Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer incoming...

I think we're going to just skip Spring and pounce right into Summer... that's how warm it feels today.

Market updates:

Tomorrow night, from 6pm, is our monthly night market at Henley Arms in Henley-on-klip.
We'll be setting up a second table to accommodate our She Grim collab shirts. They'll be up for sale, for R10 less than our usual listing price, grab them for R85 tomorrow night. We have sizes small to xxlarge.

Then yesterday we got our stall number for the Medieval Market next Sunday. We'll be at stall 15, and the prize for the fancy dress class will be our Unicorn necklace in a vintage-look black resin setting.
We'll also be dressing up as peasants for the day! :)

Yesterday we went past the supplier of about 80% of our stock components and she handed us a whole bunch of new goodies which will be making up some new "standardized" ranges. (Because everything is handmade, nothing will be EXACTLY the same in replicates)
New "infinity" bracelets, wrap bracelets, friendship bracelets, woven necklaces, headbands, will be at our medieval stall next Sunday and onwards...
Our current Etsy listings will remain as they are, but any stock not listed and unmoving...will be pulled apart and remade into better stock items.

We have new stickers, business cards, product tags and many other promo printeds that will now come with all our items...

The refurbs on the new residence for Wonder Struck Inc is currently on hold, so we're not moving yet... it'll all happen in good time... and with monies.

Onward to a good Thursday! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


As I stood at the stableyard this afternoon, I saw the promise of rain coming over the horizon... or so I thought :-/
I have yet to hear the ominous thunderings and lightenings that's so common of our night time rainings and storms... sigh

But oh well...
The Wyetti Market... was quiet. The weather, however, was amazing. The bit of wind isn't even worth complaining about when we had sun and warmth and happy faces!
Thank you to those that came past and bought some of our goodies.
Our new setup with covered posts and massive bows in gingham, surrounding the outside of our stall, was just awesome.
I am DEFENITELY going to be doing this new setup at the Medieval Market, being organised by Dayle and Meryl from Neigh-bours.

In the meanwhile, we DO have some new items up on our Etsy store (feel free to peruse our Clearance section, where the items have mostly been halved in price)

As Sunday night moves on, I hope the week ahead is awesome for all of you!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hear ye, Hear ye ...

Hello readers...
...this post is proving to be a bit difficult to write, it may be the 7am moment, the lack of sleep, the coffeelessness, the afterglow of puppymonster snuggles used to wake me up... sigh

Let's try this.

I would like to remind everyone that this Saturday, tomorrow, is the last Saturday of August... so its Wyetti Craft Market time!
I am pretty excited to show off mine and Heatherlynn's new stall revamps, which will be including bows, signage and new stock... If you're not there to support, well, I'll remember to take pics of the day, as I usually do ;)

Then, we get one weekend off before the Henley Arms night market on the first Friday of September.
Happening in Ewelme rd, Henley-on-klip. As Spring approaches the sun seems to be setting later and later, and Duncan has set up an array of spotlights, so there'll be plenty of light till we close off at 10pm.

If you're in Vanderbijlpark on the First Friday of September and you're not at our Henley Arms Market, head to Rafterz, where Wake to Wonder and Van Coke Kartel will be jamming for the night.

Then! :)) <- note the huge smile.
On Sunday, 9 September 2012, from 12pm.... in Kyalami... there'll be a MEDIEVAL MARKET!
Hosted by our very favourite horsey ladies at Neigh-bours, Meryl and Dayle.

Wonder Struck Inc. will be at the Medieval Market with a stall, AND, we've sponsored a gorgeous Unicorn cameo necklace for the Fancy Dress winner.
Even if you're not that into horses, get dressed up and come join us for a pretty awesome afternoon with demo's of weapon making, medieval tourney's, you can even be a knight for a day ;)

If you can't make it... ;) I'll post pics of the day.

Blog you later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finding the time...

It's been a maddening last few weeks (sanity hasn't let go just yet).

We have gotten our completed Tshirts, in our first design company, this one being with SheGrim.
The "title" for this shirt is officially, Freedom v.1, and we hope you grab one while they're available.
We have them available on our BigCartel, Etsy, wozaonline and you can even order via our personal Facebook pages.
If you view the tabs at the top of our blog, the tabs will take you to almost all our pages, right now!

Market news: apart from our usual Wyetti and Henley Arms markets, we're also trying to get a place at a Medieval turned Equestrian happening in Kyalami for September.
If I'get booked in time and they have space, I'll post the details for you to check out.

Hopefully... *hopefully* ...things are going to start being less crazy by the end of August.

For those who support/read/view our stores and stalls. Thanks. You're amazing.
Once our stickers and badges are sorted, I would love to send them off as freebies to you guys, so if you want a free pin or sticker, leave me a message so I can put you on the list :)

Have a great day, wherever you are!


Monday, August 6, 2012

And look what we have!

Well ladies and gents...

The first run of the first design of Wonder Struck tees, is on the backseat of my car as we speak!

For now, consider this design (Freedom v.1) a limited run.

Thanks to She Grim, my "vision" was put into a digital format and is now on these tshirts ready to be worn!

We just have to load pics up on our bicartel, but if you'd like to grab a tee anyway:

Our next tee design collaboration is already underway ;) with another designer.
Going to be so much fun!

Limited quantity on each size available of Freedom v.1, but they are available from small - xxl.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

For serious...

Well... I, CJ/Zoocatty, am very happy to announce that in the next 2 weeks, we will officially be releasing the first range of Wonder Struck Inc. clothing items. The T-shirts will be available from our BigCartel and woza online stores as soon as they're ready.
The first run, entitled Freedom v.1, has been designed in collaboration with our model, SheGrim.
The shirts in this range will only be available in white and are available from small to xxl.
When you order you'll also get either a 25mm badge or 66mm glossy round sticker of the smashed heart featured on the shirts. Just a little thanks from Wonder Struck Inc. and SheGrim ;)
We'll also be collaborating for a new jewellery range with a vinyl artist in the next few months, as more time opens up.
The Wonder Struck Inc./Nuclear Designs collaboration, Squareheads, will also be getting into gear again as the swamp of work lessens.
Then, this Friday night is our monthly night market happening at Henley Arms, Ewelme road, Henley-on-klip, Fahrenheit, South Africa.
Come join us for drinks, food, shinanigans and of course crafty goods!
The weekend, however doesn't stop there fore, as the Wonder Struck Inc. horsebeast, Sonny, will be doing his Prelim I dressage class at 14:30 ish on Sunday. Wish us luck!
Photos and videos of our show trip will be up on the blog during next week. Fun!
Till the next update, have a fantastical day humans.