Monday, April 28, 2014

When there's a wish

When you work for yourself, there is no such thing as sick leave.
As the sickies start over powering me, I'm trying to finish this list of orders that doesnt seem like its getting any shorter.

I also dont think that standing out in the cold on Saturday was my best life choice, but still so worth watching amazing bands and supporting a great cause.
To those who came past our table, thanks! Much appreciated.

The workroom, however, is flooded with stock and all attempts to sort out... have failed miserably.
We will fight on, especially after a bit of a Facebook sale for you peeps.
Ridiculous prices going, and we'll load pics for you to choose from.

The current big project happening on the table right now while I fight for my health, is a light box. Have this GREAT idea for one, and tthe concept is ready for execution, I'll reveal once done. ;)

Then, it seems I completely missed doing a HOW TO for you guys, because boring adult stuff needed to be done on Friday.... like renewing my drivers license. So apologies for that. With all the crazy public holidays this week I'll do a HOW TO entry so you guys can keep yourselves out of mischief.

May the force be with you!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another week already...

Well I hope everyone of you have had a very very awesome Easter weekend.
Not just filled with chocolate rabbit ears and tails, and chocolate marshmellow eggs, but honest to goodness family time and rest.

We didn't post a HOW TO on Friday (we need a break too!), and though I had one planned, I completely forgot it was a public holiday!
So ...bringing it forward to this Friday. Keep an eye out!

This Saturday, 26 April, we'll be setting up a table at THE WAR TO END ALL WARS gig at Sundowners in Alberton.

See you monsters there.

We've been slowly adding stuff to the WHAT'S IN STORE tab at the top of the blog, we'll update it again after the gig this weekend, removing whatever has been sold.
If you'd like to grab something now, we're closing off on Friday afternoon at 15:00 for any online orders.

The online stores will all be put into shutdown for over the weekend, incase you guys are doing binge shopping on Saturday while we're selling the items at the table.
How awful would that be?!
So, sales close off this Friday!

Now, back to finishing off this weekend.
Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wintery fingertips...

While Autumn brings about cosmos on road sides and in fields, colour changes to the leaves and migrating birds,  it's also a great time of year for markets, people wearing colourful scarves till mid day.  Beanies and gloves in different colours. Leaves changing and falling like a colourful carpet on market grounds.
Even though this is a setup to Winter, I cant help my fondness for this season.

Its also when people wear less necklaces and bracelets. Rings and earrings become the most desired accessory choices.
I too tend towards rings in this season and winter, along with my rather extensive scarf and fingerless glove collection ;)
Because, everyone has their obsessions.

So, I'll be featuring loads more rings and earrings, but also I'd like to spot crafties who make wintery luxuries like scarves and gloves... give me a shout so we can load links to your stores and pictures and contact details.

Really hope you guys enjoyed the last HOW TO post, and that you've enjoyed all of them so far, if there's something in particular you want us to look for, let us know.
Right now though we're still fascinated by the polymer clay stuffs and have been scouring another video for you guys on polymer clay for this week's HOW TO.

Alrighty, then markets for Wonder Struck inc.
Our next table setup will be at Sundowners on 26 April at Sundowners for the all day music fest "The War to end all Wars" which is being used to raise some monies for an all girls rehab centre for drug dependence.
So, all for a good cause and great music.
Its going to be great!
Hope to see you guys there.
We'll be sharing the event details on our Facebook (which you can connect to via the tab on top of the blog, or on the right hand side panel of the blog)

We haven't got anything else confirmed as yet for May, except on the first Friday for The Shed's Night Market.
But keep checking in to see where you can come buy from our tables around Gauteng South.

And...with that, have a fantastic Tuesday humans ;)

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Well... as I was ridiculously busy getting myself out to Sundowners, I'm posting you a how to  now quickly.

Enjoying NerdECrafter's channel on Youtube so much, so I'm bringing you another how to from her.... these adorable Pikachu earrings (and pin for good measure).

