Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It's been a maddening last two weeks for me.
Not just because of the very few hours each day I get to dedicate to Wonder Struck Inc. but also because of the layers involved in my little business.

I am thankful, though, to have a business minded role model in the form of a logically minded father.
He is always there to give practical advice... And as much as I may be nervous about shutting out "potential opportunities" I really do have to consider cutting my losses if I want Wonder Struck Inc to go anywhere.
Some of this shutting out will start with the online stores.
Due to my hardwork and the current exposure, the Etsy store will stay.
I'm trying to get "local" feedback on the viability of having the South African friendly online store open. At least for now.
I haven't given much time to Storenvy, but might do some more work on that I can make a more informed decision.

The online stores aren't the only part under scrutiny in this "revamp".
Local markets are being seriously considered by position, time of the month, local interest....

This is going to be a lot of hard work, a lot of soul searching, a lot of emotional wrecking balling.... But I hope to make Wonder Struck Inc better from all of it.

Being an ex-bookkeper, the more effecient I can have it operating, the better.

Feedback would be much appreciated.
Leave comments, send messages, follow the Twitter and Instagram accounts and help a girl out ;-)

Then... Just a quick message to India of lunaricsales, who went through some heavy shoulder surgery

Get Better Soon!

She'll be doing direct sales off her Instagram (lunaricsales) while her Etsy shop is in vacation mode.
Go support her and buy some great pieces at the same time.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Show off...

Well... It's 3 days till our last market of May. And it'll be our first real Autumn market at Wyetti.

I love Autumn. It's not too hot and not too cold.

I am happy to say that... On stock, our store is full, tagged and set.
I have been working on bettering the display of everything though. And working on higher price range packaging.
So that's what has been keeping me up late for the last few nights.

I have come to realise that... It never ends.
There will *always* be late nights, new ideas, new inspiration, more markets to attend, early morning trips to venues, late night drives back from dimly lit events.
And... I guess it's a life I'd prefer living ...rather than the 7-4 day job and everything else around it.
But... I am thankful to have both considering the tough times so many of us find ourselves in.

Also... I'm thankful for everyone who takes time to read, not only this blog, but peeks in on our Twitter and Etsy.
~ Thank You ~

The time you guys spend on each not lost on me.

But with that... Have a great Wednesday, and whatever it is you amazing at it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring cleaning for winter...

valid until midnight 17 May 2013 only!
enter your code in the box on checkout ;) in our Etsy store

With the move into a bigger space for myself (and in extension, Wonder Struck Inc.), I've had to spend some much needed time going through these boxes and bags and storage units FILLED with components I've collected over the last 4ish years.
I've also been lugging around a rather heavy stock box with me at the markets and really feel like it could use a bit of ease.
So... if you've ever wondered about the store's CLEARANCE section on Etsy, I'm not just dumping junk in that section, it's stuff that will be phased out, but has been made with just as much care as everything else in the store ;)

And... *cough* though I'm trying so hard to clear out "older" stock, I've been adding to it almost as quickly, for example, with the BLACK MARKET BABY range of necklaces and now bracelets.
If you haven't seen them yet, go look!

Our Black Market Baby necklaces currently in stock on our Etsy.

Extending the Black Market Baby range with bracelets, like this one in silver and black

We've done several "odd" colour combos on these bracelets, like this bronze and BRIGHT blue. FUN!

Alot of "new" resin pieces have been on hold as I try and wait to make the workroom warmer... unfortunately this is the thing with working with resin, it will only cure in really warm temperatures -.- so alot of stuff has been on hold.

What else have we been working on? .........

some time ago, I mentioned, that I'd opened another store on Etsy, called The Quotable Zoo.
I've only "booked" this store name, but haven't quite made stock yet.
It'll officially be open from June, as I'm making and photographing stock now. 
I cannot wait for you all to see what I'm going to be doing in that little store!

Nuclear Designs and Wonder Struck Inc. started ages ago with getting into the process of starting our collaboration called "Squareheads" ... because of financial issues, work, personal things that needed time, we just had to put it on hold.
We really are trying to get the collaboration going, and because it's just the logical combination of our current work, we're discussing starting with jewellery.
We'll be linking you to the Squareheads social sites so you can follow our updates and progress again as we slowly get into moving the project along.

We also do ribbon necklaces. These are never in stock for long though >.< ....
we even do customs if you ask ;)

And with that ;) working hard on updating Instagram with newness that's happening in the workroom (kik: zoocatty), doing edits on the Etsy store, hopefully doing some listing on the Storenvy store too over this weekend.
We slave for our crafts! Join us for the ride and support handmade!

~ Zoo ~ have a kickass weekend readers ;)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Season's bliss...

Since being 'inspired' to start the Black Market Baby range, it really has started growing, and best of all is that I'm enjoying it.
Each piece has come out so different... And so different to my pedantic want for matching components.
Have you peeked at the new bracelets yet? I hope you like them.

