Saturday, March 22, 2014

All the pretty things...

Busy fine tuning the online stores at some ridiculous hour again... tell me something that's new. It is amazing, however, that it's not even midnight yet. It feels like it is...but it isn't.

So just what AM I busy with? ... hmmmm ;)

As you can see, new photos, new products... it's getting busy up in here!
And for those that want to grab some pieces for themselves we have some GREAT discount codes running on the site (for limited times)

Or... alternatively, if you buy for $35 or more, you can get FREE shipping with code: SHIPME
So go on over to the Etsy store and grab some awesome goodies or as gifts for during the year.

Also been doing stocktake during today, inbetween trying to take new photos of all the products in stock. How did I end up making so much stock?! eyes are even twitching from all of it.
But feeling rather productive these last few days, considering all that's been happening and what I'm managing to get done.

We have LOADS of newness planned for here on the blog too, with some peeps asking for HOW TO's and such to be added. So keep spying in to see what we're going to make with you!

Busy asking around for some fellow crafties to put together bios and abouts so I can feature them on here too.

How rad will this blog be? I can't wait.

But for now... let me get back to work. Stock take and updates aren't over just yet. And there's coffee that needs to be made, which the dogs and cat haven't learnt how to make FOR me. 
Have a great weekend humans!

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