Monday, October 14, 2013

Business as...usual

Back to working in overdrive for me.

Things have been quieter than usual in the workroom as I work on one resin supply order and some stock pieces.
I've had to take a bit of a time out ...well compared to the usual.

But it's back to working late night's until we shutdown in December.
Looking at filling in some weekends with dayjols and some other market spaces.
Keep the eyes open for dates and times and addresses.

We *won't* be at the Medieval Fayre (organised by the dynamic duo of as we have made previous commitments elsewhere. But defenitely going next year!
We will be at our usual stall at Wyetti for the last Saturday of October and November.
We still have no market dates for December. Yet. We usually get a FLOOD of invites between myself and Heatherlynn (The Journeyman) around November. So sure we'll have about two or three markets to update you on for final Christmas shopping.

If you haven't noted on our Etsy yet, I've been *completely* reshaping item and shipping pricing. As of re-opening in 2014, there will be a slight increase, but right now anything that is $15 and under is our new pricing.
Shipping costs have just changed to accomodate better individual item pricing and correct shipping.

To those that spread the word of our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks!
Unfortunately we didn't make target, or the 50% minimum, so no new molds for now, and probably not before year end.
Maybe we'll be a bit more successful on the international crowdfunding platform over November, so keep those fingers crossed.

The amazing resin artist I crush over in the USA, has come out of her second shoulder surgery for the year, and hopefully things will be better this time round.
I don't stock any of Lunaricsales' pieces, but if you are interested in her pieces and don't have PayPal, I can easily source the items for you.
You can find her on Instagram, where she's currently having a sale on selected pieces.
The more people that need me to buy for them at the same time, the less postage is charged on each item *NOTE*

Then...with that.
To all the readers of our blog...thanks for the awesome view stats recently. We have stats from Russia, the US, Japan and Australia coming through.
You guys cheer me up knowing someones reading my randomness. ;)

Have a great Monday people's.

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