HOW TO entries for you guys, trying to find some weird and wonderful things for you all, as well as fulfilling previous requests.
So keep a look out for when we notify you via the social media portals.

We have been FILLING the stockbox with *SO MUCH* new stuff. Even some revived old populers.
Its crazy in this workroom, with barely any room to move lately >.<
All worth it though.

We're getting around to doing heaps more promoting of the store, and are working on getting stock into some new and some established shops so that there's a place of brick and mortar to access our madness... ahem. Art.

Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and I have spent some time deliberating over the market schedule for the rest of Winter, and we really don't feel like it would be of any use getting WANDERLAND out on the road until Spring again.
So lookout for our very rad little stall at the Medieval Fayre on 6 September.
Then we'll be heading out to several other dates again as Spring welcomes us outside again.

So, though we've been really quiet on our blog, we *have* been rather busy otherwise.

Catch all you amazing humans in the next post ;)

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