Friday, February 27, 2015

The great craft...

I have been soaked in writer's block the last few weeks. Unable to open up the blog app on the tablet, unable to type the link into Chrome... because how do I write something worth reading, worth the time, worth putting up on a public forum when I can barely string two words together in my head?

But here I am.
Don't be afraid though, to curb the possibility of horrendous writing blinding you.. I will instead be putting up some great crafties you should be checking out.

Sharing is caring... and there's hardly any writing involved!

I am always looking out for great monsters to add to my collection, are you?
go get this great guy from Wide Eyed on HelloPretty

Little felt monsters?! At Abundance Designs on HelloPretty

Chuthulu screen cleaner? Or just a very rad plushie to laze on your desk at work... and scare the co-workers away... from Plushie Heaven

I was monster inspired today... there's no age limit and they're just plain amazing.

Until the next blog entry! ♥