Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sometimes you've got to get off the train...

I bet there's alot of you that'll agree that being sick, sucks!
I haven't had a cold/flu in probably the last 2ish years, but wow, it hit me just under a week ago and it's hit me HARD.
Sunday was when it really did take me off my feet after I tried to deny it vehemently.

So if things have been a bit quiet, or spacey, I apologise.
I'm not seeing light at the end of the tunnel as yet, but hopefully today's doc appointment will sort that out.

I'm still fine enough to have the Etsy, Storenvy and MyStall stores going, there'll just be an extra day or two added on the posting time as I'll be double checking everything before sending it out. (fuzzy brains from the sickies can be horrid)

Our laser gun necklace and a UV green Octo necklace were shipped off to new homes these last 2 weeks and sales at our last Wyetti market were good.
Seems that things are picking up, and we couldn't be more thankful and blessed.

Vintage / antique trinkets

Though we haven't quite done alot of it on our online stores, if you've passed our stalls at markets, you would have spied the odd vintage and antique trinkets we source on hunts to unknown little nooks.
We sold out of these really cool Mills Special cigarette tins (last produced around the 1950's), they were an absolute hit at this weekend's market.
We'll continue adding oddities to our stalls and maybe one day you'll get to snatch them on one of our online stores. ;)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Don't forget...

This Saturday, 27 July 2013, we'll be at our wonderful Wyetti Craft Market grounds, 
selling our wares.
Come past and say hi !

31 August 2013, Saturday ~ Geekfest ♥

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Craft bitching...

Winter holds its grip on cold finger tips and toes, who long the embrace of hot coffee cups... or tea cups.

Getting back into the "art of resin casting" has been a steep learning curve. Just threw out a whole box of the worst resin work I could have ever imagined myself doing. But to see what's finally happening in the workroom *now*, well. We all have to start somewhere if we're going to learn anything.

Even though we have a chilly end of July market coming up on Saturday the 27th, at Wyetti, the focus right now is making stock for Geekfest on 31 August.
ALL of the stock will be at Wyetti, but I can assure you, there's so much that Geekfest will defenitely get to see what's been happening in this chilly little room.

Vintage tins

Black glitter octo necklaces

Our Christmas in July code will be running until 31 July 2013, so grab something with it while you can, as we won't be having another special until late in this year again.
If you'd like 25% off, use the code JULYXMAS on checkout with your Etsy order in our store.

If you're also spying in on our supply store, The Supply Dealer, you can get 10% on checkout until the end of July with the code: WELCOME
We'll be loading lots of cool supply odds and ends on there from our scoutings arounds.

♥ Until the next post ~ have a great Saturday ♥

Friday, July 12, 2013

Early Spring...

Well hello beings!

Have you noticed anything? *swirl*

Yup, thank you to the very cool, very rad miss She Grim for our very awesome new banner. She's also done our business cards, which will be printed in the coming weeks ♥
We've put the new banner up on our Wonder Struck Inc Etsy and MyStall stores. Go peek.
We'll be updating our Storenvy in the next coming week or so, so keep an eye there too if you prefer to buy from there.

Besides our banner though... we have some other very cool things to talk about in today's post.
First, if you have NOT noticed that we now have a supply store open, head over to The Supply Dealer to spy on what you can get for your crafting projects.

We've added two very cool listings on The Supply Dealer so that you can save LOADS on supply costs and on shipping ♥ two bargains in one listing ♥

♥ it's all because you guys are so awesome !
But please note we are going to LIMIT these grabbags to 5 "listings" of each.

Have you been taking advantage of all our discount codes on our stores? you haven't? why not?

Wonder Struck Inc has TWO really great option discount codes going until the 31st of July:

♥ JULYXMAS - For 25% off anything in our store
♥ SHIPME - For your purchase of $35 or more, and you'll get free shipping. (this code does not apply to the White Lion Oracle cards)

The Supply Dealer is having 10% off until the 31st of July with code: WELCOME

Go take advantage now. These codes DO apply to custom requests placed before the 31st of July (even if I ship them after the 31st) ;) isn't that great?

And with that very awesome batch of news... back to the grindstone.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday blues...

Back at the day job after a very busy, but oh so good weekend.

And, inbetween band watching, waffle making, surprise partying and feed co-opping.... There's an order being made, new molds, and new resin pieces being finished.

It's often really hard to take time away from MAKING (especially with oncoming markets and merch events) so that you can live a little.... But this weekend was worth it.
Now it's back to the crafting and making so we can be ready for merch tables at biker mini rallies, markets and ....Geekfest.

The time!

Also, don't forget that until 31 July you can get 25% off everything on our Etsy with code: JULYXMAS on checkout.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Chills...

It's a sunny, clear skied day in Pretoria... and it's FREEZING. As much as Winter gives me the cuddlies over  being able to wear scarves (as many as I want at once!) and gloves and arm warmers and other warm things... there's the disadvantage of having the chills when you're wearing just *slightly* too little.

So with very cold fingers, and toes, here is the stores update for today...

I'm having the greatest time with the new apps on my little HTC, as I make these very rad, fun pics to paste up for updates. You'll find them all over our Instagram with little peeks into the creation of stock and every other little part of life :)

If you're more a Facebooker, don't forget to "like" our Facebook page.
Once we reach 30 followers, we'll be giving away a pack of 3 of our skully shamballa bracelets. Also, it'll be great just to have you join!

And... for those who prefer to keep their thoughts and happenings in tightly worded phrases of 140 characters, you'll find us on Twitter <--right here.

We do try to update as often as possible on all our social sites, so you'll never feel left out, no matter which of our accounts you join us on.


We're in at GEEKFEST 2013! ~ We confirmed our booking and stall a few days ago and wow, the excitement!
We'll be in stall 52, next to the very awesome Blak Bunni peeps.
We're also giving in TWO prizes to the organisers, one for the raffle and one for the "spot prize".... and what are these two little pieces of awesome? .... our very own handcast resin octopus necklaces!
The colours of the the prizes haven't been decided yet, but I'll be sure to pick out the best just for you guys.

So, if you haven't booked a day out yet for 31 August, be sure to join us at Geekfest 2013 :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Feel Good...

This weekend might very well be just what I needed.
Great friends who sent their support on Friday, a peaceful Saturday Market, sundown boozing, meeting new people, braai under the stars in the cold, a 10hour sleep and an awesome Sunday lunch to celebrate the market mom's 67th birthday with near and dear in attendance.

Between great parents, the real friends, the beautiful weather and homely moments...
Anything bad that has happened in the last few days....has dissipated and I feel so much better that what happened...has happened.

We step forward... We raise our fists and we kick shins.... We fight and live and breathe.
We protect, we get discarded, we remain....
We are