Friday, April 4, 2014

HOW TO... No 2.

I am no polymer clay maker, but I just HAD to get something for you guys and this tutorial is just WICKED good.

One day, when I'm brave enough to get my hands on some polymer clay, I'll defenitely give this a shot.

This particular Youtuber, NerdECrafter, has SO many cool videos up on the channel. GO LOOK!

The videos are super easy to watch and follow, even for a non-polymer clay maker like myself.

If there's a video or how to you'd like in particular, give us a shout! Otherwise, we'll be putting up another very rad HOW TO next week for you guys to try out.

And what's happening here at Wonder Struck Inc?

Tonight, we'll be heading to The Shed Night Market for their EASTER MARKET, and we cannot wait to show you all the very awesome goodies we've been making!

Then look out for us (Wonder Struck Inc and The Journeyman) at the Walkerville Agricultural Show at the end of April... in Walkerville ;)

We hope the markets will be busy, fun and successful this month.


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