Thursday, July 10, 2014

Solar powered ...

I have probably lived in these parts for long enough to know what temperatures each season brings... knowing and accepting are vastly different.
Sitting in the least windy, sunny spot I can find so I can do this update.
Because -5°C at 9am.... is no joke.

Alrighty, so what do I have for you guys today?
Well, I am struggling with the resin curing in this weather (for those who might like to add to their general knowledge, the *optimum* curing temperature for epoxy resin is around the 30-35°C mark).
And though I try to keep heaters on in the workroom to raise the temperature, I can't leave heaters on when I'm not at home.... so we're heading into the 50 hours curing time instead of 24-48.
Its sucky.
And if I could be home working all the time on Wonder Struck Inc full-time, *maybe* I could do more... but bills need to be paid and any crafty, entrepreneur will probably beable to lecture you on patience and how nothing happens overnight...or even in the first year of full time work on your business.
I do freelance "jack of all trades" jobs as they come up right now, and maybe that will secure my sanity for a bit longer :/

With that said, I continually (CONTINUALLY) find myself beyond grateful for the feedback on our Facebook and Etsy ...because its NOT just about the sales.
Knowing that people found your page, liked what they saw and took that time to join or like or comment, is immensely appreciated.
I cannot be down in the dumps for long with the great people on our pages who go look and click and share.
Existence is far more bearable with validation, no matter what species.

And while on that subject...
Its amazing what a few weeks can do, but I chucked all my HOW TO ideas out the window since the last post... and cannot seem to find something I like enough to share for tomorrow's HOW TO post.
So the search continues.
And though some might suggest I take a HOW TO on personally...let me state how horrid I am at being on camera, even faceless. That will need much bravery and planning from my side.
I do however have a list of people I want to share here on the blog, so if you get an email asking for photos and a profile... ;)

Hmmmm markets.....
Well, as I have said on a number of posts, and if you dont already know, Heatherlyn (The Journeyman) and I talked for years about joining as a store/shop. And this year we became jointly known as Wanderland.
And Wanderland will be doing our next market on 5 September at The Shed Night Market and 6 September at The Medieval Fayre.
We'll then be heading for Walkerville Farmer's Market on the last Saturday of September (the 27th if I can remember).
We really will be upping our game for the markets for the rest of the year and we cannot wait for you to come visit and find something special in our stall.
We're also hoping to have some really great news for you as the remainder of the year progresses, but nothing can be said just yet (shhhhhh).

And to end...

I never really discuss such things... or try to?
Whether its still the corporate worker in me (lingering after all these months) or that I have been imprinted with business nots....
But I will bring it up here, because Winter sometimes brings it around for some, and sometimes people deal with it no , matter the season...

It's hard to be positive, and kickass 24/7. We get down, stomped on, spoken to in less that positive ways... obstacles rise up, and we get tripped up and fall (sometimes destroying our wills completely).
And not just from my own experience, but from knowing that there are many going through whatever you're going through (good and bad) right now.
If we are void of compassion, consideration and kindness, even in our darkest moments, we will not have any of that in our lightest moments... and we will not receive any of it either in return.
I see profile pictures on Wonder Struck Inc's page, most of you strangers that I may never get to meet in person, but the smiles all seem genuine and that passes on to everyone who sees it!
We must know that when we wake up after a hard trial (as broken as we are after it) the next day follows, and the fact that you are in that next day, is proof that you're stronger, harder, and hopefully more understanding.

If nothing else is good today, go outside (in sunshine or moonlight) take in a deep breath and know that you are really great.  You're beautiful. You're strong. And that you are an even more awesome version of yourself than you were before the fall.

Lots of love and gratitude goes out to each and everyone of you, whether I ever meet you face to face or not.

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