Wednesday, September 18, 2013

These are part of the whole...

No matter how small the's always a learning curve.
I've been in corporate, manufacturing, retail (not in that order).... Done sales (internal and external), been a bookkeeper, PA and operations co-coordinator.
But an entrepreneur? Ha!

And that is where I am the lucky one to have a father with a logic second to none. As a production consultant and a man of processes, he's always there with advice, process, lists, costing and sensibility.
He doesn't avoid asking "why?" For the sake of my feelings.

As things run smoother and become better, from heeding the advice of my old man, I think Wonder Struck Inc won't just be more and more of a pleasure to deal with...but also a helluva lot easier to run ;)

And on the running side?

To our bunch of Facebook likers... Not JUST the ones ordering, but those that have hit the Like button. You guys make my day. You really do. As I see more people joining the page, the more I want to fight on for what I want Wonder Struck Inc to become.

To the Twitter followers. You guys too! Absent or not as I may be from Twitter updates....thank you for letting us on your timeline!

And after horrible market days and horrible sales days, knowing you guys are there peeking in, keeps Wonder Struck Inc on the positive side.

I know that businesses just starting out take perseverance, take fight...and that it's NOT easy being an entrepreneur.... If I didn't know it before this started.... I know it now.
I've been fighting for 4 years. Developing and changing and learning for this specifically....for 4 years.
And I'm not about to jump ship!

And on that note ... We'll be having our 3rd last Wyetti Market on 28 September.
Jenny, who has worked tirelessly and at great self expense (physically and financially) to create a GREAT venue for calling it quits.
We have been with Jenny at Wyetti since 2010 and a lot of our market experience has come from our time and our stall space there. The last Wyetti market will be at the end of November.

My heart is sad to have that news, but we understand why Jenny has come to that.
We will be looking for another fixed market stall space for 2014.
I would love to say "we'll be looking for store space" ...but that may still be a ways off ;)

If you find yourself in Henley-on-Klip over the next three months. Come say hi while you still have the opportunity to visit a great market space with the most amazing atmosphere.

And... Until the next update.

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