Saturday, January 11, 2014

What have we...

It's nearly...nearly halfway through January and what has happened so far into the year?

Personally... as humans we are often our own worst enemies.
For instance... leaving your desk chair right up to your work table, while you have a kitten running around alone at night, with full access to your workroom.
I have discovered I don't speak the sums of kittens when inputted into spreadsheets, I now know how to activate my laptop's wi-fi sensor (after it's been "mysteriously" de-activated, literally overnight). I also know that you cannot yell at kittens, mostly because they have no idea what you're so upset about and will continue cleaning themselves no matter how close the vein in your forehead is to popping.

And Wonder Struck Inc. discoveries so far into the year...
well, I have discovered I have amazing customers. You guys rock my world.
Also, setting up an online store on a South African "host" is not as easy as it seems... but perseverance and some colourful language and head/desk slams work.

So far I've been inspired by so many other online jewellery artists, as well as by what I've always really enjoyed doing, but never have.
Holding yourself back because of what the "masses may think" is probably the biggest block to creativity I have ever created for myself... ironically.
I have made jewellery meant to appeal to a great many people in hopes of success, only to find myself greatly unfulfilled by what I do. No offense to anyone on that.
Loads more work is being done and will be done that will reflect myself and my creativity far better this year. I feel it in my giant rubber crafty pants.


If you want to buy from us in good old South African Rands, feel free to visit our all new South African online store - Wonder Struck Inc.

And if you spend in US Dollars, or via Paypal, visit our Storenvy store to see what you can grab.

~ Zoo ~

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