Saturday, February 23, 2013

Loving Sundays...

It's a chilly Sunday morning surrounding the Wonder Struck Inc space, and we've been up early to let dogs out and start on garden work.
A part of me nags to finish sorting out the workspace and organising boxes and tags and reminders.... etc.

There's a little big of a come down the day after a market, as least in here.
Sitting outdoors, and having a long day out surrounded by nice people, can be a little tiring.

But today there is a bit of a "to-do" list.
As I've learnt through this last year'ish, is that you never stop editing your online stores, blog, facebook pages. You never stop learning and improving and changing your way of thinking and working.
And the same goes for todays missions...

There's going to be some more small little (maybe unnoticeable to the viewers) edits going on in the Etsy stall, Storenvy and MyStall pages.
Inbetween the small little bits and pieces you'll probably spot some new listings going up, which we'd LOVE feedback on ;)
We'll also be gardening, so the whole editing and listing thing might be a little slow because... well... we're craving green thumbery.

There's also a tab open on Chrome to Moo, so that we can order some "special" cards for our online customers ;) because we want you to know how much we appreciate you for the handmade goods you give a home.

If you have seen the tabs we run ontop of the blog, you'll see there's a tab for each of our online stores, and our new SOUTH AFRICAN friendly MyStall tab is now also up there.
We'll only be running a small, limited section on there for now, as we "test the waters", because most of our online business has been from outside of South Africa. We hope you'll look in and give us some feedback :)
* if you're finding a few glitches on there, our apologies, the loading process has been a bit "here and there", so pictures and editing is still underway *

Between orders, anime, stock packing (which will only have to all come out again for The Shed's market in 6 days again)... coffee is being had, dogs are being fed and I'm blissed on knowing I get to make things that other people can love and enjoy.

Now... back to all this editing too.

Have a GREAT Sunday humans, I hope you're all enjoying it in the best way possible.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pre market madness...again

In just over 12 hours we'll be at Wyetti Craft Market (11 Wargrave Rd, Henley-on-Klip, Gauteng), with a FULL set of new goods being displayed.

Here are just some of what you'll be seeing...

Like I said... this is just *some* of the stock coming with me tomorrow ;)

As always, we're at stall 64 if you stop by, come say hi!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh yes we did! ....

So... if you've spied our Facebook page, and our Etsy page, you've by now spotted our new range of resin work.
Yes! We're mixing, casting and designing all the resin work we do now.

Though our resin work won't be *replacing* any of our previous work, it will be alot more easily available...and we'll beable to duplicate it! (but not EXACTLY as with most handmade work).

We hope you'll peruse the store for our very reasonably priced resin work.

Then, if you haven't seen, we're going to be going through with the 20% off discount code on our Etsy right up until the end of February, so you'll beable to get the resin pieces for even less! as well as everything else in our store, even the supply goods.

She_Grim is still busy at work with our new business cards and digital banner, so we can't give you much of a visual update on that just yet, but from what I've seen, it's all going to be too awesome!

We will be at our usual market hangout for the last Saturday of February, 6 days from now, 23 February from 9am until 3pm. 
If you're in Gauteng, join us in the tranquil little village of Henley-on-klip at Wyetti Craft Market.
We know you'll LOVE it as much as we do, and if your dog/s is on a leash, bring them with for a village outing!

With that... have a fantastic remainder of this weekend!
See you out and about ;)



Bottle cap kitschy resin ring, Miller

Saturday, February 9, 2013

NEW and exciting...

Hello... sorry for the silence.

But there's been alot happening!

One of the newest things I've been working on... a resin range of jewellery made and designed by Wonder Struck Inc.
I'm in the process of waiting for some test pieces to come out of the molds during tomorrow, and some finished items will hopefully be up during tomorrow on our Etsy store.
And our products aren't the only change we're busy with.
Our business cards and soon our banner will be revamped by the madness of She_Grim.
With us wanting to get to a point of settling comfortably in our new workspace, in our new market line up for the year. We really do want everything to work together smoothly. There have been hiccups till now, and there'll probably be a few more as we go on into the rest of February (and beyond), but we're ready to take it all on.

Then, my gorgeous friend, fellow crafter and regular market stall neighbour, Heatherlynn (from KopyKat) and I are still working on our project that we've been threatening eachother with for the last 2 and half years... it now officially has a name:  WANDERLAND.
But! more on this later ;)