Friday, March 28, 2014

How To... Number 1.

I'm not on Youtube everyday, watching videos, and I use it mostly to watch the latest videos from favourite bands \m/ or for HOW TO's.

While looking at some really cool knitting ideas, after almost losing it on my latest knitting projects, I came across THIS.

Enjoyed the video and found it pretty easy to try.

Hope you guys enjoy and give it a try ;)

And though the video is 27 minutes long, once you get the hang of it, it really does take almost 15 minutes to try out on your own.

I'm still scouring to find some other really cool HOW TO projects on Youtube to link for guys, and some other really awesome crafty projects that anyone can do.

So keep checking in!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Autumn comfort hoarding....

I sat down and a very... Kind of serious talk with myself about minimising the online work load.

That has since gone out the window...

Now with an "online presence" from:

Etsy (international)
Storenvy (international)
Ideasmarket (South Africa only)

And soon to be stocked, our new Rebels Market stall and Hello Pretty store. Both are internationally accessible as well.

It's going to be a lot of work (not like much sleep is had anyway).
But I don't feel there'd be less work with a physical store.

I'm excited about the possibilities 2014 still has for all of us. And well, I don't believe anything just happens without working your fingers to the both.... Nothing *worth it* anyway.

So... For everyone's past, current and future support. You all rock my world and make Wonder Struck Inc worth every waking minute.

...then. Had suggestions about doing a "how to" bit on the blog.
Because as crafties and handmade loving peeps, we want to know what goes into some of the stuff we see.
Recently the knitting bug bit again, mostly so I could add some really cool pieces to my wardrobe and because, creatively when these WANTS hit... They can do so much good for your head and heart. being awful on camera, and searching and sifting through knitting how to vids to find something I enjoyed to learn from... I will be linking you knitters to some very cool KNITTING How To's in the next post.

This will be so fun :)

Also... I'm going to start nagging some crafties for "interviews" so I can introduce you to some really cool handmade stores and people.
\m/ («.») \m/

And, that's about it for today's post.
Hope you guys are having a fantastic week!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

All the pretty things...

Busy fine tuning the online stores at some ridiculous hour again... tell me something that's new. It is amazing, however, that it's not even midnight yet. It feels like it is...but it isn't.

So just what AM I busy with? ... hmmmm ;)

As you can see, new photos, new products... it's getting busy up in here!
And for those that want to grab some pieces for themselves we have some GREAT discount codes running on the site (for limited times)

Or... alternatively, if you buy for $35 or more, you can get FREE shipping with code: SHIPME
So go on over to the Etsy store and grab some awesome goodies or as gifts for during the year.

Also been doing stocktake during today, inbetween trying to take new photos of all the products in stock. How did I end up making so much stock?! eyes are even twitching from all of it.
But feeling rather productive these last few days, considering all that's been happening and what I'm managing to get done.

We have LOADS of newness planned for here on the blog too, with some peeps asking for HOW TO's and such to be added. So keep spying in to see what we're going to make with you!

Busy asking around for some fellow crafties to put together bios and abouts so I can feature them on here too.

How rad will this blog be? I can't wait.

But for now... let me get back to work. Stock take and updates aren't over just yet. And there's coffee that needs to be made, which the dogs and cat haven't learnt how to make FOR me. 
Have a great weekend humans!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Come rain or... more rain.

We're in our second week of rain, parts of the province have been flooded (and sadly people have lost their lives, homes and such from it all).

Being "house bound" right now, has left us with alot of time to do resin orders and new stock items.
Though, truth be told, this temperature change has ruined the curing process of our resin >.< and everything's taking alot longer than usual.

We've been posting alot of the newness up on our Instagram, so go peek in.
If you don't want to register with Etsy or Storenvy to buy from us, you CAN buy directly via Paypal. Just message on any of the goodies you see on our Instagram and we'll let you first know if we still have it in stock or not.
If you're following us on our Facebook page, you can also buy directly from us (direct payments and Paypal accepted).
And for our South African's who want to buy, not just from us but from other local crafties, in South African Rands, go check out Ideasmarket.

Our Facebook has been growing and I just cannot say how grateful I am to fellow crafties and so regular customers... and not forgetting each one of the likers of the page. Without all of them the page wouldn't be going from strength to strength.
And neither would Wonder Struck Inc as a whole be getting anywhere without them.
We're also growing slowly on our Twitter, so if you're on, go follow us and help us grow a little more. This is SOCIAL MEDIA after all.

Apologies for not having any recent newness added to the Pinterest board, we will be updating it again as we add more listings onto our Storenvy and Etsy pages.

While the rain continues to fall outside, and while there's work to be done, this is the end of today's post.
Have a great Tuesday, no matter where you are.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Autumn burns....

Well... What a way to start March.

As we've mentioned, Wonder Struck Inc and The Journeyman are now a market collective under the name Wanderland.

And our first REAL market as Wanderland was the great pumpkin weigh in at The Shed on the first day of March.
We were plonked between some snack stalls, and we didn't have such a great sales day, but it was great seeing old market friends, trying out home brewed beer, "tasting" wines, and well, just enjoying the day anyway.
Our next market is at The Shed again this Friday night for their monthly Night Market.
We'll have a full table again with some really awesome handmade work.
We'll be posting some pics and profiles of some of our handmade artist additions to our table, so you can see what else you can grab from us.

Loads of new stock will also be featured here on the blog with matching links to where you can grab them online for yourself ;)

Good things are happening this year, join us for the ride *yay*