Friday, May 9, 2014


* SIGH *

Ok... Chrome just bombed on me after completing this really long blog post... so this is the second attempt.

Sorry for having to make you guys wait for another HOW TO... but I've been down with the sickies and hanging onto this video share till now, so ... for all of those who are "in the know" with polymer clay and haven't tried a set of these, let us know how it works out!

Defenitely needs to get me a pair of these from you crafties who can do it...

We've really had dismal market attendance over the last few months... the markets themselves have been fantastic and the atmospheres have been so awesome... but the sales. Argh.

It's pretty much a downer when this is what you do for a living full time.

But we fight on! just not so much during winter...

We'll be limiting our market attendance to The Shed's monthly night market (First Friday of every month).

Then, we've started loading stock onto our Hello Pretty store for you SA peeps that want the convenience of single site online buys.

And hey, thanks for the flood of visits and favourites on our Etsy! it really does bring a smile to my face when I see the stats increasing everyday.

And talking about increasing.

OUR FACEBOOK! How great are you guys?!

You're actually better than great. All of you.

You make this worth it for me!

Alright, before Chrome bombs out on me again (mass uploads of pictures happening on albums in our Facebook are causing it I suspect), update happening!

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