Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Well. As per usual, the additional market madness has started.

This Friday night is the night market at the Shed, then our last market for the month being on Saturday at Wyetti.

We've slipped in the FIRST (of many) additional markets, on the 9th of November. We'll have a table setup at the Gereforemeerde Kerk Meyerton Central. It's their Kersmark (Christmas Market).

We have nothing planned to date for December markets, but this WILL change and we'll give you dates and times.

I did some more sorting in the workroom this weekend and touched up our worn out blackboard.
I was SUPER productive for a weekend at home.
No wonder it rained for two days after that O.o

Got some super news for you guys too about a store we're going to be supplying Octo necklaces and skully rings/pins to. But the details will have to wait for the next blog entry ;)

Now go have a great Tuesday!

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