Saturday, July 20, 2013

Craft bitching...

Winter holds its grip on cold finger tips and toes, who long the embrace of hot coffee cups... or tea cups.

Getting back into the "art of resin casting" has been a steep learning curve. Just threw out a whole box of the worst resin work I could have ever imagined myself doing. But to see what's finally happening in the workroom *now*, well. We all have to start somewhere if we're going to learn anything.

Even though we have a chilly end of July market coming up on Saturday the 27th, at Wyetti, the focus right now is making stock for Geekfest on 31 August.
ALL of the stock will be at Wyetti, but I can assure you, there's so much that Geekfest will defenitely get to see what's been happening in this chilly little room.

Vintage tins

Black glitter octo necklaces

Our Christmas in July code will be running until 31 July 2013, so grab something with it while you can, as we won't be having another special until late in this year again.
If you'd like 25% off, use the code JULYXMAS on checkout with your Etsy order in our store.

If you're also spying in on our supply store, The Supply Dealer, you can get 10% on checkout until the end of July with the code: WELCOME
We'll be loading lots of cool supply odds and ends on there from our scoutings arounds.

♥ Until the next post ~ have a great Saturday ♥

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