Monday, November 10, 2014

On overcast days...

Over the last few weeks, I have discovered several things...

I am useless at crotchet.
The Post Office is not going to help small business.
Wearing nice clothes and then dishing teff out to the pony...means someone is going to notice the teff stalks stuck in awful places.
I dream about resin making when thats all I have done all Sunday.
A hectically busy market does not equal good sales.
You are your best table assistant.
I make tue most amazing cheesecake in the world...and feel too guilty to have any.
Working to my favourite music makes my world go round.

I have also learnt that, even though it is ALOT of hard work...positivity suits me better than negativity.

Its hard being a crafty/creative/maker/indie artist/artist and being positive 100% of the time. When there are those bringing in lower quality, mass produced items and they get the sales and exposure that you work so diligently, ethically and hard for.
Where alot of other countries have been seeing a surge in COOL for handmade, South Africa still lags behind.
But we continue,  because alot of us know, that this is our only real source of income right now (and possibly ever).
We have started seeing some GREAT work on promoting handmade to the consumer, where we alone might not reach.

If you're into buying OR making handmade, try liking the page UTHANDO ARTS & CRAFTS on Facebook in the meantime.

We continue to evolve as creatives, and though 10 people may not think what we make is their cup of tea.....just remember that some people prefer coffee ;)

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