Sunday, February 26, 2012

And the newness just continues...

Well... we had a request for a new colour of our white rabbit cameo... the one we have in stock has an apple green back colour and ON THE DAY we got the request we FINALLY found the same white rabbit, in the same size, with a black backing.
These new ones should be arriving in the next 2 - 4 weeks along with some other new radness...

We've just ordered this pocket watch for stock, 30mm diameter.
R100 each including your choice and length of our chain stock.

new white rabbit cameos, now with black backing, coming into stock.

Because of the tiny size of these cameos, its very...VERY hard to find settings for them. So I've only managed to bring in some pendant settings for these for the time being. As earrings and rings become available for them I'll let you all know.

some of our new cabs coming back into stock. SKULLIES!

Matching leather and wood bead bracelets ;)
(this was sold, but we'll make more available on request)

We're concentrating on our line of cameo jewellery at the moment, because we have so many wierd and wonderful ones available to us:

Retro cat cameos

owl head cameos

Guns n Roses cameos

octopus cameos

If you have any requests for cameos, please let us know so that we can see if we can get them for you.
Also, we have a fantastical resin jewellery artist that can make resin cameos for us with just about anything in it! Sprinkles, glitter, cabs etc. (as long as it can fit in the cameo settings that is ;) )

We also get some of the most fantabulous cameo settings EVER, and we'll show those off as our new pieces come into stock.

* some * of our new settings in stock - cast from resin.

"Curiouser and curiouser!"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What this world comes to...

I spent this morning reading a few news articles on the latest rhino stories in South Africa... and I cried like a broken hearted child.
These stories literally bring me to tears and I can't be anything but have such a huge sense of helplessness about me.
As humans we were put on this Earth to care for and protect everything on and in it...sigh.

We will continue to make an effort to support and we hope you'll beable to help as well.
(As I do most of these posts from my phone I cannot always add a link, so please copy and paste these addresses or Google the addresses that will link you)

Tomorrow is our next market and in support of a friend, who's cat was recently run over (an incident he has thankfully survived) we are donating FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of our total sales tomorrow to her vet bills.
We hope you'll come support if you're in the area!
Wyetti Craft Market, Wargrave Road, Henley-on-klip, Gauteng.
From 9am to 3pm.

Then *some* of our new components have arrived and we've started adding new items (which we want to make regular editions to our item listings).
We hope you like....

New unicorn cameos on ball chain. R70 each. (All pricing we give excludes postage)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

For a cause...

We've all been for the causes close to our hearts...
Like donating to The Horsecare Unit, the Lippizaners, Stop Rhino Poaching... and now...something a little closer to home for us.

Our friend Michelle's cat was run over by a car a few days ago.
Though he is stable, 1 eye less, and kind of sitting up again, he is currently in need of an operation involving fixing his lower jaw with metal plates.
This will enable him to eventually get off drips and eat on his own again.
Unfortunately his vet care till now has tapped out Michelle's account and she is desperately trying to raise the R 6000 the vet says it'll cost for this next operation.
So... if you live in Henley-on-Klip or Meyerton... Michelle works as the chef at Bare Foods, where they currently have a collection box going for this 9 lives feline. If you can get out there to give a direct donation it'd be appreciated.

Wonder Struck Inc will be giving 50% of total sales made this Saturday to Michelle's cause aswell.
And we'll donating part of our profits on Etsy sales to her aswell.
If there is anyone with Paypal or EFT only facilities available, contact us so we can give you details to help out.

And thank you already to many people in Henley village who have been putting money in the box for Michelle's vet bills. Its so fantastic to see how everyone can get together and help out.

Wyetti Craft market is happening this Saturday from 09H00 - 15H00 in Wargrave Road, Henley-on-klip.

Come join the fun!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little glitches...

Well... I decided to delete the last post because I wasn't able to put up any links to the store I wanted to brag about... now all the pictures I have of our first ever buys from the store...are on my phone.

Well, we'll tell you about this dame anyway....
her name is... India and her store is a MUST on Etsy.
This fantastic chick is a resin jewellery artis and you will NOT be disappointed in her stuff. ;)
(once we've sorted out our picture confusion I'll load them and link them, so that you can SEE what I mean)

Other than that...
redoing a whole bunch of store processes, what with the new name and all.
Making some very cute little handmade jewellery tags for all our goodies that you'll see at our stalls and merch tables this year, and if you buy from the Supply Stuff section in our Etsy store, we'll throw some in for you to attach to your finished goods if you want ;)

With that...back to trying to make stuff.
Have a GREAT Saturday night humans ;)

3 of Wonder Struck Inc's 4 delightful puppymonsters..making an evening of it 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Though I really don't play into the commercial hype of society's idea of Valentines... my heart today couldn't help give in to my little love...our mascot...our boy...the puppymonster supreme. Astraeus.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bright Warm Sunny Sundays

Thank you to everyone who's been viewing our Etsy store.
It's great knowing we're getting seen !

Wonder Struck Inc is taking it easy today, spending time with puppymonsters, horsebeasts and the bubbling of fishtanks in the background, while anime downloads and the fan tries its hardest to blow a cool manmade breeze through the work space....
Every bit of this day has been beautiful so far.

We roll and stamp aluminium rings. 
These aren't just foodsafe, they're skinsafe too.

Our OOAK 'down the rabbit hole' cameo necklace. 

Antique skeleton key listing from Etsy

Hope you enjoyed some of our random sharings for this Sunday afternoon...

Much love.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

The only constant thing...

"and what is the use of a book," thought Alice, "without pictures or conversation?" 
(Alice's adventures in Wonderland and through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll)

Welcome to our first blog entry as Wonder Struck Inc. and we hope you'll enjoy our new little space here.
If you still read our Heresy Inc. blog, it will be coming down for good a the end of February, and we won't be doing anymore updates on it as from this post.

We *are* continuing to partner with Nuclear Design on our Squareheads project, so keep looking in at all the stuff we have in store for you on that creative collective :)

Today, we're spending some time listing a few new items on our Etsy as well as doing some store changes, like putting up a temporary banner with our new  name, till our graphic designer has finished all his brilliant work containing our new slogan and logo *squee*.

We also hope that if you don't yet follow our store on Twitter, that you will so that you can get our randomness as we're on the go and inbetween our blog updates.

New listings on our Etsy - crochette slouchy berets by Rhoda, for Wonder Struck Inc.
We also take custom orders for these (as long as we can find the colours in our habby stores)

We would LOVE to know what you think of our new blog, our picture collection, our Etsy store and our twitter.
So please feel free to comment, join, follow and message.

Till our next blog ;)