Saturday, April 5, 2014

Post market buzzings....the morning after

Well hello chirpies!

It's a bright sunny morning around HQ and we're unpacking the work vehicle and packing the workroom from last night's market at The Shed.

Eskom was load shedding, and all us poor vendors were trying to do sales by candlelight and cellphones. So it wasn't easy.
But the atmosphere was so good and the place was PACKED with visitors.
So we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

We had to cancel our market for today, meaning our next market is at The Walkerville Agricultural Market at the end of April.
It'll be happening over Saturday and Sunday.
We will post all the details in the next few posts. Then you better come say hi!

We're doing a FREE SHIPPING run on our Etsy until 30 April 2014.
So go look see.
We're adding more stock this weekend.

Then if you're not a shopper on Etsy, or a PayPal haver, we'll be listing stuff on here so you can grab some seriously discounted items... (We don't even have space on our tables for all of it)

Then, to those that came to say hi at last night's market, those who are new likers on the Facebook and all those that have been around for a while.....
You made the weekend great and it's not even over yet!

Have a great Saturday people.

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