Friday, October 17, 2014

All that blooms...

Out in the garden this morning,  gathering more little daisies and little violas so they can be prepared for the last stretch into the Seasons range.
These will be the last for the year as I go searching for more blooms as they come out to play, currently Jasmine is at the top of the list for the next few items.
But if I find some other interesting gifts from nature, you'll need to peek into our online store and grab yourself some items from the Seasons range quick quick.
It really is so beautiful though as I walked between the flowers, admiring the pansies that are lining the paths of my parent's home (this is where I give in to my flower fascinations and where I stable ponybrat, Leroy).
Alot has happened this year (personal and otherwise) and as each month passes all too fast, so ends one year and another begins.
And as the last 3 months bring 2014 to a close, and the promise of 2015 comes closer, I can't help but feel like I wish the days were just a smidgen slower... and yes even the bad ones.
Our lives are but hours of existence and we keep wishing it by so fast.
Hopefully you won't ;)
Missed out on doing ALOT of blog updates, with the influx of busyness and happenings and markets :/
But its not going to get any less busy, just because the year is about to wind down.
So, hold on to your hats, and stick with us.
Lots of things are going to be happening still and are happening, we're not about to slam on the brakes just yet :)

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