Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday wanderings...

Happy Monday, readers.

It's a chilly midday, and I'm taking advantage of a lunchtime post to update you on our doings...and to grab a nice hot creamy cappuccino :-)

If you've peeked in on our Twitter, you'll see we've been mentioning a supply store, called The Supply Dealer.
This is our newly opened supply store. Anything we have not been able to resist buying, for our own use or just because we *had* to buy it....will be on there.

We hope you find your crafting fix on there.

Don't think, though, that we've neglected our main Etsy store... Loads of new things have been loaded and will be loaded in the next week.

Market news:

29 June, this Saturday, we're at Wyetti Craft Market. We'll be taking supply stock with us from The Supply Dealer. So come past.

Last Saturday in July is our only other market booked to date. Our usual spot is stall 64 at Wyetti, of course ;-)

We are still looking at doing Geekfest on 31 August, which leaves us in a bit of a fix over our usual show space at Wyetti.
But it''ll all get sorted closer to the time.

Then before closing off today's post...

Did you know we can make heart, star and rose rings/pins/hairclips in any colour/glitter for your bridesmaids and flower girls?
We make these to order at special prices for your wedding. You're more than welcome to request a quote:

No matter the colour or glitter we'll quote you only on the complete component. All we need is the timeframe and quantity (let's worry about the colour, if you like the quote)

Now... Time to finish this cappuccino and get back to work ;-)

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