Looks like its super easy and fun.

Give it a shot.

And then to everyone who supported us at last night's gig at Sundowners, thanks so much! Hope you guys enjoy your goodies.

Have a kickass Saturday ;)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Winter is coming...

Ai John Snow...


Well, happy Thursday readers. Popping in with some updates before our next HOW TO post.
First, have you spotted the "WHAT'S IN STORE" tab at the top of the blog? Go look what its there for and see what we're posting on there.

Then, lots of mixing and matching happening with our markets >.< and this weekend has finally been sorted out.
We'll be at Sundowners in Alberton tomorrow night from 7pm for the JUDGEMENT DAY gig happening.

6 bands, one night

Then, we're hoping to have a table set up at Sundowners again on 26 April at their gig "A WAR TO END ALL WARS". But we'll update you once we get a yay or nay.
Either way, you guys should go, we see some very very awesome bands are on the lineup.

We also started loading more items onto Etsy last night, and we did some editing on items on the Storenvy store.
It's been a bit crazy with tweaks and pulls.

To all our new likers on Facebook, also, welcome and thanks for joining us.

Now... back to work. There's so much still on the TO DO list >.<

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Post market buzzings....the morning after

Well hello chirpies!

It's a bright sunny morning around HQ and we're unpacking the work vehicle and packing the workroom from last night's market at The Shed.

Eskom was load shedding, and all us poor vendors were trying to do sales by candlelight and cellphones. So it wasn't easy.
But the atmosphere was so good and the place was PACKED with visitors.
So we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

We had to cancel our market for today, meaning our next market is at The Walkerville Agricultural Market at the end of April.
It'll be happening over Saturday and Sunday.
We will post all the details in the next few posts. Then you better come say hi!

We're doing a FREE SHIPPING run on our Etsy until 30 April 2014.
So go look see.
We're adding more stock this weekend.

Then if you're not a shopper on Etsy, or a PayPal haver, we'll be listing stuff on here so you can grab some seriously discounted items... (We don't even have space on our tables for all of it)

Then, to those that came to say hi at last night's market, those who are new likers on the Facebook and all those that have been around for a while.....
You made the weekend great and it's not even over yet!

Have a great Saturday people.

Friday, April 4, 2014

HOW TO... No 2.

I am no polymer clay maker, but I just HAD to get something for you guys and this tutorial is just WICKED good.

One day, when I'm brave enough to get my hands on some polymer clay, I'll defenitely give this a shot.

This particular Youtuber, NerdECrafter, has SO many cool videos up on the channel. GO LOOK!

The videos are super easy to watch and follow, even for a non-polymer clay maker like myself.

If there's a video or how to you'd like in particular, give us a shout! Otherwise, we'll be putting up another very rad HOW TO next week for you guys to try out.

And what's happening here at Wonder Struck Inc?

Tonight, we'll be heading to The Shed Night Market for their EASTER MARKET, and we cannot wait to show you all the very awesome goodies we've been making!

Then look out for us (Wonder Struck Inc and The Journeyman) at the Walkerville Agricultural Show at the end of April... in Walkerville ;)

We hope the markets will be busy, fun and successful this month.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amid the madness...

Well hello humans and beasties...(ie. The felines laying across keyboards).

Happy April Fools Day! ....or to everyone else, happy 1st of April.

What have we been up to:

We have now started lino printing our tee ranges for you peeps. Cannot wait to see you all wearing our handprinted and handpressed designs.

If you've been on our Instagram, by now you've seen what the first choice of shirts are. And we are so happy how they're coming out!

We have also (finally) started with the tees for Squareheads. We are putting out a series of linocut pressed tees for this collaboration as well.

Inbetween all of this theres orders in the molds, stock taking in the workroom, several post office visits....and getting ready for markets.

And speaking about markets...
WANDERLAND will be at The Shed this Friday night, and The Bowler on Saturday.
Come past and say hi.

Now... Back to work.