Friday, December 20, 2013

Oh Christmas tree... oh Christmas tree...

I keep saying how I just cannot wait for 2014, so this horrible year can be over with... (isn't that how we sometimes feel about every year?)... but it hasn't been all bad.
2013, after 4 years of persisting, has been Wonder Struck Inc's biggest year so far. And because of you guys and how I'm pushing myself, I believe 2014 will be even bigger.
Positive thinking.
And positive action ;)

Between the new stock items/components/molds ordered, the new work being done on the online stores, the new "plans of actions" lining up... well. Who needs to wait for the new year?

I've been hum and hah'ing over the online stores over this year. Running costs versus maintenance versus sales etc.
There was never a question for me to keep Etsy, I would have previously sacraficed any of my other online stores just to keep the Etsy store going. But things have had to change a little.
While my Etsy store remains in "vacation mode", I will be paying more attention to our Storenvy and our MyStall online stores now.
Storenvy will be international and paypal friendly. You will need to be a member of Storenvy to "envy" or buy/order on it, and it's quite possible to just join using your Facebook account.
MyStall will be more for the South African peeps that want to pay in rands, and via debit/credit card or eft. Again, it seems you will need to create an account so you can order your "must haves" from any MyStall shops.


For the last four years, I've been doing Wonder Struck Inc between having a day job, and for these last four years I kept thinking how much easier it would be if I got to do Wonder Struck Inc full time... well. How wrong have I been?
It hasn't been easy, whether its the weight of personal doom from the situation hanging over me, or the not being used to having so much time available. Who knows.
But to everyone that has been so amazing and patient waiting for me to get my footing, thank you! You are such amazing human beings! You have and still do make this all worth it.

In the meantime, while updating and fiddling and getting used to new stores and their setups, I'm also filling up new stock as far as I can while "on holiday". And while I wait for the other new stuff to come in (with the greatest anticipation).

And... thats the end of today's blog entry. The laptop battery and the phone battery are going dead and I have domestic chores to attend to >.< (oh the excite)

Keep safe, be safe and most importantly be with the people you love this holiday. 

~ ZOO ~

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