Monday, April 21, 2014

Another week already...

Well I hope everyone of you have had a very very awesome Easter weekend.
Not just filled with chocolate rabbit ears and tails, and chocolate marshmellow eggs, but honest to goodness family time and rest.

We didn't post a HOW TO on Friday (we need a break too!), and though I had one planned, I completely forgot it was a public holiday!
So ...bringing it forward to this Friday. Keep an eye out!

This Saturday, 26 April, we'll be setting up a table at THE WAR TO END ALL WARS gig at Sundowners in Alberton.

See you monsters there.

We've been slowly adding stuff to the WHAT'S IN STORE tab at the top of the blog, we'll update it again after the gig this weekend, removing whatever has been sold.
If you'd like to grab something now, we're closing off on Friday afternoon at 15:00 for any online orders.

The online stores will all be put into shutdown for over the weekend, incase you guys are doing binge shopping on Saturday while we're selling the items at the table.
How awful would that be?!
So, sales close off this Friday!

Now, back to finishing off this weekend.
Have a great Monday!

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