Thursday, June 7, 2012


Ah wow. May was indeed a rough month for Wonder Struck Inc.
Though we did *exceptionally* well at our Wyetti Market stall, I was unproductive for about a week, what with being owned by flu and all.

June has started off quietly, and we're anxiously waiting to get started with all our new products and collaborations with some very talented humans.

Some of our new products will be available for a sneak peek at tomorrow night's market at Henley Arms.
It's also the owner's birthday and we're dressing up in the theme of the evening: Arabian Nights.
Come by for some crafts, drinking and fun ;)
So onward into June.
Lots of newness, new hairstyle/colour, new products, new collaborations, new customers...and lots of good business!

Have a great Thursday humans :)

our "DEADLY CARNIVAL" bracelet sets are R30 / USD8.00 per set, excluding shipping.

black and white cab necklaces (in several different designs) are R45 / USD9.00 each, excluding shipping.

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