Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amid the madness...

Well hello humans and beasties...(ie. The felines laying across keyboards).

Happy April Fools Day! ....or to everyone else, happy 1st of April.

What have we been up to:

We have now started lino printing our tee ranges for you peeps. Cannot wait to see you all wearing our handprinted and handpressed designs.

If you've been on our Instagram, by now you've seen what the first choice of shirts are. And we are so happy how they're coming out!

We have also (finally) started with the tees for Squareheads. We are putting out a series of linocut pressed tees for this collaboration as well.

Inbetween all of this theres orders in the molds, stock taking in the workroom, several post office visits....and getting ready for markets.

And speaking about markets...
WANDERLAND will be at The Shed this Friday night, and The Bowler on Saturday.
Come past and say hi.

Now... Back to work.

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