I've also started some serious organisation and cleaning of the workroom :-\ which isn't nearly as fun as it sounds.
I have so much stuff that needs to be used / sold / passed on.
I really will take photos once it's all clean and easier to work in.

Inbetween these OCD rages... I've been adding not only to my anime collection (I strongly believe my best work comes while watching these shows), I've also been adding to the Wonder Struck Inc. jrock collection.
Yea between raging bellows of Killswitch Engage, banjo solos of Mumford and Sons and growlings of ArchEnemy.... I've been putting in some listening time on High and Mighty Color (sadly disbanded) and Spyair.
You may now wince...

But more important than any updates in this entry is this....

We've also been blessed to spend another Mothers Day this last Sunday with some amazing women in our lives.
To my step mom (aka Ma), thank you for being the mom I both needed, and never had.
To one of the amazing Ouma's, thank you for just being a strong, jovial boere tannie.

These are just two of the women who inspire Wonder Struck Inc, in what we do and how we do it.
We laugh, we drink, we don't take life too seriously. We're sympathetic, empathetic.... And more often than not...sorry for ouraelves.
But we laugh and joke about the scraped knees, the busted egos and we take on the next step.

To all the ladies who take time to view our Etsy, and read our blog/Twitter.... Never ever think you are anything less than amazing. You're gorgeous, creative, vibrant....and above all, strong.

Have a great week, and take on with two hands and a glad heart.

Much love ~

Friday, May 10, 2013

Pre-weekend inspirations...

I had a pretty awesome mid-week shopping trip, just filling up on some of the usual stock items and finding some little extra new things to try out... and my supplier, very sternly reminded me that I hadn't been there in over a month... before giving me nearly 40% off of my shopping trip expenses.
Seriously, if I had known he'd be so angrily charitable, I would have bought some more goodies that I spotted with a longing.
But alas, before returning to the shelves and then getting scolded again, I restrained myself (till next week, mwahahahaha)

I really did find some really cute things, just to add as a once off in the store.
Like pink etched mustaches (I kid you not), from which bracelets have already been made and put into stock.
I also found the cutest multicoloured acrylic spikes... which have also quickly become bracelets and are already in the stock box.
I'm really not sure that I'll be making these regularly, but I'd like to see someone get some happy from them. So if you spot them at the markets, or on the online stores. Snatch them up if you like the look and price ;)

If you've been perusing our Etsy store, you *may* have noticed some changes to how I'm doing the listing descriptions.
I'm finding it a little more work, but SO much easier to read. Though, it would be great to get feedback on how correct I am in saying that ;)
I'm going to be doing the same changes to the MyStall and Storenvy listings, as I get a chance, obviously.
But as we speak, I am the only person doing all these changes, and I'm also doing this while making new things, and watching anime (which is VERY important to my creative process).

I'm also starting to make stock for my other Etsy store, The Quotable Zoo.
It's going to be fun ;)
Hope you'll peek in there too and maybe get something pretty for yourself to use.

But now... BACK TO WORK! These listings aren't going to edit themselves ;)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Song in my head...

This weekend was such an emotional and inspirational roller coaster, not just for myself but for fellow crafty, Heatherlynn.
No one was at markets this weekend, which was a major downer for us stallholders that were.
But inbetween all of that quiet and disappointment came a few sparks of inspiration and incitement.

18 and 19 May, Neigh-hours will be hosting the market side of the horse and dog champs at Kyalami Equestrian Estate.
Go take a squiz.
Neither Wonder Struck Inc or KopyKat will be there, but loads of amazing stallholders will be, so go support them and all of our awesome Equestrian disciplines.

This Sunday The R59 Shed will be having a car boot sale. Fun!
Again, we won't be attending as stallholders...or carboot sales, but can't wait to go peek what it's all about. See you there!

Then, thank you guys for the amazingly crazy stats on the Etsy store!
It's great knowing people are looking. It's greatly appreciated.

With South Africa's Mothers Day coming up, we hope you''ll all realise what a great woman you have in your lives.


Have a great week, readers/followers.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

new news... oh yes!

"Life is a field of unlimited possibilities" ~ Deepak Chopra

What is Wonder Struck Inc. busy with?...

It may be Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere... but with these we can have Spring all year long!

I'm working on doing more two tone and single tone varieties of these resin roses, putting them on rings, pins and necklaces for everyone's tastes.
If you want customs done on these, message me or request a custom on our Etsy store.

We are FULLY stocked on this massive range of colours on the octo necklaces.
They're just so fun!

Our resin octo necklaces are always a huge hit at our markets, so we're always making these in the spaces between markets.
Have your gotten yours yet? ;)

Inbetween the making and stock counting, I've been doing some serious revamps on the stores... and I mean, there have been NO revamps like what I'm doing at the moment.
Things like "re-writing" each listing is happening, never mind banners and themes.. just the rewrites!!!
But it's all going to be worth it, hope you like it all a bit better too.

Now... for tea, some more changes and then BED!