Thursday, June 27, 2013


Social media... Where the world of networking has shrunk to the size of computer and cellphone screens...

We have admittedly, been rather prolific and at ease on the Twitter front... And slowly we've been getting used to having a "page" on Facebook.
Managing a blog, a Twitter account, online stores and a Facebook page....has been (and continues to be) a journey in itself.
Thanks goodness for lunch breaks and cellphone apps :-)

So far our likes on our Facebook page are standing on 20....versus our 80 plus on Wonder Struck Inc.'s Twitter.
We are aiming for 10 more likes to reach 30 on our Facebook and to celebrate the milestone, we'll be giving away a package of 3 skully bracelets to one lucky liker.
These bracelets are handmade, in a smoke free environment, and packed in a very awesome steel tin for the winner.
Want to take a chance?
Get yourself onto our Facebook page and click on "like".

We're busy with a whole new stack of stock and orders in the workroom, some of the new stuff will be shown off by our fabulous She_GRim.
Her artwork on our banners and business cards will also be up in the beignning of next month. Yay!

Tines are changing! For the better....or so we hope ;-)

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