Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sweet pervings...

I've been wanting to back to putting to blog, online stores that I find... the interesting and unusual and beautiful (all the things I long for Wonder Struck Inc to become... soon!).

Though I don't have permission to use any of her photos, I will link you to this store:
As I peruse through her pages of items, I am left licking my lips and curling my toes at the pure visual beauty of it all. Oh the decadence!
One day I'll beable to afford to buy from her store, this is a goal I have now set for myself.
Go look in at her store and see just what I mean...
How could you go wrong with with perfumes like "decadence and debauchery", I mean, really? ;)

Then, I came across this store, via another jewellery artist (who I admire so much, just for her work and what she is going through right now).
I also follow this jewellery designer/artist on Instagram, just so I can continually be left in tears at what I cannot buy from her. Her work is just beautiful... and that's putting it lightly.
If you have a spare R400 or R500, at least treat yourself to one of her Elise Rings. They're too gorgeous for words.

Ok.. now that my wants and desires have been shown for the evening.

Onto Wonder Struck Inc. business I suppose ;)

I've been slowly, slowly adding some items onto the two operating online stores:
So go peek in and see if there's anything there that catches your interest... I'm still working through *all* our stock, taking pictures and loading as I go along. So please be patient so that you can have access to everything that those attending our markets also have access to.

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