Sunday, August 10, 2014 prep.

With something as big on our market calender as the Medieval Fayre, we want to be prepared.
And we want to have an awesome stall for you guys to visit and buy our awesome wares.

So preperations started about a month ago when we got our stall confirmation.
But it never feels like you'll be ready in time!

Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and myself (Wonder Struck Inc), also started planning out our Spring market calender with "fixed" markets that have a monthly schedule going.
So we're not *just* preparing for the Medieval Fayre...

On 5 September (Friday), those around the Walkerville area will be able to find us at the monthly Night Market, which happens at a great indoor venue, The Shed.
We try go out of Winter to this market, which has a fantastic atmosphere and has amazing handmade stalls and food vendors.
They're also open every Saturday, though, because of other scheduled events we don't really make it out there as vendors on Saturdays.

6 September (Saturday) we'll be heading out to The Neigh-bour's Magical Medieval Fayre. This is taking place at Ball & All Driving range, right across from the Lion Park.
Alot of people haven't taken note, but it starts at 3pm.
Some on the events page have complained about it starting so late, but please be understanding to vendors coming from far and wide. (We ourselves live just over an hour away from this venue).
Some vendors go to great lengths with their setups and presentation, and have to often arrive about 2 hours before opening time of an event.
This all helps create the atmosphere for the event... so come join us from 3pm until late and enjoy it anyway (which we bet you will).

27 September (Saturday) we are aiming to be at Walkerville Farmer's Market.
Also, such a great atmosphere to this venue.
We will be aiming to make it our market at the end of every month (unless there's big events we can book into).
Even if handmade isn't your thing, this venue (like The Shed) has craft beer on tap, fresh food vendors and even farm fresh cheeses and organic fruits and veggies.
(Hence it being a farmers market).

.... but right now, still in August, we're busy with getting stock made/marked/packed.
I'll also be doing some MINOR custom modifications at our tables.
Specific length extension chains, longer chains, shorter chains.
You can also bring costume jewellery for MINOR repairs to us (replacing jump rings, resetting certain pieces, re gluing) which WILL carry a small fee if its not one of our items.

Then, some people I want to feature on the blog have already agreed to be "interviewed". So once I have the layout and questions ready to send to them, we'll be featuring some really really great handmade ladies.
Please bear with until then.

In the past few weeks I have also started sorting out the Wonder Struck Inc workroom/office.
Well... I didn't think it would look as bad as it does. I know I'm not even halfway with it and putting everything the way I want, but when I'm in neat freak mode it can be nerve wracking during the process.
Also finding alot of older pieces that I packed in a box as there was absolutely no interest in the past for them, and now that I've started uncovering them.... there's a flush of want for them. Go figure.
So reworking on those has commenced too.

Order books for supplies and customs is still closed.
Also, I'm waiting in anticipation for items to arrive from the States that I've ordered, in very limited quantities, with about 80% already booked/paid for.
Now its just the wait for their arrivals.
I'll be looking to re-open the order books probably just before our Spring markets. I'll only be taking 2 supply/custom orders at a time, until I can afford a trainee to come in and help me part time.

Shew, ok, didn't think I'd fit a blog post in this week, but here you are.
Now, back to sorting out and doing admin so I can start Monday off a bit more organised ;)
Have an absolutely fantastic Sunday, and week ahead.
Until the next blog post ;)

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