Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014... onward.

I'm not going to get all insightful and philosophical about 2013.
It's over and done with. Good and bad.

It's the first day of 2014, and as much as I'm not a believer in the whole "new years resolution" story (if you want to make a change, you'll make it whenever and whereever you may be)... I do intend to grow Wonder Struck Inc this year. With the help of great customers of course ;)
I've spent 4 years trying to fit Wonder Struck Inc in between the gaps of a full day job, until I found myself retrenched at the end of November. I don't wish to hang my head over this and cry and stress and worry.
All of that has and will happen, on it's own...
So onward!
If you are the resolution type, then this is my hope:

The the new year will be full of positivity, and blessings, even in the darkest of moments. I hope you see the silver lining no matter who and what you may encounter along your journey this year. And it will be a journey, because life would be less exciting if it was just a trip.
There will be things lost, learnt and gained. And it will only be you that can choose to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible, and with as many beautiful, soulful humans as you possibly can.

I am so thankful that the customers and likers of Wonder Struck Inc have been the light and the silver lining and the growth of what I now do full time (or until I find another day job I guess).

Today was spent the way most public holidays go around my parts... with my friends, one of whom is the wonderful free spirit Heatherlyn, of The Journeyman
Go follow her Facebook page aswell to keep up to date with what she does, and what she'll be doing as The Journeyman

As the year progresses, Wonder Struck Inc and The Journeyman will be operating at markets, rallies and merch stands as a collective called "Wanderland".
We'll be stocking not just our own, but loads of other really cool indie, handmade and eclectic stuffs.

For those who'd like a quick reminder on some dates:

6 January 2014 - Wonder Struck Inc re-opens. We'll be doing orders, invoicing and payment arrangements from Monday again.
8 January 2014 - All shipping will commence.

We haven't booked our first market of the year... yet. But keep looking in on here or on our Facebook to see what we'll be doing and where we'll be heading and setting up.
You can order via our Facebook, our Storenvy and soon from our South African friendly online store on MyStall.

New Stock:

New stock components, new molds, new pieces (limited and otherwise) are coming in over what will hopefully be the next month.
With Christmas happening right after placing most of my bigger orders, I think things would have been delayed in the postal system, so please be patient if you're waiting for anything. 
Terrarium necklace components, crow skull molds, lolita cameo molds, new cameo settings, rings, cameos... I'm waiting for all of it.

Also just (while doing my blog post) ordered in a small order of tongue studs. Mostly because mine are falling to pieces and I can't find anything I really when the tongue stud order comes in, I'll pick out and do photos. 
They'll be available on all our sites/online stores for R20/US$2.70 each, excluding postage.

Our Lace & Wenches range of lacey goth inspired necklaces (necklaces, not chokers....yet)

We're going to be working more on "ranges" or "lines" if you will this year.
Making things a bit more organised and doing more of what we have always LOVED doing, whether it appeals to the masses or not.
Changes are a coming ;)

Also, if you're at any future "WANDERLAND" attended markets this year, you'll also beable to buy some select A5 and A4 prints from us on some of our best photographical efforts. 

You'll also beable to buy Squarehead shirts from our "Wanderland" tables at the markets too, in limited quantities of course ;) so first come first serve. If you haven't ordered from the stock via our online stores/pages, come to the markets and quickly grab as we will be doing VERY limited runs per size (as in ONE per size per run).

..... AH! I cannot believe how long this post feels.
Have I ever written such a long in depth one like this?
Well, the first of many for 2014.

Again, you guys MADE 2013 great for Wonder Struck Inc. and because of you guys we know we'll grow even bigger and better in 2014.
Let's do this!

;)  * Zoo *

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