Monday, October 28, 2013

one weekend, many smiles...

I'm saturated in the bliss of a weekend worth having.

Friday was a tight squeeze, but I managed to make it from Rosslyn to the Vaal in just under 2 hours, ready to unpack and setup at The Shed on R59.
The night market was packed, so many people stopped by to shop, to look, to visit and Wonder Struck Inc did so so well. We'll see you guys there again at the next night market ;)

Saturday morning started early, with me heading to Wyetti market, and arriving just as our market mom Astra was unpacking her stuff.
Usually I arrive there long after she's setup ;)
Even though there were hardly any feet in and out of Wyetti, I somehow managed to make some decent sales, enough to cover my stall and a bit, so I'm not dissapointed.

To all of you who came out and supported, thank you guys so much!

We're now getting ready for our Kersmark on the 9th of November. And of course, planning stock for Ke Ai.

Onward into Monday and this last week of October, otherwise.

Have a great one readers\1

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