Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Here or there...

Work, work, work...
Though the fact that we are lucky enough to have work...should leave us breathless with appreciation.

Been spending the last couple weeks slowly adding new listings onto the Etsy store and the views/feedback has been so loved.
Thank you!
I've got alot more to add, but there's also the monthly night market at Henley Arms happening on Friday so I'll wait till that's over before adding anything new.
There is, however, a wonder I have lingering...with the *possibility* of my move to my new little home happening end of April.
To have a huge clearance sale...or not.
I'm talking 40 or 50% off kind of sale.
Will have to do sums and things before deciding. And there's always the unsurety of peoples' participation in the buying part.

I am however very excited with designing a work space for Wonder Struck Inc and I'm excited about crafting it messy!
The renovations (a new door and window to the as yet unenclosed backyard being one of the projects) haven't even started.
So I'm a little scared about expecting a "move in" date... hold thumbs and spit out wishes!

In the meantime...
Maruchka, our lovely friendy, who has also agreed to being Wonder Struck and Squareheads' also a budding graphic designer who is working with me on a still very secret Wonder Struck project which we hope to reveal soon. Yippeeeee!

Till then.
Welcome home Autumn... 

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